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These are published books on the families mentioned or Genealogies donated to the Library by Family History researchers, they include booklets and binders.  Some are what I call generic surname books people purchased some years ago. They give no specifics just origin of the name and possible places and things that were happening in the world. When one of the books is of this type I will note next to it "generic" so you do not think it is actually work done on a family.  

   The Akins Family of Jennings County, Indiana by Roy D. Akins
   The Allison-Boner-Cannon roots of the Rust tree by Oscar Denton NNY
   Descendants of Johannes "Hans" Ehmig/Amick/Emich Sr. & Anna Dorothea Rotter - compiled by Phillip F. Junkins
   The Amick Families of Jennings County Indiana by Roy D. Akins
   The Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Ayers compiled by Sheila Kell
   Ancestors and descendants of John Lyman Beecher also Brougher & Alling Families by Patricia Roberts Roney
   The Journals of Joseph Bertram prepared by Lois Bertram (use with the Journals of William Stewart)
   Biehle - Descendants of Jacob Martin Biehle by Lori Ammerman
   Bland - "A Vision of Unity" The Bland Family in England and America 1555-1990 by Charles C. Bland
   Boyd Family - by Richard Boyd Groharing
   The Joseph Bramwell Family - by Virginia Bramwell Pierce
   Broughers of Jennings County Indiana: ancestors and descendants - by Clara Mae Brougher Haines
   Bundy/Bunday - Ten Descendants of William and Elizabeth Bundy of Rhode Island and N. Carolina by V. Mayo
         (letter in Bundy file). Also Supplement to the Descendants of W. & E. Bundy of Rhode Island and N. Carolina.
   Burkert - Weaving our past: a history of the Edward and Mary Jo Burkert families compiled by Becky Burkert -
   Burkert, Ley, Holderith & Eder Families.
   Burton-Robbins - Ancestry Allied Families - Hale (Hail), Harnish (Harness), Baker, Stoval: by Orpha Weisback Fessler 1987
   Byfield Genealogy - Compiled by Hallie Opal Newbrey Lala Townley during 1988 and 1989
   William Cain
   Callicott Connections - by John T. Callicotte
   Carlock Family - History of the Carlock Family in America by Marion Pomeroy Carlock
   Challes/Challies in France and America
   Clark Family - The family of Patrick & Sarah Ann (Sturgeon) Clark by Pamela Welch
   Huey Clark Family - by Lois G. Clark
   Cooper History - by Mary Alice Cooper Short
   Coryell, Coriell Family - 300 Years 1862-1982 compiled by Roy D. Akins
   Coryells "S" Line by N.Burr Coryell 1986
   Descendants of Edward Cowell of Boston
   James Cox and his descendants with families and places of residence by Chattie Cox
   The Brothers Crawford - Colonel William, 1722-1782, Jr., 1724-1777 by Allen W. Cox
   Col. William Crawford - From River Clyde to Tymochtee and Col. William Crawford by Grace U. Emahiser
   Crippen - Descendants of Elijah & Elmira Crippen by Phillip F. Junkins
   Crist - The Crist Family a work in Progress by Diane Tichenor
   Currier -
   Cutshalls - The birth of a nation: the Cutshall's Applegate's, and associated families of Scott County,
   Indiana by Roger W. Cutshall
   The Davis Families of Jennings County, Indiana 1820-1880 by Florence Miller
   John & Anna Edwards Davis - John and Anna Davis (of Jennings and Brown Counties, Indiana)
   Descendants of Nathanial Davis, Sr - compiled by James K. & Mary C. Davis
   Deputy Genealogy with Related Families 1985 back to 1658 by B. Dottie McCormick Perkins
   From Dover to Deputy - A History of some Deputy Families of America by Roy D. Akins
   Dixon, Henry S & Alcy Wilson - compiled by Martha Balzick
   Three Dobbins generations at frontiers: A history of a family prominent in the Presbyterian Church who were among the    founders of the Vernon, Presbyterian Church here in Jennings County. Robert Z. Callaham.
