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Dixon Family History

Contributed by Marti Blazick


The documented history of the Dixon family goes back to the Little Wolf Creek settlement in Greenbriar County, VA. Henry was probably born in 1775 since he first appears in the tax rolls in 1791 which would happen when he turned 16. There is conflicting information available that estimates his date of birth closer to 1779. However, this would be too young to show up in the tax rolls and to have fought with Caperton's Rangers.

Henry is documented as being on the Roster of Captain Caperton's Rangers from Greenbrier County which was reviewed by Col John Steele on May 27, 1793 at Ft. Lee on the Great Kanawa River, now Charleston, West Virginia. (Per Soldiery of West Virginia by ? Lewis)

The first provable fact we have of Henry and Alcey Dixon is that they were married by Rev. John Alderson on 06 Feb 1794 in the Alderson church. At the time of their marriage, they were living along Little Wolf Creek, Greenbriar County in what is now Monroe County, WV. Henry owned 115 acres of land on the west side of Little Wolf Creek adjoining property of Patrick Dixon who is suspected of being Henry's father.

Henry and Alcey's first born, John B. Dixon was born along the Little Wolf Creek on 23 Feb 1795, per the family Bible. Soon after his birth, the family moved to Montgomery County, KY where their second child, Patrick W. Dixon was born on 05 Sep 1796. Although they continued to live in Montgomery county KY as documented by the birth of five more children, they did not sell the land in Greenbriar County until 1810. The land was left in the hands of other Dixon family members. According to records of Greenbrier County (now Monroe County) this land was sold to Joseph Ellis of Monroe County, on August 3, 1810. The selling price was quoted as "five shillings of current money of Virginia". Since they were living in Kentucky, the sale was witnessed by Ebenezer Dixon, Margaret Dixon and William Wilson

Henry, Abraham and Peter Dixon are on the Montgomery County, Kentucky tax list for 1799. In 1800, Ebenezer's name is added to that Tax list. Henry continued on the Tax records in the State Library at Frankford until 1812.

The children born in Montgomery KY were;

Patrick W. Dixon, born 05 Sep 1796
James B Dixon 06 Sep 1798
Jane B Dixon 29 Sep 1801
Samuel W Dixon 21 Nov 1803
Ellison Dixon born 14 Nov 1809
Henry W. Dixon born 29 Oct 1811.

As reported by Alice McClain in her book, "Descendants of Henry Dixon from Greenbrier County, Virginia 1776-1976, by 1813-1814, Henry and Alcey must have heard of more promising land to the north, for they moved into Indiana Territory at that time. Indiana did not become a state until 1816. Again through family stories, we find they entered Indiana in the area of Jefferson County. As they proceeded northward searching for a spot in which to settle, they forded a stream called the Muscatatuck River at a point not very far from the little community of Deputy. The story tells how Henry and Alcey provided shelter for their family under the limbs of a fallen tree just below a hill that rose rather abruptly from the stream. It must have been almost a natural shelter that could be turned into a rustic living area. The family remained there until a cabin was built on higher ground, which later became their farm.

Jefferson County records show in Land Office Book A., Henry's name under the Register of Certificates for 1808-1816. In Book H., Called Applications for Desire to Enter Land, on Page 171 is found, " I wish to enter the Northeast and Northwest quarters of Sec 7-Tw. 4 N. Range 8 East, November 17, 1814" with Henry Dixon's signature. His place of residence was given as Indiana Territory. Another record shows that Certificate 1617 and Certificate 1760 were registered for these two quarters of land, with the final Certificate for each on October 18, 1818. This was no doubt after a final payment. Records in the Jefferson County Court House show that a portion of the farm was owned by the oldest son, John, and later sold to his brother, Henry W. Dixon. The farm was located on the old road between Paris Crossing and Deputy in the house where Charles Hedge lived, next to the concrete bridge where "Dixon Ford" was located.

