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Index to Jennings County Probate Book 4 - 1843 to 1847
On Microfilm at the Jennings County Public Library
If you find a record below I will be happy to check it for you and send a copy of the documents. SLK

A Type of Record Page Numbers
Amick, Nicholas Estate 15,16,29,30,31,32,33,34,102,113,114,151,215,390,455,456,457,462
Adams, Alexander Estate 107,109,120,121,261,270
Anderson, John Estate 140
Adams, Samuel Minor Heirs - Polly Alzada, Samuel Adams 178,183,184,191,222
Amick, Catherine Guardianship-Minor Heirs of Nicholas Amick 203,297
Amick, Peter Guardianship 204
Adams, Alexander Guardinaship-Charles ____ Adams, Dewit Clinton Adams 234,270,595
Ammons, Thomas Estate 417,426,438,439,440
Adams, Peter M. Estate 427,474,475,476,477,478,479
Arbuckle, Mathew Estate 465,468,483,487,488,489,490,492,494,541,542,543,544,550,551,580
Adams, James C. Estate 511
B Type of Record Page Numbers
Bindham, Henry Naturalization 54,55
Bain, Alex Naturalization 69,70,71
Baurele, Conrad Naturalization 303,304
Barnes, Rhoda Estate 2,86,103,139,146,147
Bennett, William Estate 6,7,8,9,223,289
Brandon, Ebenezer Estate 15,173,233,274,290,384,385,391,419,420
Butler Deed of R. E. 23
Bush, Frances Guardianship - Idiot 26,27
Booker, Benjamin Estate 43,44,188,444,445,462
Bare, John C. Estate 82,233,262,293,463,510,557,558
Bolton, Wm Estate 118
Bradford, David Estate 142,143,208,209,210,211,212,213,214,215,220,300,329,376,378,
Bergan, David Guardianship - Minor Heir of Mary Williamson Bergan 144
Brown, Benjamin Estate 172,178
Barley, Sawyer Estate 172,178
Byfield, Andrew G. vs Joshua Knowlton et al 237,282
Bolser, William Estate 367,420,446,447
Brandon, John Heirs - George Washington Brandon, Margaret Ellen Brandon, John Vawter Brandon 382,445
Bolton, John Estate 396,400,401,402,403,533,590
Brower, Daniel Jr. Estate 537,538
Burroughs, Jesse S. Guardianship of James 585
Burroughs, Jesse S. Josephine - Infant Heir 585,586
Britsey, Mary Estate 559
Burroughs, Jesse S. Estate 559,585,590,594
C Type of Record Page Numbers
Cave, Stephen Naturalization 19,20,21
Carson, Daniel Naturalization 27,28
Cauley, Francis Naturalization 89
Coffin, Daniel Harris Guardianship 14
Clarkson, Henry Guardianship of Amelia, Eliza, Zerelda, William 16
Clarkson, William Estate 16
Carson, Henry A. Guardianship - Minor Heir of John T. Carson 35,36
Carson, John T. Carson Estate 50,92
Campbell, David Estate 65,66,228A
Craig, Daniel Estate 141
Chancy, William Estate 156,231,472
Cadby, Stephen Partition of Real Estate 225,234
Chamberlin, John Estate 235
Curtis, Jerome Estate 371
Clarkson, Barbara Estate 274,422,462
Clark, Benjamin Estate 349,587,588
Carney, Pleasant Estate 442,471,505,506,507
Clingner, August Naturalization 575
D Type of Record Page Numbers
Deal, John Naturalization 63,64
Dunn, Nicholas Naturalization 73,74
Dunn, Nicholas Jr. Naturalization 77,78
Duffy, Patrick Naturalization 81
Dicken, George Naturalization 96
Devine, James Naturalization 375
Daily, Isaac R. Estate 22,44,68,104,105,106,130,137,164,165,166,167,194,195,
Daily, Mary Estate 107,109,119,120,142,422
Duffy, James Estate 246
Denny, Fielding Estate 284
Deputy, Sylvester Estate 353,354,355,to 359, 368,378,379,380,381,395,396,397,406,424,
Dunham, James Estate 427,448,498,499
Davis, Jordan A. Estate - of Virginia 512,535,536,577
E Type of Record Page Numbers
Eador, Stephen R. Guardianship 11
Elliott, William Estate 95,181
Eastman, Celo Estate 354,362,363,364
F Type of Record Page Numbers
Fable, John Naturalization 55,56
Flynn, John Naturalization 72
Fink, Thomas Estate 39,60,61,85,86,148,173,174,216,233,236,243,265,274,304,534,535
Farley, Terrance Estate 109,110,116,117,118,232A
Farquarharson, John Partition of Real Estate 225
Farthing, William Estate 237,237A,278,296,297
Fawcett, William Naturalization 582
G Type of Record Page Numbers
Gon (Gahn), Adam Naturalization 53,54
Gasper, Joseph Naturalization 97
Gasper, Charles Naturalization 98
Glosser, Adam Naturalization 231
Green, Alexander Guardinship - Infant Heirs - Washington Green, Mary Green 1,2,75,76,87,163,124
