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January 14, 1876
Issue of
Plain Dealer Newspaper

   It looks like "sin" taxes have been around a long time, people in order to be authorized to sell Tobacco & Alcohol had to purchase special Tax Stamps. It states in the paper "The following is a complete list of Special Tax Stamps issued to parties in this county for the current year, and consequently embraces all persons entitled to sell the articles named." The listing is as it was in the paper by location. Sheila

S. C. Fisler, tobacco
W. S. Shepherd, tobacco

S. M. Hudson, liquor and tobacco
W. G. Humphrey, tobacco
J. H. Hill, tobacco
W. A. Jones, tobacco
Reynolds & Saulpaugh, tobacco
T. H. Swarthout, tobacco
M. Tibbetts, tobacco

George Lawrence, tobacco
Moore & Winscott, tobacco

Royer Flint, cigar manufactory

Daniel Marsh, tobacco

J. T. Polk, tobacco

L. T. Williams, tobacco

B. F. Wildman & Bro., tobacco

F. M. Corys, liquor and tobacco
Moses Fruhauf, liquor and tobacco
J. A. Grinstead, tobacco
J. W. Samuel, liquor and tobacco

D. F. McNeelan, tobacco
H. G. Nelson, liquor and tobacco
J. W. Pell, tobacco
W. G. Stratton

G. F. & A. Amick, tobacco
W. B. Goble, tobacco
I. L. Green, tobacco
Thos. Wilkerson, tobacco
J. M. Meyers & Co., tobacco

M. H. Andrews & Co., tobacco
C. Adams, tobacco
Glick, tobacco
Byrne, tobacco and liquor
M. Conklin, tobacco
nner & Co., tobacco
Doll & Bro., tobacco and liquor
John Droitcour, tobacco and liquor
Dickerson, tobacco and liquor
Jacob Friez, malt liquor
Charles Gautier, tobacco
Wolf Gumble & Bro., tobacco
Casper Gessner, tobacco and liquor
Kelley, tobacco and liquor
Kimmel, tobacco
Lang, tobacco and liquor
P. Loftis, tobacco and liquor
Levy, tobacco
C. Meloy, tobacco
Mayer, tobacco and liquor
McGee, tobacco and liquor
S. Prather, tobacco
J. M. Riggin, tobacco
Adam & Reiehie?, tobacco
Rahscoof, tobacco and liquor
Reihl, tobacco and liquor
P. Singer, tobacco and liquor
P. Siener, dealer in tobacco and cigar manufactory
John Scherling, brewer
D. Shreve, tobacco
Tripp & Jones, tobacco
S. M. Tennis, tobacco
W. F. Verbarg, tobacco and liquor
C. T. Wilkerson, tobacco
E. S. Whitcomb, tobacco
C. Wolf, tobacco and liquor
J. C. Wilkerson, tobacco
P. Wolfert, malt liquor and tobacco
J. T. Walton, tobacco

H. C. Bruner, liquor and tobacco
G. Heim, tobacco and manufacturing cigars.
Andy Klein, liquor and tobacco
N. Machine, liquor and tobacco
J. Sullivan, tobacco
J. P. Swarthout, tobacco
Swarthout & Hartpence, liquor and tobacco

J. S. Basnett, tobacco
Tim Cronan, tobacco
N. Deversey, tobacco
T. Egan, tobacco and liquor
J. W. Hill and Co., tobacco
J. Hedinger, tobacco
T. McGlasser, tobacco
J. B. Reiley, tobacco and liquor
H. T. Read, tobacco
S. W. Storey, tobacco and liquor
A. Thomas, tobacco
P. E. Wills, tobacco

Barnum & Curtis, tobacco
C. B. Curtis, tobacco
E. L. Parker, tobacco

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