Four more children were added to the family while living in Jefferson/Jennings County. They are:

Williamson Wilson Dixon born 05 March 1815|
Elizabeth D. Dixon born 21 Nov 1816
Jesse M. Dixon born 13 December 1818
Alexander Dixon born 03 November 1820

The first death recorded in the family bible was that of James B. Dixon who died at the age of 20 years 12 March 1818. Their daughter Elizabeth died at the age of fifteen on 07 January 1831. Both children are buried in Wiggam Cemetery near deputy, IN, not far from their farm. Henry was buried there in 1839. It is assumed that Alcey is buried in the unmarked gravesite next to Henry. See the transcription of the family bible for more dates of births, deaths and marriages. Dixon Family Bible
Note that George Dixon, born February 17, 1754, suspected brother to Henry Dixon, had a son named Henry who also lived along the Little Wolf Creek in Greenbriar. This branch of the family eventually settled in Warren County, Indiana. The two Henry's are often confused in the research records. This Henry was born in 1798 so was much younger than our Henry.
Alcey Wilson Dixon was born around 1776 in North Carolina. No record has been found of her family but it is suspected that she is related to the Wilson family that settled in Old Paris, IN.

Family legend says that after she settled in Jennings County, Alcey took her son with her and went back to Virginia or North Carolina to visit her family. Alcey and her baby were riding along when a big Indian came along side and took the baby on his horse. The Indian rode many miles with her. When he finally gave the child back to her he reportedly said, "Heap brave squaw, heap brave squaw." If not true, it makes a great story.
Alcey died in May 1865 at the age of 89 years, as reported in the family Bible. No burial or birth information has been found for Alcey.


John B. Dixon was born23 Feb 1795 in Little Wolf Creek, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, the son of Henry and Alcey Dixon. He moved with his parents to Mt. Sterling area of Montgomery County, Kentucky in 1799. The family moved to the Muscatuck River area of the Indiana Territory around 1813-1814. After gaining adulthood, he married Jane Thompson on February 7, 1822 in Jefferson County. This marriage is also documented in the family Bible. The name has also been transcribed as Ione.
Confusing the issue, there is a marriage record in Scott County where John Dixon married Lizzie Thompson on 30 May 1822. Chances are, Lizzie and Jane are the same person, but I have not been able to verify this. This marriage is confirmed through will documents for Lizzie's first husband, John T. Tobias and through the history of his adopted daughter Jane Tobias Dixon. I suspect that the marriage was registered in Scott County, not Jennings or Jefferson County. There appears to be no children from this marriage. It looks like Jane/Lizzie died between 1822-1825.
In 1825, John B. Dixon again married to Margaret (Peggy) Wilson, who I suspect was the daughter of Alexander Wilson and Mary Dixon. Further research is necessary on this marriage. Two dates for this marriage are in existence. The first date is 30 Sep 1825 as recorded in the Jennings County Marriage Record, 1 Jan 1818 to May 1830, Jefferson County Marriage Book I, page 31, and in the family bible. The second is published by Alice McClain, a family researcher, who shows the wedding date of Apr 21 1825. I do not know the source of this date. Peggy was born in 1803 in Kentucky. They lived three miles from Paris on Bear Creek in Montgomery Township John and Peggy had eight children, all born in Jennings County. They were:

Calvin Westminster R. Dixon, born between 1826 and 1827
Elizabeth J. Dixon born 20 Jul 1830
John Martin Dixon born 07 Feb 1832
Margaret Ellison Dixon born 22 Apr1833
Mary Ann Dixon born 1837, died in 1841
Julia Ann Dixon born 1839
Henry Clay Dixon born 1841
Walter Scott Dixon born Dec. 1847

John and Margaret owned land described as SE quarter of Sec 6 Twp. 4 Range 8. They purchased this parcel of land from John Wilkerson on August 3, 1829 and it is recorded in Jefferson County, IN. They entered three other land transactions between the years 1831 and 1836. Either shortly before or at the time of his father's death, he owned the NW quarter of the original family farm. It was later sold to his brother Henry W. Records show that John and Margaret finally sold off all their land except 80 acres on which they lived along Bear Creek.
After John's death, it appears that Peggy moved to Garnett Kansas to live with her son Calvin. Peggy died sometime in March 1872 and her body was transported back to Jennings county for burial.
John Dixon died in 1850 at age 55 years. In his will, he named his brothers Patrick and Henry W. the guardians of his younger children. This will was recorded in Jefferson County but was probated in Jennings County at Vernon, in book I, page 34.