Gevedin, Joseph Estate 2,96,97,98,99,100,101,102,111,112,131,132,133,168,302,580,671,581
Griffith, Hezekiah Estate 4,5,176,283,285,349,350,351,352
Green,_____ Guardianship of James & Abner Green 139,168
Graves, Benjamin Estate 146
Green, Alexander Estate 157,167,192,530,545,546,547,548
Goins, Absolum Estate 173,202,420
Glasgow, Ephraim Estate 285,298,360,361,373,378,385,386,461,467,479,480,577,578
Green, Joseph Guardianship of infant daughters Mary Green, Melissa Green, Malinda Green 372,373
Griffith, Hezekiah Guardianship of Rachel Griffith, Hezekiah Griffith, Alexander Griffith, Catherine Griffith, Lydia Griffith 373
Goltry, John Estate 427,433,434,435,436,437,443,471,585
Glasgow, Ephraim Guardianship of William R. Glasgow 470,479
Gevedin, Joseph B. Estate 571
H Type of Record Page Numbers
Holton, Thomas Naturalization also wife & son 78
Holton, William Naturalization 79
Hart, Richard Naturalization 90
Henniger, Frederick Naturalization 114
Higman/Heiman,Human, George Naturalization 138
Hughs, John Naturalization 156
Hemburger, John Naturalization 449
Hoofant, Mathias Naturalization 451
Hamilton. Furgus Estate 14,15,107,109,136,156
Hooker, Odem Estate 26,26,139,211,235,268,269
Hill, Martha Estate 69,70
Hesler, Conrad Estate 72
Harris Guardinship 87
Hudson, Artemia Guardianship 143,150,415,502
Harlan, Lavinia Guardianship 175,176,177,384
Hill, Thomas, Jr. Guardianship 183
Helfick, John P. Estate 237,262,253,254,255,265,257,258,259,260,276,335,336,337 to 346,530,565
Hudson, John Estate 237,282,327,328,329,493
Howell, James 237,280,330,331,332,333,485,486,565
Howell, Joseph Estate 284,462,495,496,497
Hicklin, Thomas Estate 294,301,359,382,383,410,417,453,479,490,492
Hesler, Margaret Guardianship 294,295
Hutchins, Daniel Estate 346,
Hockey, Frederick Estate 354,355,398,399,400
Holsclaw, Jacob D. Estate 4455,487,496,497,498
House, Harris E. Guardianship 448
Helfrick, George P. Minor Heir of John P. 466
Howell, James Howell Guardianship of Jane, Sarah, Caroline 479
Holton, Francis Estate 511,512,513,514,515,516,517,518,519,520,521,522,523,524
J Type of Record Page Numbers
Jennings, Michael Naturalization 93
Jones, Evan Estate 19,71,91
Johnson, Colbert R. Estate 172,175
Jelf, Jane Guardianship - Infant Heirs 416
Johnson, Daniel Estate 427.429,430,452,473
Jayne, Stephen Estate 464,465,480,481,500,501,529,530,534,565
Johnson, Joel Guardianship of Mary Ann Johnson Merrill, Martha Ann Johnson Hand 578
K Type of Record Page Numbers
Kilgannon, William Naturalization 64,65
Klingner, John J Naturalization 64,65
Klein, Lawrence Naturalization 81
Knaub, Francis Naturalization 96
King, George Estate 144,205,206,299,300
Kashow, Daniel Estate 149,184,185
Kyle,(Kile), Henry Estate 319,383
Kelly, Denis Estate 511,544,583
King Infant Heirs of John Minton-Jane, Ann, John, Hickman King 540
Klingner (Clingner) August Naturalization 575
L Type of Record Page Numbers
Laush, Phillip Naturalization 62,63
Lowery, Robert Naturalization 82
Laherty, Thomas Naturalization 231
Lovit, Christopher Naturalization 245
Loughery, Joseph Estate 4,24,50,68,88,182,217,218,219,220,293,431,432
Lewis, Alexander Estate 73,84
Lewis, David V. Estate ___
Lewelling, Frances Estate 143,153,433
Lett, Daniel Estate 148,181
Linebocker, John Estate 237,281,319,320,321,322,587
Lockhart, George Estate 237,280,334,335,336,464
Laughery, Joseph Guardianship - George Washington, Sherman, Joseph Loughery 286
Lattimore vs Thomas James - Vanwy et al 292
M Type of Record Page Numbers
McFadden, Andrew Naturalization 71
McCalpin, Michael Naturalization 77
Murphy, Edward Naturalization 266
McGinty, Thomas Naturalization 553,554
Meek, David Estate 68
McClure, Penwell Estate 93,94,95,497
Malcomb, Levin Guardianship - Heirs Zerelda, John Levin 103,139
McMindes, Isaac Estate 108,109,125,126,127,128,129,130,226,227,228,229,230,265,
Malick, David Estate 143,231A
Mitchell, Walter C. Estate 152
McClelland, James Estate 237,232A,233A,278,316,317,318,464,540
McCurry, Jacob Estate 237,279,306,307,308,309,310,311,312,313,314,315,473
