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WWI Soldiers Farewell in Vernon
In August of 1917 Jennings County citizens gathered to honor the young men going off to serve in WWI. The following pictures are sections of a "panoramic" picture we have of the event at the Jennings County Public Library. Articles from the local papers follow the pictures.

This is the left side of the picture, showing the buildings on Pike street and the Vernon Hotel (currently the Jennings County Historical Society) in the background. Neat old cars line the front side of the courthouse lawn.

Next section of the picture, slightly closer view. The Vernon Hotel on the corner of Pike and Brown streets in the background which seems to be where horses and buggies were parked.

In this section you see more of the crowd and in the background is what was once the Storey family home and part of the Jennings County Courthouse.

A little more of the front of the courthouse and the crowd.

Courthouse lawn looking toward Perry Street.

This last segment is of more horses & buggies, this time tied up along what is now highways 3 & 7 in Vernon

August 30, 1917 - North Vernon Sun
Banquet and Ball To Be Featured in Farewell Reception

    All plans have been perfected for a big demonstration at Vernon Saturday when the citizens of this county will assemble to bid the young men who will make up the county's quota in the selective draft godspeed when they go to join their comrades at Louisville contonment for training. The committee in charge of the publictiry end of the demonstration has issued the following statement.
    "Jennings county will turn out by the thousands on Saturday, September 1, 1917, at the court house lawn at Vernon to pay tribute to the soldiers of Jennings county now in the service and those who will come under the selective act.
    Prof. Ernest Marshall Linton, of Indiana university, who has made nine trips to Europe during the last twelve years and who has lately came from the battlefields of Europe will make the principal address at 2:30 p.m. Other well known speakers will be present. The patriotic program and exercise will last throughout the day.
    Civil war veterans, Spanish American soldiers and soldiers in the service and those called to the colors will march to the court house. The boy scouts of the county will participate in the parade. Several bands and a drum corps will furnish the music.
    A six o'clock dinner will be given free at the Vernon hotel by the citizens of Jennings county to the young men chosen for army service from this county.
    The patriotic drills and exercises and other patriotic features will continue during the evening, when a dance will be given in honor of the colors. All patriotic citizens of Jennings and surrounding counties are invited.
    The demonstration for the soldier boys is being furthered by Attorney John R. Carney, of Vernon and John Klein, of Sandcreek township, aided by local citizens. Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Carney mailed invitations to the conscripts. The invitations were as follows:     Jennings county patriotic citizens courteously invite you to attend an all-day Soldiers' Farewell Celebration Saturday, September 1, 1917, at Vernon. A six o'clock banquet at the Vernon Hotel and soldiers' farewell ball will be given in your honor."
September 6, 1917 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    Jennings County citizens' farewell to the soldier boys of the county, held at Vernon last Saturday, was a grand success. During the morning many of the boys that have been called to colors registered and were presented with an appropriate badge of red, white and blue ribbon. This designation enabled those young men soon to go in training to recognize each other and to more quickly get acquainted and gave the public better opportunity to pay tribute to those who will fight to defend our country and help make the world safe for democracy. The Court House lawn with the beautiful flowers and decorations, together with the patriotic decorations of the residences and business houses all combined to make and ideal place for a reception for the Civil War Veterans, the Spanish American War Soldiers and those recently home from the Mexican border and particularly for the young men recently called to colors. Many Civil War Veterans were present, not only from Jenning, but from adjoining counties. Many of the older citizens remarked that the affair reminded them of the farwell given to the soldiers who went forth when called out by Abraham Lincoln.
    The Vernon Band together with some of the North Vernon musicians and members of other drum corps of Jennings County furnished music. In the afternoon several appropriate selections were rendeered by the bands and then the Grand March took place, led by an automobile decorated with flags and patriotic decorations and occupied by the speakers of the afternoon. Then followed Civil War Veterand, Spanish War soldiers and the young men soon to go into training at Camp Taylor, at Louisville. The parade started in front of the Court House and traversed the streets of the town returning to the Court House Square, where the automobile was used as a speakers' stand and the sloping Court House yard served as a natural amphitheatre.
    Rev. Chesley Holmes gave the invocation, which was very appropriate and then followed band music and an address by Dr. Cecil North, professor of economics at Ohio University, who is now an officer at Camp Taylor. Dr. North's addresses were well received and he made many friends among the citizens of the county and the soldier boys. Band music and music by the drum corps folowed Dr. North's address and then took place the speach of the day given by Hon. Ernest Marshall Linton, professor of political science of Indiana University. Dr. Linton is himself a Hoosier being a native of Jackson County, Ind., but he has been traveler, lecturer and professor for a number of years. He has made nine trips to Europe and is well acquainted the countries of Europe both from travel and study. He is especially well acquainted with the history, diplomacy and whole situation of this great World War. His address was excellent, his oration in delivery, thought and sentiment and appropriateness being a masterful production. His talk compared favorably with the speech of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher delivered during the Civil War.
    At six o'clock, at the Vernon Hotel, a dinner was given the soldier boys. The spacious dining hall was appropriately decorated and chicken and many other good things were served by six young ladies of Vernon. John R. Carney was toast master at the feast and rev. W. D. Cole gave the responses. Rev. Cole also gave a welcome address to the boys, which was filled with good Christian advice. Chester Amick responded with a thoughtful acceptance of the consideration and honor the soldier boys were receiving. There were talks given by Messrs. Leo Tierney, John Grinstead, Arthur Siener and Wm. H. Simpson. Roy Pettiford responded for the colored soldier boys. John Klien, of the committee, also gave a talk and A. M. Bruken responded for the soldiers now in service.
    In the evening Hon. Wm. Fitzgerand gave a fine address on the War Situation and Meyer Ades also addressed the large audience present. The soldier boys and their friends then tripped the light fantastic until 11:45 P.M. It is estimated that several thousand people were in attendance during the day.