Patrick was born 05 Sep 1796 in the Mt. Sterling area of Montgomery County, KY the second child of Henry and Alcey Dixon. Around 1813-1814, he moved with the family to the Muscatuck River area of the Indiana, which is now in Jennings County, Indiana. In the write up in "Paris, Indiana, Montgomery Township, Jennings County, IN" found in the Jennings county library, Patrick is listed as a cooper, making barrels, buckets and other wooden household items. It also says that Patrick came to Indiana Territory in 1822, but we know he was there as early as 1818.
Patrick married Lavinia Stafford (born 1780) on 19 Nov 1818 in Jefferson County, Indiana. They had eight children, seven of them born in Jennings County, IN. The children are:

Henry S. Dixon born 11 Oct 1819
Wesley Dixon born circa 1820
Milton R. Dixon 12 Jul 1824
Samuel M. Dixon 01 Oct 1826
John Dixon circa 1828
Elizabeth Dixon born 15 Feb 1833
Louisiann Dixon born 1835

And Virginia Dixon born in Platt County Missouri on 12 Mar 1842

Lavinia Dixon apparently died in childbirth on 13 Mar 1842, the day after Virginia was born. There are a few people that show a date of March 4th but that was 8 days before Virginia was born. Her death occurred in Platt County, Missouri per the family Bible.
Patrick must have moved back to the Jennings County Indiana area after her death since he married Martha Williams somewhere between 1842 and 1844 in Jennings County, Indiana. The 1850 census confirms Martha as his wife where the family is living in Montgomery Township. (Martha was born circa 1805 in Ohio.) Martha died sometime before 30 Jan 1866 which is the date that Patrick Dixon married Anna S. Robinson Bridge. This marriage is recorded in the Indiana Marriages, 1845-1920, published by, book 6, page 502. He is then married to Nancy Spencer Fitzgerald on 25 March 1867 in Jennings County, Indiana. (Same source - Book 7, page 8.) Both the marriages to Martha and Nancy are substantiated by the Census reports. The marriage to Anna was of such short duration that it does not show up in the census.
Patrick died 07 Jun 1871. There is no death record for Nancy Fitzgerald.


James B. Dixon is the third child of Henry S. and Alcey (Wilson) Dixon and was born 06 Sep 1798 in Montgomery County, Kentucky. He died 12 Mar 1818 in Jefferson County, Indiana at the age of 20.


Jane R (or B) Dixon was born 29 Sep 1801 IN Montgomery County, Kentucky to Henry S. and Alcey Dixon. She moved to the Muscatuck River area of the Indiana Territory around 1813-1814 with her parents and siblings. Little is known of Jane before her marriage to Daniel Milton Hill on 22 Apr 1824 in Coffee Creek, Montgomery Township, Jennings County, Indiana per an old transcription of the family bible that came out of the Dixon Homestead and is in the possession of Billie (Marie) McGannon. They were married in Jefferson County by Elder John Vauter. Daniel's father was Thomas Hill, the long time minister and organizer of Coffee Creek Baptist Church.
The Hill's had six children:

James A. Hill born 10 Jul 1826
Allie Jane Hill born 01 Nov 1827
William Boone Hill born 06 Mar 1829
Ellison C. Hill born 27 Oct 1830
Daniel M. Hill born 31 Dec 1833
Martha Ann Hill born 22 Sep 1841

The birth of James A. Hill is documented in the old Dixon Bible
There is a Culver W. Hill who died 27 Jan 1842 aged 2 years, 1 month, son of D. M. and J. Hill. I have no other record of Culver.

