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Daeger Wedding Anniversary
May 13, 1915 - North Vernon Plain Dealer

    Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Daeger, of the St. Ann neighborhood, celebrated their silver wedding ammoversary, Thursday, May 6th. The day's celebration began with a high Mass at St. Ann's Church, at which Rev. Albert Daeger, O. F. M. of Farmington, New Mexico, was the celebrant. Rev. Daeger was assisted by Rev. Virgil Daeger, O. F. M., of Oldenburg, Ind., Rev. A. J. Urich, of Milhousen, Ind.; and Rev. Pohl, pastor of St. Ann Church. After the ceremonies at the at the church, the relatives and invited guests proceeded to the Daeger home, where they were entertained during the day and evening, a bountiful dinner and supper being features of the day's enjoyment. After the guests had taken their places at the dinner table, Miss Anna Rose Schappel, of Dayton, Ky., read the following verses as a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Daeger.
"Twenty-five years of shade and sunshine,
Twenty-five years of toil and care,
Twenty-five years of faithful union,
Comfort to each other in sadness,
Loving help in sharing burdens,
Kind to relatives and friends,
Whose heartfelt wishes have no end.
May the years to come be brighter
Filled with every Heavenly bliss
Till with joy you hear the welcome,
"Tis enough, Well done, Well done."     Those who enjoyed the affair were: Jacob A. and Leo A. Daeger, of Tolono, Ill., Joseph F., of Milwaukee, Wis.; John M., of Chicago; Albert J., of New Reigel, Ohio; Herman A. Daeger, of Pauline, O.; Frank, Fred and Clara, who reside at home. Mrs. Anna Schappel, son Charles and daughter Anna Rose, of Dayton, Ky.; Mrs. J. L. Maschint and daughter, Irma, of Newport, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. Adam Maschino, Mr. and Mrs. John Krackenberger and daughter, Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Maschino, of Four Corners; Mr. Anthony Kriech and daughters, Rose and Frances, of Indianapolis; Jos. Huhn, wife and two daughters, P. M. Eder, wife and son, Jacob Lauer, H. J. Gehl and family, F. H. Mader and wife, Frank Walters and wife, Aug. Scheller and family, Charles Grunert, son and daughter, Paul Matern and family, Eugene Deubaske, Vina Hill and Julius Matern. Casper Daeger, of Sask, Canada, and William Daeger, of Champaign, Ill., could not be present. Mr. and Mrs. Daeger were recipients of many beautiful present. All the guests left at a late hour, expressing the wish that Mr. and Mrs. Daeger might live to celebrate their golden wedding.

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