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Transcription of original documents at Jennings County Library
Very difficult to read

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1860, in Columbia Township reported by James Myers Ass't Marshal
Listing is as follows  name of deceased, age,sex, married/md widowed/wd, state born, month died, occupation, cause of death, days ill.
Seth Stratton 64 M M Virginia January Farmer Consumption 6 months
not named 4days M S Ind January ____ Jaundice 4days
Catherine Pierce 26 F M Virginia May Housework Dropsey of the Chest 5 months
Lewis Hunter 52 M M New York Nov Farmer Consumption 6 months
William Smiley 77 M S Ireland Feb Farm old age _____
Catharne Elliott 46 F S Ky March Housework Consumption 18 months
Catherine Spander 16 F S Ohio Feb Housework St Vidas Dance ______

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1860, in Campbell Township reported by James Myers Ass't Marshal
John Conley 22 M S Pennsylvania Oct Carpenter Congestive Chill 5 days
Ebenezer J Lewis 3 M S Ind Dec ______ Scarlet Fever 2 days
Elianor Davis 39 F M Ind Oct Housework Brain Fever 3 days
Lydie Shrock? 7 F S Virginia Sept _____ ? Morbus 1 day
Milly Pool 60 F M North Carolina April Housework Consumption 2 years
Agnes I Davis 74 or 14 F M Penn March Housework Palsy 16 months
Eliza Johonas 23 F M Prussia March Housework Childbirth 30 days
John Chailie 40 M M Kentuck Feb Farmer Consumption 6 months
James Grinstead 34 M M Indiana August Farmer Consumption 1 year

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1860, in Sand Creek Township reported by James Myers Ass't Marshal
S?ina B Davis 1 F S Ind February _____ Inflamation of Bowels 8 days
Ralf Bias 19 M S Ind July Farmer Fever 8 days
Nancy Cadby 2 F S Ind June _____ Scarlet Fever 11 or 15 days
Thomas Smith 38 M M Ind April Farmer ______ 2 days
James O Wilkerson 20 M S Ind January Farmer Typhoid Fever 14 days
Sarah A Henry 17 F S Ind Aug Housework Consumption 10 days
Sabrina Jones 65 F W New York August Housework Billious Cholera 10 days
Sarah Pierce 76 F W Massachusetts July Housework Old Age _____
Mary Ann Span 75 F W Penn Penn Housework Tumor on the Bowels 40 days
Eliza Span 35 F M Prussia March Housework disease not known 3 days
Catherine Spann 3 F S Ind January _____ ? 1 day
Eve Gasper 1 F S Ind Aug ______ Scarlet Fever 11 days
Louisa Wyana? 13 F S ______ Feb disease not known ? days ______

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1860, in Geneva Township reported by James Myers Ass't Marshal

William Ramsey 4 months M S Ky Sept _____ Inflamation of Bowels 1 day
George W Tungate 3 M S Ind January _____ Croup 8 days
Anna May 6 F S Ind August _____ putrid sore throat 9 days
Emaline McGanon 3 F S Ind Nov _____ burned 16 days
Mary Jane Wimple 3 F S Ind May _____ Scarlet Fever 8 days
William Baty 60 M M Va May Farmer Dropsy of the Heart 25 days
Elizabeth Clark 74 F M NY July Housework Old Age _____
Cornander/s E Curtis 6 F S Ind March _____ Putrid Sorethroat 8 days
Elizabeth Kelley 12 S F Ind April _____ Putrid Sorethroat 5 days
Lydian Kelley 10 F S Ind April _____ Putrid Sorethroat 7 days
Agness Kelley 8 F S Ind April _____ Putrid Sorethroat 13 days
Lafayette Kelley 9 M S Ind April ______ Putrid Sorethroat 8 days
James Wildy 19 M S Ind Nov Farmer Flux 30 days
Mary Shirk 29 F M Ind Aug Housework Consumption 2 years
Phoebe E Sharp 9 months F S Ind April _____ Putrid Sorethroat 21 days
Sarah Bennett 2 F S Ind April _____ Putrid Sorethroat 4 days
James Arnold 37 M M Ky Feb Farmer Lung Fever 11 days
July Ann Snowden 75 F M Va Aug Housework Consumption 1 year
not named Mowry 3 days F S Ind May _____ not known 3 days
John W Wilson 11 months M S Ind Nov _____ Typhoid Fever 28 days
Sophia Runion 34 F W Ind July Housework Consumption 120 days
not named Riken 4 days M S Ind April _____ Croup 1 day
Isabel Griffith 37 F M Penn March Housework Consumption 10 months

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1860, in Vernon Township reported by John L Spann Ass't Marshal

John McAdams 60 M _____ Ireland June Farmer unknown 10 days
Henry? Walker 27 M _____ Ind May Farmer Consumption ? years
Cornelius Crist 70 M _____ Ohio April Farmer Constipation of Bowels 3 mons
Patsy Pendleton 25 F _____ Ind _____ _____ Consumption 9 mons
M Tripp 30 F M Ind May _____ Pulmonary one year
M McCaffry 46 M M Ireland May Farmer unknown sudden
Fillmore McCaffry 4 M _____ _____ _____ _____ Scarlet Fever 20 days
Elizabeth Adams 63 F M New York Sept _____ Lung Fever Chills 3 days
Margaret Stubel 44 F _____ Germany Oct _____ Lung Fever 3 weeks
William W Mosley 17 M _____ Virginia Feb Farmer Scarlet Fever 3 days
Martha Jane Mosley 5 F _____ Virginia Feb _____ Scarlet Fever 3 days
Lucinda Robins 7 F _____ Indiana Sep _____ Scarlet Fever 15 days
Francis A Bland 31 F _____ Indiana May _____ Inflamation of Stomach 7 days
Adaline Waller 37 F _____ Ky May _____ Child birth 2 days
Philip Malick 47 M _____ N Carolina April Farmer Consumption 6 months
Sarah Denslow 66 F W Ind May _____ Inflamation of Lung 7 days
James Earl 85 M _____ Penn June Farmer Influenza 3 days
Lucy Heath 60 F _____ Ky Aug _____ Lung Fever 2 weeks
Emily Barnes 23 F _____ Ind Aug L? Lung Fever 3 weeks
Mary Neal 32 F M Ohio Feb _____ Lung Fever 3 weeks

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