The Hill family history located in the Jennings County Library has the following summary of Daniel:

"Daniel Milton Hill, fifth and youngest son of Thomas Hill and Mary Stone Hill was born in Pulaski County, Kentucky; December 31, 1805. Following the migration of the family to Indiana he settled in Jennings County, where he was married April 22, 1824 to Jane Dixon. Daniel Milton Hill, like the other members of his family was of commanding appearance. He was fully six feet in height, weighed approximately two hundred and seventeen pounds, was of light complexion, with blue eyes and throughout his entire life enjoyed sound health. He, of course, enjoyed only the educational advantages of the common schools, for no other was available in his day, yet because of his natural ability and later reading and study, became one of the really well educated men of his time. During his early life he was engaged in farming and later in the mercantile business, owning and operating a store at Paris, Indiana. In politics Daniel Milton Hill was a life long Democrat. Besides filling minor positions including that of Postmaster of his home town for twelve years, Daniel Milton Hill was for seven years Associate Judge of the Circuit Court. As an evidence of his independence of thought and action he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, whereas, two of his brothers, as well as his father were Baptist Ministers. After having enjoyed more than the usual amount of honors, Daniel Hill died at the age of 77 years near Sharpsville, Tipton County, Indiana, and is buried at Paris, Jennings County, Indiana. The immediate cause of his death was paralysis."

Daniel is reported to have owned a store in Paris, Indiana

Jane Dixon Hill died 12 Sep 1874 in Jennings County Indiana. After her death, Daniel went to live with his son James A. Hill. Daniel Milton Hill died 13 Aug 1883 near Sharpsville, Tipton County, Indiana.

Daniel's obituary (the newspaper is undocumented) was as follows:


Daniel M. Hill, familiarly known as "Uncle Milton," a citizen extensively known, and an old settler of Jennings County, died suddenly by paralysis, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. D. A. Fish in Tipton county, Ind., on the morning of August 13th, 1883.

He was born in Pulaski county, Kentucky, December 31st, 1805, came with his father's family to Indiana in 1817 and had been a citizen of Jennings county 66 years, and of Paris since 1836.

He was eight years a Justice of the Peace; seven years Associate Judge of the Circuit Court; twelve years Postmaster, and sixteen years Notary Public. But more important than all else, was his earnest Christian life and experience which began in 1845, when he became a lively member and a strong pillar in the Methodist Episcopal church.

His funeral was attended at Paris, August 18th by a large number of old friends and neighbors, children, grandchildren, and sympathizing friends. His funeral sermon was delivered by Rev. A. Scott and I. Cor. XV: 56, 57. The young people sang several of the songs which he was accustomed to sing; among which "Home of the Soul", "Nearer my God to Thee, "Bringing in the Sheaves," were beautifully rendered. Wesley's prayer was literally answered in his case: "He ceased at once to work and live." This was a joyful thought to many who attended his funeral and remembered his beautiful social character-

"yet these new rising from the tomb,
With luster brighter far shall shine,
Revived with ever during bloom,
Safe from diseases and decline."



Samuel W. Dixon was born 21 Nov 1803 in the Mount Sterling area of Montgomery County, Kentucky, the child of Henry S. and Alcey (Wilson) Dixon. (Note Mildred Harrod shows a birth date of 27 Nov 1803) He moved to the Muscatuck River area of the Indiana Territory around 1813-1814 with his parents and siblings.

He married Margaret Shillidaey, the daughter of George and Isabella Jane Shillidaey (born 1794) on 19 Mar 1824 in Jefferson County, Indiana. They had only one son, Handy D. Dixon, born 02 Aug 1826 in Paris, Jennings County Indiana. Margaret died 02 Nov 1864 in Paris, Jennings County Indiana and is buried there.

At first glance, there seems to be a real discrepancy on the birth and death date of Margaret, wife of Samuel W. Dixon. But Samuel W. Dixon had two wives with the name Margaret. After Margaret Shillidaey passed on, he was the second husband of Margaret Fear. Her first husband was Jacob Foster, the brother of Belinda Foster who married Samuel M. Dixon, the son of Patrick Dixon. Margaret was born 14 Nov 1821 in Kentucky and died 07 Jan 1909 near Uniontown, Jackson County, Indiana.

