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John Phillips Birthday Celebration
North Vernon Plain Dealer - September 28, 1911

Grand Feast in Honor of his Birthday
    Sunday, September 24, 1911, a large crowd of people assembled at the pretty country home of John Padgett of Jennings county, to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Padgett's father, John Phillips. The crowd to the number of one hundred and eight consisting of children of John Phillips of which seven were present; three sons, Frank, John and George and four daughters, Alice, Sarah, Emma and Ida; and a large number of grandchildren, six great grand children, six great grand children and also other relatives and friends of the family. Mr. Phillips is eighty five years old and has good health and with the exception of being slightly deaf, is in full possession of all his faculties. A splendid feast of eatables was spread as noon-time on long tables set on the lawn, where the feasting and fun continued for some time. After all were fed Mr. Phillips brought out a stalk of bananas, with which he treated the entire crowd. He then gathered his children, grand children and great-grand-children together, he himself heading the procession, they marched around the yard after which he brought his bible and read a portion of the scripture, and admonished those present as to right living and good behavior. The celebration of this birthday is an annual affair, being held each year at the home of one of the old man's children, and is eagerly look forward to by him, but we think not many more times will they have him present with them, for his race is nearly run, his course nearly finished. Those present from a distance were as follows: Tom Padgett, of St. Francisville, Ill., Emory Prentiss, wife and daughter, of Kent; Mrs. J. B. Cline, of North Madison; Newt Stout and wife, of Benville, and others present were, John Padgett, Mrs. Lida Clarkson, Willie Padgett, Mark Clarkson, Mrs. Rosa Wean, John, Robert, and Francis Wean, Henry Elliott, John E. Wilson, Mrs. Ella Wilson, Mrs. Sarah Padgett, Almira and Elmer Smith, Dan Rector, Frank Phillips, Lizzie Sprague, John Phillips, George and Kessler Phillis, W. E. Howe, Mrs. Hatie Elliott, Mrs. Mary Howe,k Mrs. Emma Fields, Alice Rector, Sam Fields, Lester Parks, Gilbert Stout, Mrs. M. Fewell, Alice Cline, Rachel Fewell, Pearl, Robert, and Minnie Padgett, Howard Fewell, Eunice Clarkson, C. Phillips, Goldie Howe, Roxie, Eva and Elma Phillips, Phoeba Clarkson, Ethel Dunham, Harvey Clarkson, Harold Padgett, Jake Stout, Tom Johnson, Horace Padgett, Starling Addleman, Kip Cline, Florence Parks, Amy Johnson, Chester Neal, Harvey Rector, Edith Johnson, Goldie Temple, Everett Temple, Victor Fewell, Russell Dunham, Hazel Smith, Ed Dunham, Everett Stout, Alfred Phillips, Bob Padgett, Albert Phillips, Jessie Dunham, Rob Dunham, Rob Stout, Irl McQuitha, Hattie and Dorothy Phillips, Ed Temple, Della Phillips, Clara Neal, Russel Stout, L. Benefield, Martha Phillips, Ethel Padgett, Fanny Cline, Millie Phillips, Bess Addleman, Floyd Addleman, Lawrence Stout, Anna Elliott, Ed and Lester Elliott, Mort Cleland, Arthur and Ruth Phillips, Ada Sprague, Hannah Smith, John Phillips, Jr., Flora Stout, Colonel Stout, Frank Padgett, Ella Dunham, Fanny Phillips, Olive Padgett, Elsie Stout and Opal Stout.

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