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Meek, Childs & Sullivan Records
Contributed by Gary Childs
Thank you! Gary for sharing all this work

Childs Of Jennings County, Indiana

The following is a summary of the Childs in Jennings County, Indiana. John Childs is my 3rd great-grandfather and he resided in Jennings County for the greater part of his life. The information herein regarding John and his family has been fully researched and documented. Much of the rest of the information regarding the other Childs who resided in Jennings County is proven but not all of it. This is a compilation of the information that I have gathered regarding any Childs who lived in Jennings County. This research was done in order to find my John's parents. In the process I found that John was born John S. Meek and changed his name to Childs in 1833. (Ed. Note: DNA testing has proven that John S. Meek was not a blood relative of the Nathaniel Meek Family as extensive research seemed to indicate. Please disregard any reference in this article that might state otherwise.)

Gary Childs

October 10, 1830. Elvira Priscilla Childs married Buel Eastman in Jennings County.

Elvira Priscilla Childs born 1805 in New York is thought to be the daughter of Elijah Childs and Eunice Townsend who resided in adjoining Jefferson County. A Eunice Childs who resided in Jefferson County bought lot 105 in the town of Paris on May 17, 1834. Paris is located in Jennings County, Montgomery Township, just north of the Jefferson County line. On January 4, 1840 Eunice sold the same lot and Buel Eastman witnessed the deed transaction. In 1850 Elvira and Buel were residents of Jefferson County, North Madison and their children were listed as Elma 18yr and Rholetta 2yr. This family later moved to Austin County, Texas where Buel died in 1870 and Elvira in 1893. They are both buried in Concord Cemetery in Kenney, Texas. Buel was also born in New York.

January 30, 1833. John S, Meek changes his name to John Childs.

John Childs was born May 18, 1803 in Kentucky probably in Pulaski County. John's name at birth was John S. Meek and although his parents name has never been proven, he was closely associated with the Nathaniel Meek Sr. family that migrated to Jennings County from Pulaski County, Ky. in 1817. John married Nancy Baker in Jennings County on April 10, 1823. Nancy was born in Pulaski County, Ky. on April 19, 1806 to Peleg Baker and Nancy Harris Hudson. John was a farmer by trade and over the years he bought and sold many acres of land in Jennings County. John died on May 15, 1873 and Nancy died on December 28, 1867. Both are buried in the Zion Cemetery (also called Old Sullivan) in Jennings County. The children of John Childs and Nancy Baker are Julia Ann, Maria, Jonathan, Henry, Nancy, Fountain, Thompson, and Sarahetta. Note; John Childs requested in his will that he be buried next to his wife Nancy and that his name and age be inscribed on the family monument headstone that stands at his wife?s grave.

Julia Ann Childs, daughter of John Childs and Nancy Baker, was born in Jennings County, In. about 1824. She married Nathan Jackson Spencer on February 20, 1840 in same county. Nathan Jackson was the son of Amasa Spencer and Mary Polly Meek. Nathan was born December 25, 1819 in Pulaski County, Ky. His mother was the daughter of Nathaniel Meek Sr. Nathan Jackson died on March 22, 1865 in Jennings County. Julia Ann Childs died on June 1, 1894 probably in Jennings County. The children of Julia Ann Childs and Nathan Jackson Spencer are Nancy J., b March 10, 1841, John C., b August 22, 1842, Maria E., b July 14, 1844, twins Jasper b April 17, 1848, and Newton b April 17, 1848, Frances W. male b October 1850, William H., b July 31, 1852, Marcus L., b August 29, 1854, Mary A., b 1856, Martha E., b January 17, 1858, Granville b January 5, 1860, and Julie E., b December 5, 1862

Maria Childs, daughter of John Childs and Nancy Baker, was born in 1826 in Jennings County, Indiana. Maria married Stephen Marvin on April 27, 1843 in the same county. Stephen was born June 25, 1826 in Jennings County to Delancy Marvin and Lydia Albert. Delancy and Lydia were both born in New York. Stephen was a shoemaker who learned his craft from his father. Maria and Stephen lived in Jennings County until 1862. They then moved to White County, Indiana where they remained the rest of their lives. Maria died October 11, 1889 and Stephen died April 1, 1907. Both are buried at the Idaville Cemetery in White County. The children of Maria Childs and Stephen are Frances C., female, Charles, George F., Oscar O., Sarah Jane b 1844, Delancy b 1846, Nancy A., b 1847, John G., b 1849, Lottie, b 1851, William T., b 1851, Emma b 1855, and Magor b 1860.