This is confirmed by the documents obtained from Billie (Marie) McGannon which she was given from the old Dixon Homestead. The documents are old and fragile and look to be dated from the late 1800's or early 1900's. They appear to be a transcription of the old family Bible. Samuel and Margaret Fear apparently had no children.

Samuel may have served in the Civil War. The "The Roster of Union Soldiers 1861-1865 for Indiana, found in Scott County Public Library in Davenport, Iowa shows:

Dixon, Samuel W. 75th Inf. Co. F, Indiana. I have not yet confirmed this with the National Archives.

Samuel W. Dixon died 22 Mar 1874 in Parish County, Indiana.



Ellison Dixon was born 14 Nov 1809 in the Mount Sterling area of Montgomery County, Kentucky, the child of Henry S. and Alcey (Wilson) Dixon. He moved to the Muscatuck River area of the Indiana Territory around 1813-1814 with his parents and siblings. He married Margaret E. Dinwiddie (born 24 Oct 1810), the daughter of Archibald and Margaret Dinwiddie on 13 Feb 1834 in Jennings County, Indiana (per the Jennings County Marriage Record Books 3-4, page 183). The Biography by Charles K. Laird mentions that Charles Laird and Jane J. Dinwiddie were married in Ellison Dixon's house in Paris by the Rev Thomas Hill Junior. This helps confirm that we have the right family for Margaret Dinwiddie. Note that the Dinwiddie Family web site had Ellison married to Margaret on 24 Mar 1824. The records located in the Vernon court house confirm the 1834 wedding date.

Ellison and Margaret had ten known children, all born in Montgomery Township, Jennings County, Indiana. The first child is born circa 1843 which is 9 years after their marriage. There is no explanation for this unusual gap in the birth records. The children were:

Louisa Dixon born circa 1843
Charles K. Dixon born circa 1845
Thomas M. Dixon born Jun 1847
Edgar Dixon born 1849
Arthena Dixon born before 1850
Elizabeth (Eliza Dixon born 24 Aug 1851
Thaddeus S. Dixon born 1853

Ellison owned the general store in Paris, Jennings County Indiana.

Margaret Dixon died 08 Sept 1878 and was followed by Ellison on 25 Oct 1881.




Henry W. Dixon was born 29 Oct 1811 in the Mount Sterling area of Montgomery County, Kentucky, the child of Henry S. and Alcey (Wilson) Dixon. He moved to the Muscatuck River area of the Indiana Territory around 1813-1814 with his parents and siblings.

Henry was married four times. He married Mary Ann Rickelson sometime before 1833. She apparently died soon after the marriage. Henry then married Rachel D. Jones (born 25 Dec 1811 to John D. and Elizabeth Jones) on 21 Nov 1833 in Jennings County, Indiana. They had one child, William Harrison Dixon born 1836. Rachel died 24 Nov 1837, while William was just a baby.

Henry then went on to marry Elizabeth Osburn (born 22 Dec 1813, the daughter of John and Nancy Osburn). She also died soon after the marriage on 18 Mar 1844. Henry was Elizabeth’s third husband. She had married Leven Malcomb on 20 Oct 1833, Simeon Moore Robinson on 05 Oct 1836 and then Henry in 1843. Elizabeth brought three children to this marriage. She had:

Zarelda Malcomb born 25 Nov 1829
John Leven Malcomb born31Oct 1834
James L. Robinson born between 1840 and 1843
Her children are well documented through court records settling the estates of her husbands. Elizabeth died 18 Mar 1844.

Henry and Elizabeth did not have any children.

Henry must have been a good and ambitious farmer for there are several transactions of land bought and sold between 1829 and 1844. By 1844 he owned all of the original home farm of his parents as well as other land he acquired from his brother John. He lived on the family farm with his family until his death. The property was passed on to his son, John, who lived there with his wife Della until the end of the century

Henry died 06 Feb 1869 in Jennings County, Indiana.



