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County Wide Chairman, George Crist, North Vernon, R. 4
County Vice President, Joseph Bertram, North Vernon, R. 7
County Wide Secretary, Alvin Marsh, North Vernon, R. 2
County Wide Treasurer, Curtis Russell, North Vernon, R. 3.

Bigger Township
Chairman, C. M. Silver
Secretary, Alva Mills
Treasurer, L. F. Giddings
School District Solicitors
District No. 1 (Fairview) Alonzo McDonald
District No. 2 (Rabbit Plains), Chris Hoffman
Disctict No. 3 (San Jacinto), Joe Estell
District No. 4 (Victory), Fred W. Vincent
District No. 5 (Maple Grove), George Vinson
District No. 6 (Rush Branch), Chas
Bigger Township, Cassius Silver
Campbell, O. P. M. Brougher,
Center, W. R. Oyler
Columbia, Luther Allee
Lovett, James R. Furguson
Marion, Verne M. Deputy
Montgomery, George Hartwell
Spencer, Frank C. Bailey
Sand Creek, S. S. Belt
Vernon, George Werskey

Campbell Township
Chairman, O. P. M. Brougher
Vice Chairman, John Reece
Secretary, J. B. Rine
Treasurer, Wilbur Wagoner
School District Solicitors
District No. 1 (Hopewell)
District No. 2 (Nebraska) Fred Bemish
District No. 3 (Fairmont) Matt Kibler
District No. 4 (Connelly) Gus Clair
District No. 5 (N. W. District) John Bindhammer
District No. 6 (Cherry Valley) John J. Hutton
District No. 7 (Butlerville) Wilbur Wagoner

Center Township
Chairman, W. R. Oyler
Secretary, Harrison Williamson
Treasurer, Patrick Wickens
School District Solicitors
District No. 1, Ed Phillips
District No. 2, William Earl
District No. 3, Walter VanCleave
District No. 4, J. H. Holsclaw
District No. 5, Arthur Anderson
District No. 6, Edward Lemmer
S. W. District, W. R. Oyler
S. W. District, Ed Murphy
S. W. District, Sam Young

Columbia Township
Chairman, L. M. Allee
Vice Chairman, Sam Eberwein
Secretary, Enoch Morris
Treasurer, Ben Baker
School District Solicitors
District No. 1 Sam Eberwein
District No. 2 Albert Price
District No. 3 Henry Pearcy
District No. 4 Ray Sutton
District No. 5 John Pfeifer
District No. 6 William Morris
District No. 7 Fred Low
District No. 8 Peter Schneider
District No. 9 A. M. Greiner
District No. 10. L. M. Allee

Geneva Township
(Queensville Section)
Chairman, William Miller
Vice Chairman, Frank Stearns
Secretary, D. A. O'Mara
Treasurer, William Tearney
District Director, Dan Maloney
District Director, T. B. Legg
District Director, Dave Speers
School District Solicitors
District No. 8 (Rat Tail) James Wilds
District No. 9 Leo Maloney
District No. 10 Ben Sarber
District Queensville William Cathers
(Scipio Section)
Chairman, Morton Amick
Vice Chairman, Wm. Hutchings
Secretary, Ernest Amich
Treasurer, David Speers
District Director, Tom Brown
District Director, O. G. Baughman
District Director, Harry Schafer
School District Solicitors
District No. 1 (Devils Ridge) Sam Gohn
District No. 2 (Blue Grass) Joe Hook
District No. 3 (Pea Ridge) Fred Waughtel District No. 4 (Hege) John Head
District No. 5 (Rock Creek) George Haskins
District No. 6 (Brown School) W. W. Shields
District No. 7 (Scipio) E. F. Clapp
District No. 11 (Oak Grove) Chas. Stigdon

Lovett Township
Chairman, J. R. Ferguson
Secretary, W. R. Malott
Treasurer, W. A. Short
School District Solicitors
District No. 1 Karl Shepherd
District No. 2 Fred Hoffman
District No. 3 E. E. Vance
District No. 4 George Layman
District No. 5 W. R. Malott
District No. 6 E. D. Kinder
District No. 7 John Bare

Marion Township
Chairman, V. M. Deputy
Secretary, Elmer Ryan
Treasurer, Perry Downey
School District Solicitors
District No. 1 Perry Downey
District No. 2, Altus Rowland
District No. 3, Caleb Keith
District No. 4, O. N. Davis
District No. 5, Thomas Hughes
District No. 6, Albert McCammon
District No. 7, Grant Stewart

Montgomery Township
Chairman, George Hartwell
Secretary, Frank Layman
Treasurer, Garfield Wells
School District Solicitors
South, M. B. Hudson
North West, Frank Joseph
North East, Ernest Corya

Sand Creek Township
Chairman, Ira F. Boicourt
Vice Chairman, Joe Huhn
Secretary, E. A. Graves
Treasurer, Frank May
School District Solicitors
District No. 1 O. E. Cheever
District No. 2 J. Wm. Fike
District No. 3 Wm. Gasper
District No. 4 S. G. Milholland
District No. 5 Frank Yux
District No. 6 R. O. Armstrong
District No. 7 Vado Little
District No. 8 Sam Wasson
District No. 9 S. S. Neeley

Special Binder Twine Committee
District No. 1 Ira Boicourt
District No. 2 J. Wm. Fike
District No. 3 Louis Grinstead
District No. 4 Frank May
District No. 5 E. A. Graves
District No. 6 J. R. Spiker
District No. 7 Vado Little
District No. 8 Joe Kreitzjens
District No. 9 S. S. Neeley

Spencer Township
Chairman, F. C. Bailey
Secretary, J. A. Joseph
Treasurer, J. A. Judd
Township Directors
District No. 1 James Tracy
District No. 2 John Haley
District No. 3 Martin Gerin
District No. 4 (Hayden) Joseph Ewan
District No. 5 O. M. Downs
District No. 6 Peter Vogel
District No. 7 Frank Maschino

Vernon Township
Chairman, J. O. Simpson
Secretary, J. G. Marsh
School District Solicitors
Brick School, James Marsh
Cherry Park, Perry Beck
Pleasant Ridge, J. O. Simpson
Champion, A. E. Hughes

    The duty of the township solicitors is to tend to all organization affairs and business in their particular school districts. At the present time, they are urged to attend to the binder twine proposition, seeing every farmer in each of the school districts and to find out how much binder twine is needed, to obtain the order and to forward it in at once, sending it direct to Fred H. Tripp, North Vernon, Indiana.     The price of this first quality twine is 20 1/2c to members and 22 1/2c to non-members. No man is considered a member until he pays his dollar over to the solicitor. Try to get every man in the district to become a member.
    The township secretaries and treasurers are urged to send the report of the number of members secured together with the membership fees to the county secretary, Mr. Alvin Marsh, North Vernon, R. 2.
    No man is considered a county member until he is on the county secretary's book.

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