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Vernon Times - May 28, 1915

    If anyone knows of any soldier that is buried here and whose name is not on this please notify Will Basnett at once.
War of 1776 - Jethro New, John Storey.
1812 - Josiah Andrews, Joshua Jordan, James Shields, Thomas Story, Samuel Wilson, VanArnem, Vandegrift.
1861 - Henry Arnold, W.S. Almond, T.C. Batchelor, John W. Basnett, Daniel and Wm. Bacon, John Boulding, Col. Bill, A.J. Bennett, H.S. and Samuel Bolser, Wm. Bell, Wm. Bailey, John Baldwin, Henry Clinton, Jesse Cain, John Carney, Wm. Campbell, Enoch Clarkson, George Clarkson, D.W. Connor, Wm. and Chas. Canfield, Isaac Doll, L.B. Davis, Nicholas Dittlinger, David Ennis, Robert and Bristow Eckstine, Amos Frost, Michael Fetter, Phillip George, Simeon, Harvey and Zachariah Hartwell, Gasper Henninger, Silas Hudson, W.A. Harlow, Valentine Hess, James Hilton, John Jones, Dr. Julian, Winfield Jordan, Silas Jordan, Geo. W. Kendrick, Samuel Kidd, Horace Lockwood, Alex Lattimore, Thos. Landrum, Ben Lewis, Cyrus Maynard, Henry May, Dr. Mulvey, Wm. Miles, McMahan, Archie Osborne, T.J. Pearce, Alex Pennock, Thos. and Abraham Palmer, George McIlroy Sr. & Jr., T.J. Riley, George Ralston, Henry and Smith Storey, Frederick Saupe, John Summerfield, Jos. B. Smith, William Stineback, Robert Torbet, Robert Taylor, Jas. H. Vawter, Oscar White, Henry Wine, Theodore Wiseman, Israel Warner, Lewis Wagner, Hagerman Wagner, Parker Westover, Robt. Worthington, J.H. Wilson, C.R. West, Baldwin

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