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Golden Wedding
    Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Holsclaw celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, Tuesday, Jan. 2nd, at their home on their farm on Deer Creek. The house was beautifully decorated in wedding bells, evergreens, ferns and roses and a bountiful dinner was served to a large crowd of relatives and a few intimate friends. Mr. and Mrs. Holsclaw were married by Elder Wm. Vawter January 2nd, 1862. In a home on the farm where they now reside, having spent the fifty years of their married life on the same farm. They enjoyed the blessing of having all of their children living and with them on their anniversary. They are Ezra Holsclaw and J. H. Holsclaw, of this city; W. E. Holsclaw, of Franklin; Mrs. Edwin Carson, of Seymour; Mrs. S. V. Williams, of Bedford; Mrs. Oscar Beeman, and Miss Bertha Holsclaw, of this city. Mrs. and Mrs. Holsclaw are among the most respected citizens of the county and "Uncle Billy" is as spry and active as many men half his age. Those present at the celebration were: Mrs. and Mrs. Ezra Holsclaw, Mrs. Edwin Carson, Mr. and Mrs. S. V. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Holsclaw, Miss Bertha Holsclaw, Mrs. Oliver Miller, of Seymour; Misses Hazel, Ethel, Edwina and Jeanette Carson, of Seymour; Corinne, Helene, Doris and William, Vernon and Virgil Williams, of Bedford; Ruth and Herbert Holsclaw, of Franklin; Wilbur, Clyde, Florence Helen and Mary Beeman, of North Vernon; Harold, Arthur, Edith and Myrtle Holsclaw, of North Vernon; Mr. and Mrs Oliver Fredenburg, of Brewersville; and a little great grand daughter, Mildred Miller of Seymour.

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