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    In the years I have been researching southeastern Indiana the surname Stott has become very familiar to me. They were important in the settlement of the area. I searched out a researcher who's work impressed me. I want to thank John R. "Jack" Jeffries for being willing to share the basics of his work with us. Please contact him for more details and if you have any questions. The watering can and flowers used to decorate this page symbolize this families many contributions in religion, and citizenship to the State of Indiana, and how it spread and grew across the country. I have not used many PDF files and you will need to have Adobe reader installed to view Mr. Jefferies work.

You can download Adobe reader here.

Raleigh Stott and his wife, Lucy Stott were 2nd cousins, once removed. Both were born in Lancaster County, Virginia. Raleigh was placed with Lucy's father, William Stott to learn the trade of weaver. Apparently he had already gained skill in shoemaking, as the records show that he was paid for the production of shoes in the William Stott household. Raleigh and Lucy moved to the frontier area of Virginia that was to become part of the state of Kentucky. Raleigh served in the Lancaster County Militia during the Revolutionary War.

Attached is the PDF file recording their known descendants as researched by John R. "Jack" Jeffries, Professor Emeritus Mathematics, West Shore Community College, Scottville, MI. This is an open ended research. Substantiated errors and corrections are welcomed at any time. Email address:

PDF File Descendants of Raleigh Stott

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