   The Dowell line - by Ivan Scroggins
   Duvall Family of Virginia - 1701: descendants of Daniel DuVal, Hugenot and allied families by Bessie Berry Grabowski
   Maureen Duvall of Middle Plantation: a genealogical history of Mareen Duval, Gent, of the Province of Maryland and his
   descendants, with histories of the allied families of Tyler, Clarke, Poole, Hall and Meriken by Harry Newman Wright
   Pioneers all: : Douglas, Callaham, Remley, Dobbins, Wilson, Clary [Families] compiled by Mary Douglas Thornson, Walter
   J. Armstrong and Roland Armstrong; edited by Ronald Armstrong. By Mary Douglas Thornsen
   Earl & Arrell Families - from Ireland to North America by James S. Hannum
   The Eastman Families of Jennings County Indiana by Roy D. Akins
   Elsner Family - John F. Elsner family in America by John E. Elsner
   Ennis - A Family Record - compiled by Bernice Auld Morton
   George Euler Family of Jennings County Indiana - compiled by Dawn Jump
   Faulconer - Descendants of James Faulconer - a soldier in the American Revolution by Judge Thomas J. Faulconer III
   Figg Family - Sketches of the Figg family from 1719 to 1921 by Clarence Edward Figg
   Frisch/Firsck -
   Foist Family
   Foster Family genealogy - From Gabriel Foster: born 1770, Long Island, NY, died 1848, Deputy, Indiana by Robert E. Cockrum
   The Funke family in America, 1864 - 2000 by James Funke Jr.
   Garey - Descendants of William Garey
   Our Gastineau Family - by Flossie Gastineau Oakes
   Gatewood Family - compiled by Shirley Boyd
   The Gilbert Family - descendants of Thomas Gilbert 1852-1659 by Homer Worthington Brainard
   Gooding - Gooding West: a family saga of their westward migration by Tom Gooding
   Goodhue - Descendants of Nathanial Goodhue & Catherine Choate by Martha Blazick
   Gordon - Gordon family records by Montgomery J. Seaver
   Gordon Kinship - by Nancy S. McBride
   James Green and Margaret Johnson family of Indiana and Iowa
   Genealogy of Alexander Green, his descendants and related families by James E. Green
   Grinstead - The William Grinstead Family in America by Gorrell Shumaker
   The Guirl Family in Indiana, mentions many early families in Bigger and Campbell townships. By Gaia C. Guirl-Stearly
   Haag - Haag Family of Jennings County IN, compiled by W. F. Haag
   The Hall Family - by Ken and Zenith "Hall" Sturdivant
   Hall Family - The Hall Family Tree: a genealogy with history and biographies by Oliver M. Morris 1940
   Hammond - The Hammond Family compiled by Charlene J. Harmon
   Harding - Some of the Ancestors and Descendants of David Harding
   The Hartwell's of America: a genealogy of all the Hartwells in United States and Canada/based largely the Handbook of
   Hartwell Genealogy (1887) by Lyman Willard Densmore; the material assembled and arranged in two volumes by John F.
   Hartwell, Little Rock, Arkansas
   Hartwell Genealogy - Hartwell genealogy: Jennings County, Indiana by Mary Ellen Krause
   Henry Family Records - General Surname Record - no details (Generic)
   Hauersperger - John Hauersperger and Pearl Downs Family Tree 1990
   Adam Hauersperger family tree: (listings over 150 years) Includes the descendants of Peter Vogel 1836-1895), the line of the
    author Lawrence J. Vogel
    Heaton - The Heaton Families 350 yrs in America by Dean Heaton
   Hiberlin - Hiberlin and Ramsey and Carpenter and Mousa Family Trees
   Helt Family Genealogy - by Karen Helt Loy
   Henry Family Records - by Seaver J. Montgomery
   Hess/Billow/Geis/Simpson genealogy
   Hicks Family Records compiled by Margaret Salb of Jasper, IN.
