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John C. Cope's Grave Marking Project
As is seen by the articles below John C. Cope (North Vernon's first Mayor) took it upon himself to try and get headstones for all soldiers graves.

Soldier's Graves
North Vernon Plain Dealer - December 3, 1884
    The grave of no soldier should remain unmarked. The Government recognizes that they all earned during the hours of our Nation's danger the right to have marked the place of their final rest, and on application will furnish appropriate tombstones without charge. All persons who know of the grave of any soldier in the late war without a stone, will please forward to me his name, regiment, company, State and rank, date of death, name of cemetery and nearest railroad station, when I will see that during the next year an appropriate stone is erected.
J. C. Cope,    North Vernon, Nov. 25th

North Vernon Plain Dealer - February 24, 1886
    The following is a list of soldiers' graves for which J. C. Cope has asked the government to furnish headstones being all the names he was able to obtain.
Joseph C. Robins, Co. I, 10th Illinois, died July 10, 1873
Jacob Johnson, I, 10th Illinois Cav., died March 13, 1883
William A. Butler, B, 122nd U.S., colored, died July 7th, 1884
John H. Pool, A, 22nd Indiana, died April 24th, 1881
Stephen Sterling, I, 52nd Indiana, died October 17th, 1883
Wirt Grinstead, B, 6th Indiana, died February 27th, 1877
Jacob S. Hooker, A, 137th Indiana, died September 7th, 1863
Samuel C. Rash, A, 81st Indiana, died June 2nd, 1864
Michael McGinty, C, 13th Indiana Cav, died December 27, 1864
Henry Machlett, 13th Indiana, Cav., died May 1st, 1865
William B. Tungate, B, 6th Indiana, died September 9th, 1865
John Skinner, E. 82nd Indiana
William Jolly, B, 6th Indiana, died December 31st, 1862
James S. Ewan, C, 37th Indiana, died October 7th, 1883
Moses D. Peacock, B, 6th Indiana, died November 29th, 1866
Thomas Green, I, 52nd Indiana.
George C. Nelson, A, 22nd Indiana, died August 25th, 1862
Joseph Sampson, K, 120th Indiana, died July 2nd, 1883
William A. Tharp, A. 123rd Indiana, died May 7, 1875
James W. Kane, C, 13th Indiana Cav., died September 15th, 1871
James H. Jeffries, A, 120th Indiana, died June 17th, 1864
John W. Pool, I, 134th Indiana, died July 3rd, 1872
James K. Polk Davis, A, 120th Indiana, died May 5th, 1869
Jonathan Grinstead, A, 120th Indiana, died May 15th, 1868
Thomas Patterson, I, 52nd Indiana, died December 12th, 1879
Archibald K. Osborn, B, 4th Ohio Cav., died March 9th, 1881
Daniel W. Conner, I, 6th Indiana, died March 22, 1881
Leonard Rousey, K, 12th Indiana, died March 22, 1881
Thomas McLaughlin, A, 25th Indiana, died April 4th, 1876
Andrew J. Utt, H, 26th Indiana, died 1878
Jeremiah Featherstone, A, 137th Indiana, died September 24th, 1864
John Bannister, B, 52nd Indiana, died August 28th, 1877
Stafford J. Henry, B, 6th Indiana, died June 10th, 1863
John Thornton, A, 22nd Indiana, died November 27th, 1884
John Tungate, B, 52nd Indiana, died February 25th, 1867
Newton Parker, I, 6th Indiana, died October 3rd, 1871
George W. Parker, I, 6th Indiana, died May 1st, 1885
James K. Dunlap, G, 6th Indiana
William P. Johnson, I, 17th Ohio, died November 6th, 1877
George T. Fallon, D, 13th Illinois Ca., died December 31st, 1877
David Hatfield, C, 156th Indiana, died April 18, 1865
William R. Truit, K, 22nd Indiana, died May 21st, 1863
William Austin, K, 68th Indiana, died May 1st, 1863
Adam Shornick, A, 83rd Indiana, died April 10th, 1863
James Dayly, I, 52nd Indiana, died April 1st, 1862
James Stewart, I, 52nd Indiana, died March 25th, 1862
Joseph Allen, C, 22nd Indiana, died September 16th, 1865
Obediah Campbell, H, 126th Indiana, died May 23rd, 1879
    We publish this list that other names may be furnished and forwarded if there be graves not yet provided for.

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