Williamson was the first child of Henry and Alcey (Wilson) Dixon that was born in Jefferson County, Indiana. He was born 05 mar 1815. He married Nancy Osborn, the daughter of John and Nancy Osborn and the sister to the third wife of Henry, Williamson's older brother, on 14 Jan 1836 in Jennings County.

They had eleven children, all born in Jennings County, Indiana:

Eliza Jane Dixon born 05 Nov 1836
Alse Elizabeth Dixon born 01 Jan 1838
Arthena Jane Dixon born 22 Mar 1840
Martha Ellen P. Dixon born 09 May 1842
James Harmon Dixon born 09 May 1844
Emmy Dixon born 22 Sep 1846
William T. Weir Dixon born 22 Oct 1848
Louemmy Dixon 12 Mar 1851
Williamson (Dick) Osborn Dixon born 12 Jun 1853
John Vawter Dixon born 27 Aug 1855
John Truman Dixon born 19 Jul 1858

In the write up, Paris, Indiana, Montgomery Township, Jennings County, IN, found in the Jennings county library, it states:

Williamson Dixon was the (Tailor) of Paris. His account book gives names of men and women about Paris from about the 1840's into the late 1860's. His Great Granddaughter Mildred Dixon Harrod has made this list available to the State Library and Jennings county Library. He lived and worked in the large brick home on the east edge of Paris, in the large brick home built by Dennis Willey. Dennis Willey was the Methodist circuit Rider who married Margaret Gasaway (she was born in Paris in 1810). The house was built shortly after they were married. Dennis later helped to build the Methodist church at Paris and the Methodist Parsonage on 2nd Street. When Williamson lived here, he had his tailoring shop in this home.

Williamson Dixon was a fine tailor. It has been said that a man from Paris could be identified on the streets of Madison at any time because of his clothing, which was made by the well known tailors in Paris (there were four of them).

Williamson died on 24 Mar 1886 in Paris, Jennings, Indiana. He belonged to the Coffee Creek Baptist Church in Montgomery Twp., Paris Crossing, Jennings, Indiana. He was buried in Coffee Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Montgomery Twp., near Paris Crossing, Jennings, Indiana. Per church meeting minutes: "Williamson W. Dixon died March 21, 1886 and the funeral services conducted by Rev. W. C. Golden. On April 3, 1886, the following resolution was adopted: Resolved, that the death of W. W. Dixon, who died March 21, 1886 we sustain the loss of a beloved brother and a valuable member of our church and we heartily express our sorrow in sympathy with his bereft family and envy his untiring zeal for the welfare of the church inspires us to more energy in behalf of Christ's Kingdom on the earth and also may our h___ at the close of life be no less bright than his were."

His obituary reads as follows:
Lefeber, John and Dixon, Williamson. We again as a community are under the painful necessity of calling upon The Plain Dealer to announce the fact that the dusky wings of death have been in our midst, and a gloom and shadow of darkness cast over our entire community by the sudden taking away of two of our beloved neighbors and friends. John LeFeber departed this life on the 15th of March at the ripe old age of 81 years, leaving a multitude of friends to mourn his loss. In his death we have lost a good citizen and his children a kind and indulgent father. Williamson Dixon departed this life on the morning of Sunday 21st inst., in his 71st year. Mr. Dixon had spent his whole life among us, and his many good qualities and manly virtues are known to all. To know him was to love and honor him. He was born in Jefferson county, Ind., in the year 1815, within two miles of his late earthly home. At the age of 26 he united with the Coffee Creek Baptist church, and for the 46 years since has held a continuous membership there. As the writer yesterday sat in the old church house of which the deceased had so long been a conscientious, faithful and constant attendant, our mind was led to say "Truly, truly, one more veteran has gone and there is one more vacant seat." Thirty years ago one could see seated near the alter, the deceased. Close by his side Sidney Butler, Samuel Hall, Samuel Malcom, Wm. Lewis, Sr., and Thomas Hill, and many others who have passed away. Mr. Dixon having been so long among us, consistent and forgiving in all things, we as neighbors then go with him to his family circle. There we also see illustrated the true qualities of his heart, the attachment of his children to him and his fondness to his wife, who are left to mourn his loss.