   The Diary of Edward Pitt Hicks and the children and grandchildren
   Hines & Sharp Reunion - compiled by Rebecca Hines Umphrey - 1978
   Howe Genealogies (V.1) - by Daniel Wait Howe
   Hubbards - Hubband's History and Genealogy compiled by L. S. Hubbard
   Hudson genealogy, 1634-1957 : including all known descendants of Ananias and Magdalin Willey Hudson and those who
    have married into the family by Roy D. Hudson
   Hulse Family Records - compiled by Roy D. Akins
   The Family of Marquis de Lafayette Hulse & Laura Emily Dean Hulse by Norma Jeanne Gustin
   Genealogy of the John Jackson Family - by Alta Mae Jackson Hart
   Thomas James Family - by Ethel Beard Simons
   Thomas C. James and Mollie Downey Family Descendants of Thomas C. James
   Descendants of Jordon, Corya, Dawson, Eders, Grayson, McGammon, Harding, Hunter, Mathews, Speer, Stiening Tucker,
   Kysar Kin by Kathy Kysar Howard
   Kellar & Brougher Family by Clar May Haines
   The King Family as it relates to Jennings County, based on the descendants of George King and Hannah (Young) King
   [compiled by Gorrell Shumaker...and others]
   The Kirk and Wilson Family Tree by Clarence Kirk Wilson
   History of the Lard/Laird Family - Ancestry and Some Decendants of Samuel Lard of Connecticut, Vermont and Indiana,
    Compiled by Sharon L. (Witt) Seaver
   The Lattimores: A Family History by Esther Lattimore Jenkins
   Ledyard-Cass biographical records
   Fielding Lett, Farmer and his descendants - by Louise Lett
   Lewellen Family History: (being an account of the descendents of William and Mary Lewellen of Wales and North Carolina).
    by Christine Lou-Ellen West
   "Lewisyana" or Lewis: Legends and facts - by Esther J. Lewis Buss
   The Lowry Family - Where Yon Muscatatuck Flows - Our James Lowry Family Kin Folk Chronicle by Wayne Merrill Lowry
   McGrew - Brief history and genealogy of a branch of the McGrew family by Chattie Foster Cox
   Thomas McGinty - by Marcella Isenhart
   Samuel McKee and His Family by David Hoffman
   Ancestors and descendants of Augustus Meek (1865-1934) and Susan Gertrude Phillips of Shelby, Twp., Jefferson Co., IN.
    by Jean Wilson Perney
   Meek Genealogy 1640-1962 - by Carleton L. Meek
   Nicholas Megal Sr. Family by David J. Carr
   The Milhous Family: An Indiana sojourn 1854-1904, by Frieda Fateley Crawford
   Mills - The family of Samuel and Jame White Mills - by Louise Brown Blackburn
   Mitchell - General Surname (Generic)
   A History of the Albert Carter Moncrief Family - by Calvin DeArmond Davis
   Moore Family register (with) The Moore Family newsletter - by Ophelia Wade
   Mountz, Fannie Jean - Diary
   Mourre - Descendants of Daniel Mourre and Anna Elizabeth Campbell by P.Junkins
   William Wesley Mowrey, son of Daniel Mourre
   Ancestors & Descendants of Daniel Morgan & Polly Frost
   Overmeyer - History and Genealogy from 1680-1905
   Pearcy - General Surname - no local detail (Generic)
   The Family of Stacy Logan & Annie May Pearcy
   Pearcy Family Group Sheets
   Reuben Pierce Descendants by Harold E. Kyle
   A History of the Phillips Family - Sections on Courtney, Redman, Speer, Mathew, Gambo, Fitzsimmons and others.