August 30, 1917 - North Vernon Sun
Loyd Sage, Commiskey Walter S. Shinolt, Queensville Jacob C. Thenis, No. Vernon
Stanton K. Clapp, Scipio Everett A. Kelley, No. Vernon Floyd Hamilton, No. Vernon
John A. Short, No. Vernon Chas. H. Green, No. Vernon Guy Lester Parks, No. Vernon
William Bertman, No. Vernon James C. Brooks, Seymour Clem E. Montgomery, Osgood
Robert R. Roane, No. Vernon Luther Bedel, North Vernon Conrad E. Hughes, Dupont
Ormel G. Sealock, Scipio Clarence R. Parks, N. Vernon Lorin W. Oyler, No. Vernon
John Bios, Brewersville Vergil L. VanArsdall, P. Xing Roe F. Sarber, No. Vernon
Mort R. McCaslin, No. Vernon Fred T. Schulthies, No. Vernon Harrison C. Hook, Columbus
John E. Kellar, Brewersville Raymond L. Sullivan, No. Vernon Ira R. Kinder, Commiskey
Frank Skinner, No. Vernon James Davis, Westport Geo. W. Fiedler, No. Vernon
Carl W. Green, No. Vernon Edward Tyler, Butlerville John Sullivan, Hayden
John Lancaster, No. Vernon Edward L. Tierney, No. Vernon William Fisher, No. Vernon
Frank Hartwell, Vernon Seth M. Shinolt, Nebraska Geo. w. Klein, No. Vernon
Chas. Wolf, Nebraska Jesse W. Hubbard, Westport Amos Myrick, Commiskey
John Hancock, Jeffersonville William Ahrmann, No. Vernon Lewis O. Wetzel, Crothersville
Odus D. Irvin, No. Vernon Ira Homer Corya, Commiskey Frank Hock, No. Vernon
Arthur E. Shinault, No. Vernon William H. Dillard, Nebraska Fred C. Rapp, No. Vernon
Wallace A. Hines, Scipio Ray Beesley, No. Vernon Geo. W. Palmer, No. Vernon
John D. McCauley, No. Vernon Lloyd Downs, No. Vernon Louis J. Dickhoff, Westport
E. J. Hudson, Paris Crossing Chas. H. Hill, No. Vernon Thomas J. Murphy, No. Vernon
Arthur E. Fox, No. Vernon Leonard Weber, No. Vernon Jos. H. Clarkson, No. Vernon
John L. Tierney, No. Vernon Roy J. Morgan, No. Vernon Jesse J. Skinner, Vernon
Fred M. Sparks, Paris Crossing Everett E. White, Butlerville Joseph H. McGill, No. Vernon
Horrace M. Hopkins, Lovett Arvil Foist, Scipio Ferdie Miller, No. Vernon
R. H. Hoffman, Commiskey Roy Barlow, No. Vernon Perry Russell, No. Vernon
James H. Sanders, E'town Ralph Richey, Dupont Clarence F. Davis, Seymour
Vergil Clarkson, No. Vernon Colonel O. Stout, Butlerville John Day, Scipio
Ezra B. Ringer, Scipio John R. Collins, Scipio Claude Patton, E'town
Samuel C. Tribbett, Commiskey Hobert G. Beck, No. Vernon Mathew J. Hester, No. Vernon
John Branham, No. Vernon John F. Dieringer, No. Vernon R. R. Grinstead, No. Vernon
Geo. J. Haag, Brewersville Charles R. Tuttle, Scipio Roy J. Pettiford, Vernon
Geo. W. Miller, Seymour Thomas E. Willman, Vernon Geo. E. Deputy, Commiskey
Carl H. Funke, No. Vernon Irvin Tungett, Westport Frank Fisher, No. Vernon
Henry H. Speek, Nebraska Mathew D. Woods, Westport Fred O. Donnell, Commiskey
Homer F. Ogden, No. Vernon Vergil L. Fenley, Scipio Chester A. Amick, Scipio
John H. Trapp, No. Vernon Forest Clarkson, No. Vernon Bert W. Forman, Hayden
John L. Young, No. Vernon Geo. H. King, No. Vernon Calvert H. Kelley, Queensville
John Boyd, Butlerville Jon L. Grinstead, No. Vernon Robert Lambert, Commiskey
Arthur e. Seiner, No. Vernon Victor Maschino, No. Vernon Gus Webster, No. Vernon
Clarence F. Tower, Nebraska Orion O. Martin, No. Vernon Wm. W. Carey, Brewersville
Albert C. Schierling, No. Vernon Meritt Hein, Paris Crossing Albert Zapfe, Westport
Wm. H. Simpson, Vernon Horace C. Underwood, Westport Harry Mote, Queensville

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