Though dead, he leaves with the community of Paris a legacy of a well spent life. His wife and children have the heart felt sympathies of all. Paris, Ind. (P. D. March 24, 1886) (Plain Dealer)



Elizabeth was born 21 Nov 1816 in Jefferson County, Indiana. She died 07 Jan 1830 in Jefferson County Indiana at the age of 15.



Jesse M. Dixon was born 13 Dec 1818 to Henry and Alcey Wilson Dixon in Jefferson County, Indiana. He married Lucinda (Lucy) Tharpe (born circa 1820) on 30 Aug 1842. The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry published the marriage book for Lucy Tharp and Jesse M. Dixon and gave the date of marriage as 8/3/1842. It is shown as the date the license was obtained. They moved to the Alert, Decatur County Indiana area after their marriage. They had the following children:

Isabelle (Bella) Dixon, born 1849
James Milton Dixon born 07 Jun 1851 (born Bartholomew County, Indiana)
Rachel Elizabeth (Lizzie) Dixon born 1852
Jennie Dixon, born about 1849
Sarah Jane Dixon
Mary Ann Dixon

I have never found any evidence of this family in the census reports and do not know where they ended up. More than likely, they moved west like so many others of the family. Documents obtained from Billie McGannon that were given to her from the old Dixon Homestead confirm four girls and one boy These documents look to be fragile and yellow and appear to be dated in the late 1800's or early 1900's. They appear to be a transcription of the family bible. They state the following:

Jessie Dixon married Lucy Tharp. To them were born five children, four girls and 1 boy: Sarah Jane, Mary Ann, Bella, James and Lizzie. This leads me to believe that Jennie is probably Sarah Jane or Mary Ann. These three names only represent two people. However, until documentation can be found, I have listed the six children.

One son died in Saskatchewan Providence, Canada, which may indicate where some members of the family ended up.



Alexander Dixon was born 03 Nov 1820 in Jefferson County, Indiana, the youngest child of Henry S. and Alcey (Wilson) Dixon. Not much is known of his early years, except that he worked for his brother Williamson, in the tailoring shop in Paris, IN. No doubt he had some farm work experience also, as he did farming in later years.

On 31 Oct 1844, at the age of 24, he married Mary Martha Goodhue. Mary Martha was born 19 Jun 1826 in Lexington Scott County, Indiana to James D. and Rebecca Goodhue. Her sister, Catherine Amanda Goodhue, married Calvin Westminster R. Dixon, the son of John B. Dixon, the nephew of Alexander Dixon.

They had the following children:
Orlando Goodhue Dixon born 11 Sep 1845 in Jennings County, Indiana
Allia Jane Dixon born 15 Nov 1847 in Jennings County, Indiana
Charles Edwin Dixon bon 28 Oct 1849 in Jennings County, Indiana
James Osco Dixon, born 23 Dec 1851 in Jennings County, Indiana
Alice Amelia Dixon born 23 Apr 1853 in Jennings County, Indiana
Mary Ellen Dixon born 16 Mar 1857 in Jennings County, Indiana
Williamson Sheldon Dixon born 11 Sep 1859 in Jennings County, Indiana
John C. Fremont Dixon born 03 Aug 1861 in Linn County, Iowa
Ellsworth Dixon born 26 Oct 1863 in Linn County, Iowa
Luetta Grant Dixon born 10 Jun 1865 in Johnson County, Iowa
Franklin Henry Dixon 16 Jan 1869 in Linn County, Iowa

Note that daughter Alice Amelia Dixon married John Edwin Dixon, the son of Calvin and Catharine Dixon, her first cousin once removed.

After their seventh child was born, the Alexander Dixon family migrated to Iowa and settled in the Lisbon, Iowa area. Four more children were born to them in Iowa. In later years they lived in Lisbon with their daughter, Etta. Alexander died on April 1, 1909 and Mary Martha just three months later on July 1, 1909. Both are buried in the Linwood Cemetery in Lisbon

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