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Butlerville Businesses in 1911
North Vernon Plain Dealer - September 28, 1911
By an unnamed Correspondent

    We herein take pardonable pride in calling the public attention to the representative business enterprises of the principal trading or shipping points of Jennings County. Also the lines of wares they have to offer to the public, a perusal of which will prove interesting and beneficial to the community at large.
State Bank
    The above named financial institution has met with uninterrupted success from its first business inception. J. N. Callicott, is President; Everett Bemish, the able and efficient cashier, and a general commercial banking business is transacted.
Hare & Swarthout
    The spacious hardware, implement and buggy establishment conducted by the above named firm, of which Mr. Roy Swarthout is the resident partner, stands in the first rank of trade. The store comprises both shelf and heavy hardware, stoves and ranges, implements, buggies, wagons, paint, pumps, pipes, gasoline and in fact nearly everything usually carried in a first-class establishment of the kind.
J. W. Silver
    Carries an excellent line of parlor, chamber and dining-room furniture, davenports, iron bedsteads, bedding, carpets, rugs, coffins, caskets, shrouds and undertaking furnishings in general; and a specialty is made of embalming and taking full charge of funerals and burials.
D. S. Perkins
    The above named gentleman stands in the front rank of trade and his well selected stock comprises an excellent line of fall and winter dry and fancy goods, men's work clothes, overall jackets, gloves, hats and caps. Also groceries, gueensware, carpets, rugs, lenoleume and famous Peters' "Diamond Brand," and his prices will be found right.
Harry Cullum
    The attractive and well arranged drug store conducted by Harry Cullum is stocked to repletion with fresh drugs, patent and proprietary medicines of standard reputation and pharmaceutical preparation. Also stationery and school supplies, fancy and toilet articles, the "Economy" paint, cigars and confections and this gentleman dispenses coco-cola, ice cream sodas, etc., from his sanitary soda fountain and makes a specialty of compounding physician' prescriptions with accuracy dispatch.
Martin W. Brogan
    The spacious double store conducted by Martin W. Brogan, stands in the front rank and the stock consists of nearly anything and everything to eat and wear, including dry-goods, clothing, groceries, shoes, rubbers, ets., and he pays the highest market prices for butter, eggs, pultry, ets., and does a large exchange business with the farmers. Mr. Brogan is the able and efficient County Auditor of Jennings County, which he fills with honor and distinction to both himself and constituents, and he has made hosts of friends and acquaintances.
Jesse B. Wilson
    The gentleman conducts a well equipped blacksmith shop and feed mill and a special feature is made of local grinding for the farmers with whom he does and exchange business. In addition to plow, disc, wood and wagon work, this gentleman makes a specialty of scientific horse shoeing.
E. Edward O. Marine
    E. O. Marine, the hustling pump repairer and well supply man, conducts a well arranged novelty store. The store is under the watchful eye of his estimable wife, and the stock which is very diversified consists of many useful articles, jewelry, spectacles, rubber goods, paint, oil, wall paper, cigars, tobacco and candies. Mr. Marine is prepared to repair all kind of pumps and his prices are right.
The Sennite Hotel
    The popular hostelry above named is the favorite place of abode for the traveling public, all of whom speak in the highest terms of praise of their treatment. The sleeping apparatus are cleanly kept and the tables unsurpassed and both Mr. and Mrs. Senite treat their guests with courtesy and attention.
Martin H. McCaulou
    The above named gentleman, the practical horse-shoer of Butlerville has made a scientific study of the delicate anatomy of a horses foot, and a specialty is made of shoeing horses afflicted with badly diseased feet. Rubber tire work, blacksmithing and repairing is executed in the best possible manner.
Mrs. Jennie McIlroy
    Conducts a neat and up-to-date hostelry, which is well patronized by the commercial trade. The tables are unsurpassed on the line and all speak in the highest terms of praise of their treatment and as a hostess this estimable lady is a grand success.

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