Jonathan Childs, (My gg-grandfather) son of John Childs and Nancy Baker was born in Jennings County in 1828. He married Jane Marvin, sister of his brother-in-law Stephen Marvin, on March 26, 1848 in the same county. Jonathan and Jane farmed in Jennings County until about November of 1854. They went by wagon at this time to Dallas County, Iowa. Here they farmed until 1859. In 1859 Jonathan and family moved to Appanoose County, Iowa. Here they homesteaded a farm right at the Missouri border owning land in both Iowa and Missouri. The town of Coatsville, Mo. was built later within a mile of their homestead. Jonathan died here in 1870 and Jane died at the home of her youngest son Lem on January 11, 1916 in Glenwood, Mo. about 8 miles south of their homestead. Both are buried in the Coatsville Cemetery, Coatsville, Missouri. Jonathan and Jane had nine children, three who died in infancy. The six who lived are; Marquis Lafayette, b November 18, 1850 in Jennings County, Archer b April 18, 1853 Jennings County, Jennings "Gink" b January 2, 1855 in Dallas County, Iowa, Ebert "Ebe" b December 1857 in Dallas County, Iowa, Oscar William "Bill"(My g-grandfather) b January 29, 1860 in Appanoose County, Iowa, and Lemma b 1864 in Appanoose County, Iowa.

Henry Childs, son of John Childs and Nancy Baker, was born in Jennings County on July 4, 1831. He married Margaret Jane Young b December 29, 1835 on October 3, 1852 in same county. Henry and Margaret Jane had the following children Granville b 1853, Thompson W. b 1860, Newton b 1870, and Louetta b 1872. Henry and Margaret farmed in Jennings County until November of 1854. At this time they joined Henry's brother Jonathan and family and moved to Dallas County, Iowa. About 1858-59 Henry and his family moved back to Jennings County while Jonathan and Jane moved to Appanoose County, Iowa. Henry Childs died July 21, 1893 and Margaret Jane died in 1920. Henry is buried in the Zion or Old Sullivan Cemetery in Jennings County.

Nancy Charlotte Childs, daughter of John Childs and Nancy Baker, was born in Jennings County in 1832. She married John Sullivan on March 23, 1851 in the same county. John was the son of Henry Sullivan and Elizabeth Meek. Nancy Charlotte Childs and John Sullivan had the following children Euslius, Margarite, Mary E. b 1856, Martha b 1859, and Noe W., b November 11, 1861. Nancy Childs died November 19, 1893. John Sullivan was born April 15, 1830 and he died November 2, 1912. Both are buried in the Zion or Old Sullivan Cemetery in Jennings County.

Fountain Childs, son of John Childs and Nancy Baker, was born in Jennings County in 1834. Fountain was the first of John and Nancy?s children to be born with the Childs surname.

All of his older brothers and sisters were born with the surname Meek. Fountain married twice first to Mary Gannon b 1840 on November 28, 1858 and second to Mary F. Coryell b Sept. 29, 1851, on November 11, 1879, both times in Jennings County, In. Fountain and Mary Gannon had one child, Jennie b 1867. Fountain and Mary F. Coryell also had one child, Fay L. Childs. Both children were born in Jennings County. On June 4, 1890 Fountain was elected Constable of the town of Hardenburg (now know as Hayden), Spencer Township, Jennings County. Fountain died October 17, 1913 and Mary Coryell d April 16, 1920. Both are buried in the Hayden Methodist Cemetery.

Thompson Childs, son of John Childs and Nancy Baker, was born in Jennings County on November 30, 1840. He married America Gudgel b 1839 on January 21, 1868 in the same county. Thompson was a farmer and spent his entire life at this occupation in Jennings County. Thompson's father, John, was living with Thompson and family at the time of his death in 1873. Thompson Childs and America Gudgel had the following children all born in Jennings County; John F., b October 8, 1868, Dora b 1873, Charles b 1879, David b 1880, and Almira b 1871. Thompson died December 26, 1901 and America died October 1912. Both are buried at Zion or Old Sullivan Cemetery in Jennings County.

Sarahetta Childs, daughter of John Childs and Nancy Baker, was born in Jennings County in 1844. Sarahetta married Lewis Law on April 17, 1862 in the same county. Sarahetta died November 28 of 1862 or 1863 according to her headstone and is buried beside her Mother and Father in the Old Sullivan Cemetery in Jennings County, Indiana.

May 17, 1834 Eunice Childs deed recorded in Jennings County.

