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Vernon Banner September 15, 1875

According to previous notice, from the committe for the 4th Congressional District, a meeting of soldiers of Jennings county, for the purpose of taking the necessary steps to organize throughout the county to attend the State Reunion, was held at the Court House on Saturday, Sept. 11, 1875. The meeting was called to order by Col. Tripp, and Thomas S. James was chosen Chairman, T. C. Clapp Secretary, and Geo. W. Harrington assistant Secretary. At the request of the meeting, Col. H. Tripp, one of the committeemen for the 4th Congressional District, stated the object of the meeting. He explained that the meeting was called, at the request of the State executive comittee, for the purpose of making some preparations, if deemed desirable, to attend the State Reunion at Indianapolis on the 14th and 15th days of October 1875. Col. Tripp read a letter from Col. J. A. Keith, of the State executive committee, stating that arrangements would be made with the Railroads to carry soldiers deriring to attend the State Reunion, at from one-fourth to one-half fares;  also a letter from the Secretary of the State executive committee requesting the soldiers of Jennings county to send two delegates to the meeting to be held in Indianapolis Sept. 14th, 1875, for the purpose of making final arrangements for the State Reunion.
    W. C. Stineback, moved that the soldiers in Jennings county, as a body, attend the State Reunion- Motion adopted without a desenting voice.
    On motion of Col. Tripp, a committee was appointed to name recuiting officers in the several townships of the county for enlisting men for two days service Oct. 14th and 15th at Indianapolis, which committee was as follows;
    Caleb Whitmore, John B. Riggs, J. B. Hudson, J. B. Jayne, M. H. Day, J. S. Wells, T. C. Bachelor/
    Bigger Township--Leonard Cole, Benj. Wildman, Thomas Ennis, and Isaac Gunder.
    Campbell Tp--Lewis C. Brougher, J. W. Pell, Sanford Elliott, John Forscythe and Richard Grinstead.
    Columbia Tp--Benj. Payton, John Barns, J. L. Elliott, Marshall Montgomery and Isaac Williams
    Center Tp--Geo. W. Harrington, Benj. Hargrove, L. H. Prather, Charles King and Joseph Pietzeuch
    Geneva Tp--Stephen Jayne, William Kitts, R. Burge, Wm. Miller and Charles Duchman
    Montgomery Tp--Oliver P. Shepherd, Isaac Hall and J. M. Cox
    Lovett Tp--Thomas S. James, Peter S. Bradshaw, John S. Wells and John Trapp
    Sand Creek Tp--C. A. Jackson, Jos. Cheever, Z. Neeley and Simeon Stearns
    Vernon Tp--R. Worthington, John Derringer, J. L. Doll, James Meek, Alexander Clements and Thomas Pearce
    Spencer Tp--A. W. Brown, Jesse Hecter, J. H. Lattimore, S. D. Derringer and Frank Doughty
    Marion Tp--Joshua Deputy, John S. Shilliday, John H. Rogers, George W. Bard and Lemuel Mathews

    On motion of T. G. Batchelor the following resolution was adopted.

   Resolved,  That the recruiting officers be instructed to ascertain the number of soldiers who will likely go to the Reunion, at Indianapolis, on the 14th and 15th of Oct. 1875, from their respective townships, and that they make report to a mass-meeting of soldiers to be held Sept. 18, 1875 at the Court House in Vernon, for the purpose of hearing the report of the delegates from the Indianapolis meeting to be held on the 14th of Sept., and for transacting such other business as may come before it.
    On motion of Alexander Shepherd, all the martial bands in the county and Captain Hickmans' Artillary Company were invited to attend this meeting to be held in Vernon, on the 18th of Sept. 1875, and participate with the soldiers.
    On motion, Col. H. Tripp, of the war of 1861, and Capt. W. C. Stineback of the Mexican War and War of 1861, were appointed to attend as deligates of the soldiers of Jennings County, the meeting of soldiers to be held at Indianapolis on Sept. 14th and 15th, for the purpose of making final arrangements for the State Reunion.
    On motion of Silas Harding, the three county papers were requested to publish the proceedings of the meeting.
    On motion of Mark Robinson, the meeting adjourned to meet Sept. 18th, 1875, at 1 P.M., at the Court House.

Thomas S. James,

T. C. Clapp. Sec'y

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