   Moses & William Pruitt, Indiana Pioneers by Reba Gebhart
   The Purkhisers - 1962 - by Harry R. Purkinser
   Descendants of Henry Renn & Rachel Campbell with a little history 1802-1991 by Mardella Renn Elmore
   The Rice family, from 1614 to date: from England; New London, Conn; Wallingford, Conn.; Claremont, N.H.; Otsego County,
    N.Y.; Scott, Jefferson and Jennings Counties in Indiana compiled by Tom Rice
   The Ritz family in America - Vol 1 & 2
   A history of the Robbins Family as I, D. R. Robbins, remember it by David Ransom Robbins
   Descendants of Ransom Robbins
   The Benjamin Robbins Family - by Dr. Lanny A. Robbins
   Ancestors and descendants of Henry and Martha Robbins of Ithaca, Nebraska - by Dr. Lanny A. Robbins
   The Nicholas Robbins Family - a genealogical history of the family through the eighth generation - by Lawrence G. Robbins
   Robertson/Robinson families of Jennings County, Indiana - compiled by Phyllis Buchanan, Logan Robinson, Richard Parker
   Rogers and Norris Family (manuscript) by William Sayler
   Ross - The ancestors and descendants of James & Elizabeth Rossey, Manchester, IN - by Harvey S. Ross
   Sampson Family - by Juantia Arnold
   Isaac Sanford Family 1796-1975 compiled by Phillip F. Schler plus addendum
   Edward Walter & Ruth Anna VanCleve Sawyer Family History
   Schaeffer Genealogy - by Helen Jira
   Descendants of Alexander M. Sharp & William Ludlow
   Descendants of James Sharp - Addendum
   Our Family Heritage, Shera Family
   The Sherfey Family in the United States 1751-1948 (Scherffig in Germany) a Historical and genealogical record, illus.
   compiled by Wm. Emory Sherfey
   The Shields Families - by John Arthur Shields, 1917
   A Shields Family History - by Richard Boyd Groharing
   Our Silver Heritage, Gershom and Millicant (Archer) Silver - by Benjamin Stump Silver and Frances Aylette (Bowen) Silver
   Simmons Family Tree by Bernice Vaught
   Descendants of Asa Skinner & Stephen P. Skinner, by Wyla Anderson
   Records of the Spangler and Bogardus Families written in 1923 by ?elda L. Thornburg
   The Descendants of George Spear by Verne Raymond Spear
   Spencer, Tate, McCammon, Bland Families; and their Antecedents
   Spickerhoff Sporeleder The Spragues of Malden Massachusetts by George Walter Camberlain
   The Ralph Sprague Genealogy by Edward G. Sprague
   Sprague Families in America by Warren Vincent Sprague
   Stewart, William - His journals, prepared by Louis Bertram
   Tatem - Tatem, time and time again : a partial genealogy of the Tatem family to pass on, and perhaps to inspire others to
    pick up the journey, by Kenneth Earl Tatum
   Thayer - Genealogical record of: Spencer Thayer (1799-1879) and wife Sallie Butler (1805-1870)by Lolita Thayer Guthrie
   Thompson -
   Tobias -
   Tobias -
   Tull Family - by Delia Tull Volz
   Underwood - The Underwood family from Madison County, Virginia. By Ben H Coke
   VanCleve -
   Vawter - The Vawter Family in America:with the allied families of: Branham, Crawford, Wise, Lewis, Stribling, Glover,
    Moncrief. By Grace Vawter Bicknell
   Verbarg - The history and family tree of Diedrich (1807-1888) and Margaret Kortum (1812-1895) Verbarg, by Phil Cordes
   Wells Family -
   Wilsons from Southeast Indiana;"Five generations of descendants of Benjamin Wilson, Sr. and Margaret Armstrong, early
    settlers in Dearborn County, and related families : Ross, Blue, Bowen, Conaway, Collins, Davis, Heaton, Hodges, Moody,
    Murdock, Sutton." by Jean Wilson Perney.
   A History of the Wildey Family of Jennings County Indiana, by Roy D. Akins Wily ?
   Some descendants of Joseph Wilkerson: : soldier-patriot-pioneer (1757-1841). By Thomas J. Faulconer
   The Whiteheads : a family history / [by John F. Whitehead with contributions by John Mace].
   A history of Woodard's : the story of our heritage: earliest times to the present / by Randle C. Woodard, Audie W. Woodard,
    Austin M. Cooper.
   Woolman Family Compiled by Clara Mae Haines
   Alice Wohrer family history.
   Young - Our Young family - A family history of the Young family that emigrated from Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, and
    settled in Wells and Allen Counties in northeastern Indiana. by Norman Fremont Young
   Southern Indiana Youngbloods : their ancestors and descendants / collected and compiled by Mrs. Lawrence L. Lant.
   Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook genealogy. By Harry D. Zook
   Misc Families combined in binders The French, Duckworth, Robinson, Stone, Thomas, Jackson, Ewing, Snow, Belford,
    Hildreth, Wolcott, Russell and other families.

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