Eunice Childs bought lot 105 in the town of Paris, Jennings County and was listed as a resident of Jefferson County, Indiana. On January 4, 1840 Eunice Childs sells this same lot and Buel Eastman's (husband of Elvira Priscilla Childs) signature as witness was on the deed. As stated before some researchers state that Elijah Childs and Eunice Townsend are the parents of Elvira Priscilla Childs. The deed listed above does not prove that this Eunice is Elvira's mother but it does show some relationship between the two. Eunice and Elijah Childs are also supposed to be the parents of Hawley Childs who married Hannah Mount in Jefferson County, In. on March 6, 1834. Hawley and Hannah also named one of their children Elvira Priscilla.

1834-1835 The Whitcomb brothers and their families settle in Jennings County.

The Whitcomb brothers Jesse b 1792, Hiram b 1804, and Anson b 1812 all in New York came to Jennings County about 1835 from Stueben County, New York after a brief stay in Dearborn County, Indiana. Jesse's wife was Lucy Childs born 1796 in Massachusetts or Stueben Co., NY. I have seen both listed. Hiram married Mary Childs in 1829 in New York. Mary was born in 1809 in New York. Anson married in Jennings County, Indiana Ann Childs on April 16, 1837. Ann was b 1817 NY. Jennings County records show that Ann was the sister of Mary, wife of Hiram (The History of the Town of Hayden and Spencer Twp." The second mill for the township was built on the Six Mile Creek by Anson Whitcomb in 1836. Anson was a brother to Hiram and he married Ann Childs who was Hiram's sister-in-law. ). The town of Tyrone was formed as a Township in the county of Stueben, New York. The first election for town officers was held February 4 1823. Jesse Whitcomb was elected Assessor and Justice Of The Peace. There was a Daniel Childs Jr. who in the same election was elected Commissioner of Highways. I have seen an unconfirmed record that states Lucy Childs wife of Jesse Whitcomb was the daughter of Daniel Childs and Anne Bemis. Another unconfirmed record states that Ann Childs, wife of Anson Whitcomb, is the daughter of James Mitchell Childs and Eleanor Ratliff. I don?t have the Whitcomb 1840 Jennings County census records but the 1850 census has these listings.

Jennings County, Spencer Township:

Jesse Whitcomb: 58yr b NY. Farmer

Lucy: 54yr. b Mass.

Etha: 25yr. b NY.

Albert: 23yr. b NY.

Maria: 18yr. b NY.

Levi: 10yr. b NY. (I would suspect that Levi was born in Indiana)

Jesse: 13yr. b In.

Anson Whitcomb: 38yr. b NY. Miller

Ann: 31yr. b NY

Almira 12yr. b In.

Amanda 9yr. b In.

Loudancy (name hard to read) 4yr. b In.

John S.: 1yr. b In.

Harris Gannon: 17yr. b In. Farmer

Hiram Whitcomb: 46yr. b NY, Farmer

Mary 41yr. b Mass.

Charles: 20yr. b NY

Jane: 18yr. b NY

Shepard 16yr. b NY

William 8yr. b In.

Joanna 6yr. b In

Caroline 6yr. b In.

James 1yr. b In.

1836-1838: Timothy Childs of Stueben Co., NY, Daniel Childs, Henry Childs, Able L. Childs, and Stephen Childs appear in Jennings County land records.

In 1836 Timothy Childs b November 7, 1787 in Worcester County, Mass. and his wife Catharine b 1790 in New York come to Jennings County from Stueben County, New York. This is recorded in a deed dated November 5, 1835 between Jesse Whitcomb and Timothy Childs. Timothy is named on the deed as a resident of Stueben County, New York. Timothy and Catharine lived in Jennings County to about 1860. The 1840 Jennings County census lists Timothy?s family as five males and three females. Males: 1(1-5yr), 1(5-10), 1(10-15), 1(15-20), 1(30-40), and 1(50-60). Females: 1(15-20). 1(20-30), and 1(40-50). The 1850 census lists Timothy in Spencer Township with wife Catharine, children Phebe 21yr. b NY. and Roswell 14yr. b In. The 1860 census show Timothy and Catharine as residents of Jackson County, Jackson Township, In. Timothy and Catharine are the only residents of the household.

Daniel Childs born June 20, 1814 in Mass. appears in Jennings County deed records in 1836. According to Daniel?s biography recorded in Miami County, Kansas, his family moved to Stueben County, New York in 1818 then on to Indiana in 1837. Daniel married Sally Caroline McKinny in Jennings County on March 17, 1841. Daniel and Sally lived in Jennings County until 1860. At this time they moved to Miami County, Kansas. Daniel served as County Clerk of Miami County for eight years. The first term started in 1862. Sally died on January 7, 1867 age 43 yr 8months 26days and Daniel remarried in 1868. He traveled back to New York and married Sarah B. Young who was born in New York in 1822 and was the daughter of Alex Young. Daniel died in Miami County on January 7, 1895. Sarah B Young died in 1902. They are all buried in the Oakgrove Addition, Paola Cemetery Miami County, Kansas. Daniel's obituary states that his surviving brother is Philander Childs.

