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North Vernon Sun - August 20, 1925

"I want to go home,
To the dull old town,
With the shaded streets,
And the open square,
And the flats,
And the house I love,
And the paths I know,
I want to go home,
If, I can't go back,
To the happy days,
Yet I can live
Where the shadows lie,
Under the trees,
And over the grass
I want to be there,
Where the joy was once,
Oh, I want to go home,
I want to go home."

    The home coming came and saw and conquered. It was a great occasion, a genuine clearing house of visits. They were here from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Lakes to the Gulf, and from the mountains, from the East and from the West, from the plains and from the foot hills. They were here because they were here because they wished to be, and enjoyed a rare occacion of high grade entertainment, culture and refinement and enjoyment.
    Early in the week visitors began to arrive and did so until Sunday afternoon, when the largest crowd was probably in attendance except at the Pageant on Saturday evening.
    On Saturday evening at 7:39 P.M. at the Jennings county court room in the court house the open program was given. Mr. C.C. Jordan, presided, Mayor George C. Ale gave the welcome address and the Hon. Albert Edward Wiggam, noted writer and lecturer of New York and Vernon responded in excellent thought and delivery. Both the address of Mr. Ale and Mr. Wiggam did credit to the occasion. Others who gave excellent addresses were the Rev. Arthur D. Batchelor, district anti-saloon director for New York City, Hon. Lincoln Dixon former member of Congress, of North Vernon, Hon. Thomas A. Daily of Indianapolis, Rev. Henry Hers of Omaha, Nebr.
    Mr. Roy Hinchman in his pleasing manner read letters from several persons who could not be present.
    Letters were also received expressing best wishes for a successful meting from President Coolidge, Vice President Dawes, Senators Watson and Ralston, Postmaster General Harry S. New, Gov. Ed. Jackson.
    On Saturday all day greetings of old friends occupied the time and what a delight to see the meetings of those old acquaintances and if we could quote all these greetings with their heartfelt expression of love and friendship and conversations of by-gone days. What greater pleasure than such greetings that took place during these three days of happiness and enjoyment.
    One of the most enjoyable affairs for the Stay-at-home as well as for the visitors and the town and county population was the Pageant on Saturday evening given on the Court house lawn. It was grand, spectacular and excellently given under the direction and supervision of Mrs. Faye Hargesheimer and it was witnessed by a very large audience.
    Subject-America Land of Opportunities.
    Scene 1 (At the Court of Spain)
    Spanish maidens, perform Spanish dance. Spanish Cavaliers, Columbus, King, Queen, Statesman.
    Scene 2 (The discovery)
    Columbus and mate.
    Scene 3 (Landing of the Pilgrims)
    Enter group of Indiana, perform Indian dance. Enter group of Pilgrims.
    Scene 4 (The Making of the Flag)
    Betsy Ross, making flag. Enter Colonial Dames, dance, coloniel dance; enter Washington and two companions.
    Scene 5 (The freeing of the slave)
    Enter group of soldiers of "61 song of Tramp, Tramp the Boys are Marching, Enter group of darkies; dance a cake walk.
    Scene 6 (America Champions Democracy)     Enter group of the late war soldiers. Song, Keep the Home Fires Burning.
    Scene 7 (America's People)
    Enter group of emigrants. Uncle Sam, welcomes them to America. Music "Stars and Stripes Forever."
    Scene 8 Enter group of school children give flag salute. All sing "America". Re-enter groups of all scenes. All sing "America the Beautiful." Grand march of all the groups.
    The program for Sunday was equally as great as the days before. At the Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian, excellent services were held at the Sunday school services of the churches.
    Rev. L. V. Rule of the Presbyterian church presided in conjunction with Mr. C. C. Jordan, superintendent of the Presbyterian Sunday School.
    The program, interspersed with music by the union choir of the three churches was:     Invocation, Rev. Harry Hess (M.E. Minister.
    Scripture Reading, Rev. A. D. Batchelor.
    Sermon, Rev. Charles O. Shirey, Presbyterian minister of Ft. Wayne, formerly of the Vernon Presbyterian church.
    Benediction, Rev. Chesley Holmes of the Baptist church.
    This service was one in commemoration of the one hundred anniversary of the Vernon Presbyterian church. It was a most excellent program well rendered to a large audience and was well received.
    In the afternoon the boys and also girl Scouts gave fine programs in drills and the big basket dinner, all added to make Sunday a grand and glorious day.
    The Vernon 1925 Home Coming, Jennings County Re-union and One Hundred Anniversary of the Vernon Presbyterian Church, sponsored by the Brotherhood of the Vernon Presbyterian church is now past but refined and cultured history.

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