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November 14, 1918 - North Vernon Plain Dealer & Republican

Shrieking Whistles and Ringing Bells Announce Signing of Armistice

Jennings County Residents Spent the Day in Celebration of the Advent of Peace

    At three o'clock Monday morning the residents of the county were awakened by the shrieking of whistles and ringing of bells which announced the glad tidings of the signing of the armistice by the German people and the cessation of hostilities on the battle front. Not only did the noise arouse the sleeping populace of North Vernon, but the people of nearby towns and of the rural districts heard the racket and construed its meaning correctly.
    People were on the streets two hours before daylight, beating drums, blowing horns, ringing bells, and using every possible contraption for a noisy celebration to give vent to the feeling of joy and exultation that came with the tidings of victory and peace. Shoutinng, laughter, tears and prayers were mingled during the day by the crowds that thronged the streets.
    The invitation was sent throughout the county to join in the celebration here Monday night and the invitation met with ready response. An impromptu celebration without fixed program was arranged and resulted in a most touching and thrilling affair. The largest parade that was ever seen in the city turned out-societies, organizations and business firms being represented by delegation and by automobile floats, and men and women and children marching with banners, flags and horns. A display of fireworks also added to the effect.
    The celebration began early in the evening and finished early, people dispersing to their homes to seek their beds with lighter hearts than had theirs for the past two years.

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