Mason, Alanson Estate-affidavit of Estate & children of Alanson Mason by Roxann Mason Gillman-Heirs Hannah Brown & Joanna Gambill 364,365,366
Minton, Jacob Estate 511,548,551,551,553,554,555,564
McManaman, Owen Naturalization 539,540
Moore, William Naturalization 589
N Type of Record Page Numbers
Noon, Patrick Naturalization 36,37
Noon, John Naturalization 89
Night, John Estate 135
Neal, John Estate 142,143,154,155
Needham, Nathan Estate 172,196,197
Needham, Nathan Guardianship-Infant heirs-John Wesley, Ann Lew, William Preston, Sarah Jane 192,193
Newsom, Willis Estate 331
Newsom, Lewis Estate 559
O Type of Record Page Numbers
Oaks, Volentine Naturalization 463
P Type of Record Page Numbers
Patterson, David Naturalization 81,82
Pitman, Henry Naturalization 88,89
Patterson, William, Jr. Naturalization 302
Patterson, William, Sr. Naturalization 303
Pennock, Asa Guardianship 9,296
Peoples, John Francis Guardianship 15,46,47
Pennock, Alexander Estate 48,482
Pasley, John Guardianship - Rebecca Ann 143, 145,158,182,290,375,386
Payton, Francis Marion Guardianship -Minor Heirs of Joseph Loughery 165,251
Price Guardianship of - James Duvall, William Dudley, Armesetta, Zachariah Price 370
Pennock, Thomas Guardianship 575,580
Q Type of Record Page Numbers
Quinn, Brine Naturalization 578,579
R Type of Record Page Numbers
Reynolds, Patrick Naturalization 52,53
Rinehart, John Naturalization 69
Rapp, John Naturalization 323
Robinson, Humphrey Estate 9,10,11,12,13,40,42,45,46,49,50,199,200,201,262,369,391,392,393,411,525
Rogers, John Estate 18
Robinson, Simeon Estate 42,56,57,58,59,60,80,92,164,371,419
Randall, John Estate 45,525,526,563,564
Russell, Wm. Guardianship - Heirs 140,145
Robinson, Preston Estate 233
Robinson, Humphrey Guardianship - Infant Heirs 287,372
Rockwell, Asa Estate 511,526,527,528,529,572,573,574
Rouse, David (a man of color) Estate 559,560,561
Randall, Edward Insanity 565,584,588
Russ, John Naturalization 576
Riley, Phillip Naturalization 579
S Type of Record Page Numbers
Snell, John Naturalization 77
Spait, John Naturalization 223
Spait, Pleasant Naturalization 201
Shamback, Jacob Naturalization 322
Sutton, John Estate 2,24,118,124,159,180,226,232,244,325,361,405,509,531,533
Stagg, Thomas Estate 25,181,187,230A,348,481,535,536
Steinback, John Estate 68,69,79,80
Smith, Daniel Estate 135,144,160,161,162,163,179
Stagg, Thomas Guardianship of Hiram Perkins Stagg, Thomas Stagg, Susanna Clark 175,176,383
Soper, Henry L. Estate 184,188,190,207
Stedman, James Estate 396
Seal of Probate Court Change 283
Stagg, John Estate 396
Sutton, John Guardianship of Silas B. Jeresha, Hela, Elias, Dominica Sutton 534
T Type of Record Page Numbers
Thomas, Evan Estate 67
Toby Guardianship 184
Thomas, Mary Estate 215
Thrielkeld, John J. Estate 394
Thoym, James Naturalization 581,582
U Type of Record Page Numbers
Underwood, James Estate 237,246,247,248,249,250,251,275,318,359,412
Underwood, James Guardianship-Infant Heirs-Silas, Margaret, James Jackson, Nancy Jane 471
V Type of Record Page Numbers
Vilgris, Leonhard Naturalization 71
Vilgis, John Naturalization 348
VanCleave, Samuel Estate 3,4,74,75,102,103,112,115,134,135,142,147,148,203,204,205,412
Vickery, Dinah Estate 196,197
W Type of Record Page Numbers
Wolf, Sebastain Naturalization 323
Winters, Nicholas Naturalization 324
Winkler, George Estate 3
Wiley, Oren Walker Guardianship - George Madison Wiley 14,24,369
Walker, Guardianship of Infant Heirs of Wm Walker-Daniel T., Adaline, Erumene, Eleanor, Nancy 16,17,18,51,52,78,263,462,579,586
Williams, Preston Estate 17,105,557
Winkler, Godfrey Estate 40,41
Wilson, Martin Estate 45,47,48,198
Wiley, George Estate 80,369,374
Wolf, Benjamin Estate 83,91,137,226,230,465
Wagner, Melissa Ann & Rachel Guardianship 124
Woodson, William Estate 237,238,239,240,241,242,272,273,277,387,415,416,428,431,
Wagner, John H. Guardianship Minor Heirs of George W. Wagner 124
Wilson, James Estate 421,423,424,428,431,449,450,499,500
Wilder, Hannah Estate 487,511
Walker, John Estate 559,588,589,595
Whitsell, Phillip Naturalization 576
Wilder, Silas B. Estate 595

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