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Vernon Journal - September 11, 1903


Co. H. 27th Ind. Vol. Inf. Meet Again and Hold Love Feast. Three Have Died Since Last Meeting.

    The surviving members of Co. H. 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry met Saturday in the church grove at Paris and held an all day love feast or reunion. Each year has seen the ranks of this company thinned more and more until hardly two score remain. Saturday's reunion was the seventh in the history of the company and what was lacking in members was made up by the interest shown.
    The morning meeting was a sort of preliminary affair in which Capt. Balsey and one or two others made short talks.     After dinner the roll of the company was called and 19 answered "present." The minutes of the meeting held one year previous were read and approved. Secretary T.H. Hudson and President Oliver Shepherd have conducted the company's business so well in the past that they were continued as officers for the future. The time and place for holding the next reunion was left to the officers to decide.     A petition was then read which will be presented to congress by Representative Griffith in behalf of John L. Files of Hanover asking for a pension of $50 per month as a reward for his bravery on the field at Gettysburg. Mr. Files was a color bearer and carried the flag to the farthest point on the memorable July day which resulted so disasterously to the Union forces. The entire color guard was killed with the exception of Files who was severely wounded.
    The petition was signed by all the members of the company. The following resolution of respect and symapathy was read and adopted:
    Whereas; since our last meeting one year ago, it has pleased Devine Providence to take from our company of survivors, Comrades Thos. Nugent, Henry Bradshaw and George W. Bretthouse; therefore.
    Resolved: In the loss of these comrades we are only reminded that our number is gradually growing less and less and
    Resolved Further: that our sympathy is tendered to all the relatives and friends of these brave men and good soldiers.
    A rain storm came up before the afternoon speech making was begun and the veterans went into church and completed the day's program. Congressman Griffith, was to have delivered a speech but on account of a previous arrangement could not be present. Capt. Calsey, W.W. Daugherty and others, however filled in the time in an interesting manner. A choir composed of Misses Adams, Whittsett and Wright, Mrs. Ollie Rowland and Messers Adams, Hoard and Whitsett gave some special music for the occasion and it was very good. A martial band also enlivened things.
    The crowd this year was not as large as last year but a better time socially was had. The rain kept the people in the church and after the meeting a general hand shaking was indulged in.
    The following members of the company responded to roll call.
Capt. J.D. Hudson, N. Vernon Find a Grave Link
Capt. Oliver Shepherd, Commiskey Find a Grave Link
Capt. Joseph Balsey, Indianapolis
Capt. W. W. Dougherty, Indianapolis
Jas. W. Reed, Deputy Find a Grave Link
T.H. Adams, Paris Crossing Find a Grave Link
Joseph Roseberry, N. Vernon (Hillcrest Cemetery North Vernon)
Jonathan Baker, Columbus Find a Grave Link
Allen Bryant, Seymour Find a Grave Link
Joshua Deputy, Paris Crossing Find a Grave Link
Harvey Deputy, Crothersville Find a Grave Link
Robert Dixon, Paris Crossing Find a Grave Link
John L. Files, Hanover Find a Grave Link
T.H. Hudson, Paris Find a Grave Link
F.M. James, Commiskey Find a Grave Link
John Muster, Queensville
William T. Temples, Columbus
James H. Richards, Seymour

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