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Mr. & Mrs. James McCauley Sr.
50th Wedding Anniversary
June 21, 1906, North Vernon Plain Dealer

To Mr. & Mrs. James McCauley by James Weber

Through fifty years of married life
You've strolled together side by side
Till now you've reached that happy day
For which your hearts have longed with pride

Your children dear have gathered round
To do you honor on this day
While other kin and friends from far
Have come to cheer and homage pay

By day and night you've labored and toiled
Have reared your children you to bless
And saw your efforts and your work
Crowned with success and happiness

Your trust in God has ever been
Immovable as Gibraltar's stone
While in your hearts this motto burned
For God, for country and for home

And now when you're called to that happy home
Where all is peace and rest and love
Life's worries and cares will then be o'er
And you'll meet your reward in heaven above

Wednesday June 20th, 1906, will be a day long to be remembered and cherished by Mr. & Mrs. Jas. McCauley, Sr., and family as one of the happiest in their lives. Fifty years ago they were united in marriage at Madison, Ind.,and celebrated the event with their friends. While yesterday presented quite a change, they were surrounded by their children, relatives and a host of friends who had gathered far and near, to pay them their respects on this their fifthieth wedding anniversary, bringing with them many useful and valuable presents, the brightest of all being $150 in golden coin. The guests were treated royally at their home during the day, while in the evening several hundred friends gathered at the Whitcomb opera house where they were entertained with dancing. During the evening recitations and songs were rendered by their grandchildren and friends touching on the occasion being celebrated, the most interesting feature being an old "Irish Jig" as fifty years ago, by Mr. & Mrs. McCauley, Sr., and Senator Brolley and Mary McCauley, the old couple forgetting their age, being carried back fifty years ago to their first wedding, bringing new life into feeble bodies; they fairly put it over their partners in almost all steps, and all who are familiar with the Senator and Mrs. Mary McCauley know that the old couple were stepping some when "shining" over the Senator. Refreshments were served at 12 o'clock after which all thanked Mr. & Mrs. McCauley and their son Dan, who managed the affair, for their kind treatment and wished them many more years of health and prosperity.

Mr. & Mrs. McCauley spent the first few years of their wedded life in Madison; from there they moved to Pittsburg, Pa., remaining there only a short time; from there they came to this city, where they have resided ever since.

Mrs. McCauley was born in Ireland, in the county of Mayo, on April 3, 1839, and landed in this country some sixty years ago, her parents settling on a farm on Indian Creek, and with the exception of one year has been a resident of "Old Jennings" ever since.

Mr. Jas. McCauley came to America about 62 years ago, landing in Philidelphia. He was born December 28, 1835, in the county of Anthrim, Ireland. He spent the first four years in the states in Pittsburg, Pa., from there going to Madison where he met Mrs. McCauley He spent several years in the pork house business in Madison and Clarksburg, Pa., from there coming to this city.

To Mr. & Mrs McCauley were born eight children, James, Mary, John, Michael, Elizabeth, Tom, Dan (See below) and Ellen. Four of their children were present, the other four having died many years ago.

OCTOBER 9, 1956
    Nearly 500 guests attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McCauley of East O & M Avenue on Sunday, September 23 which began with attendance at the six o'clock Mass at St. Mary's church in North Vernon. The mass was offered for them, and they with their children, grandchildren and other immediate relatives received communion in a body. (Due to this being such a recent event, I did not include the names of all the people who attended the party held for them after the mass but I have the newspaper article should anyone like a copy.) I just found it of interest that in June of 1906 Daniel McCauleys parents celebrated and in October 50 years later their son Daniel and his wife Mary (Firsich) did the same. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MCCAULEY FAMILY.

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