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Mr. & Mrs. Henry Geisel
Golden Wedding Anniversary - Vernon Journal - September 4, 1903

    Last Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geisel celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in a never to be forgotten manner.
    In their cozy home, surrounded by daughters, sons and relatives and friends they were wished peace and happiness for many years in several little impromptu talks.
    Mr. and Mrs. Geisel were married September 1, 1853 by Rev. Cobel in Indianapolis and lived there until February 25, 1891 when they purchased a farm and moved to Jennings county. Both were born in Germany and came to this country at a very early age. Mrs. Geisel's maiden name was Ennis. They have four children all of whom are married. The two sons William and Frank, live at Indianapolis; one daughter Mrs. King, lives in Texas and the other daughter Mrs. John Simpson lives in Vernon township.
    The entertainment was royal indeed. That charachteristic in German people-that knack of entertaining people-was brought into use and the guests were feasted to their hearts content. The dinner was truly a "feast for the Gods." The German songs and dances and music by the Vernon Mandolin orchestra made the old feel young again and the young feel still younger. Everyone was glad that this old German couple could take part in the evening festivities. Mr. Geisel has fought 72 years of life's battle and Mrs. Geisel 69 and both bid fair to fight many more.
    The following were the guest: Mr. and Mrs. Beiler, Mr. and Mrs. Stuckmeyer, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Enners, Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser, Mr. and Mrs. Kline, Mr. and Mrs. Dockweiler and daughter Edith, Mrs. Tillie Stillwell, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Geisel and Frank Geisel all of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. King and daughter of Huntsville, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Wagner, Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson, Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Henry May and daughter Eva, Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Randall, Vernon; Editor McGuire of the Republican and guest, Miss Hensley of Indianapolis; Ed Wagner of the Plain Dealer and J.N. Culp.
Among the presents received were:
Set dishes and table linen by Stuckmeyer, Enners, Kaiser, Dockweiler, Mrs. Stillwell and F. Behrent.
Mr. and Mrs. Beiler, gold metal spoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Kline, berry spoon.
Mrs. E.L. Wagner and Mrs. McGuire, gold vase.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall, silk cushion.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry May, fruit dish and pitcher.
Misses Eva and Nettie May wine set.
Mrs. A. E. King ornamented clock.
Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson, bon bon dish.
Dr. Mitchell and wife, sugar spoon.
Mrs. DeVersy and Mrs. Eitel, salad dish.

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