1860 Miami County, Kansas Stanton Twp. Census: Daniel Childs 46yr, Farmer born Mass., Carolina age 37, born North Carolina, Minerva 17yr, born Indiana, Samuel age 15 born Indiana, John age 13yr. born Indiana, Mary age 11yr. born Indiana, William age 9yr. born Indiana, Melinda age 7yr. born Indiana, and Daniel age 5yr. born Indiana.

1870 Miami County, Kansas Stanton Twp. Census: Household 95: Daniel Childs age 56yr. Farmer born Mass., Sarah D. age 48yr. born New York, John age 24yr., born In., Melinda age 17yr., born In., Daniel age 15yr., born In., Allie age 8yr., born Kansas, Manda age 5yr., born Kansas, Mary Childs age 21yr. visiting, born Indiana and Alexander Young, age 81yr, born New York. Household 96: Samuel Childs age 25yr. Farmer born Indiana, Mary age 24yr. born Indiana,

Minerva age 3yr. born Kansas.

I have an abstract sent to me by fellow researcher Cheryl Childs. It is a birth record for Daniel Childs that she found on early Ma. Birth Records. The record states:

Daniel Childs b June 20, 1814 (This date of birth also appears on Daniels obituary, Miami County, Kansas) Parents: Daniel Childs and Sally Benjamin. Daniel and Sally were married in Lincoln, Ma. On September 29, 1808. Daniel Sr. moved the family to New York in 1818. Daniel and Sally Benjamin?s children are Mary b Feb. 7, 1809, Louisa b September 7, 1810, Sarah b November 22, 1812, Daniel b June 20, 1814, John b November 8, 1815 and Henry b January 31, 1817.

Little is knowm of Henry Childs who appears in Jennings County around 1838. The 1840 census lists his occupation as learned profession. This Henry does not appear in Jennings County records after 1841.

Little is also know of Able L. Childs and Stephen Childs. These two appear to be related to one another as both lived on adjacent land in Jennings County but they resided about 10 miles east of the town of Vernon and nowhere near the other Childs of the county.

1850 census: Two new Childs names appear in Jennings County, Philander Childs and William Childs.

The names Philander Childs and William Childs appear in the 1850 Indiana census as residents of Jennings County. Philander in Spencer Township and William in Vernon Township.

Philander was the brother of Daniel Childs, husband of Sally Caroline McKinny, and he was born in 1829 in New York. Philander died on December 2, 1899 in Miami County, Kansas. He was raised by his sister Sarah Childs Day and her husband Lewis Day as stated in Lewis? will dated July 1846.The 1850 census for Jennings County, Spencer Township lists him as 21yr b New York and Occupation of farmer. Philander is living in the household of Sarah Day b 1813 New York and her children, twins Ethan and Stephen b 1843 Indiana. Their neighbors are Israel Whitcomb 43yr b New York and Ethan Wilder 64 b Mass. Ethan Wilder is a friend of Jesse and Hiram Whitcomb from their days in Stueben County, New York. I think Israel is a brother of Jesse, Hiram, and Anson but I am not sure. The 1860 Indiana census has Philander as head of household in Jennings County, Spencer Township. He is 31yr, Mary 20yr b New York and twins Ethan and Stephen 17yr b In. It is not clear if Mary is Philander's wife at this time or if she and the twins still have the surname Day, they are listed as Childs in this census. Sometime after 1860 Philander moved to Miami County, Kansas near his brother Daniel. The 1867 Miami County, Stanton Township census lists Philander Childs and wife (no name), Daniel Childs, and Samuel Childs, son of Daniel. At some point Philander married a Miss Jemina E. (last name unknown). Philander died in Miami County, Kansas on December 2, 1899 age 70yr 6mo and 25d. His wife Jemina died September 8, 1891 age 52yr 1mo and 7d. Both are buried at the Oakwood Cemetery, Osawatomie, Kansas.

William Childs appears in the 1850 Indiana census as a resident of Jennings County, Vernon Township. He is 27yr b Va. and his occupation is Teamster. His wife is Pemilia (name is very hard to read from the census) 25yr b Indiana and children Martha J. 6yr, Sarah E. 3yr and twins Era and Levi 9mo. All the children were born in Indiana. Also living in the household is Eliza Pool 17yr b In. Around 1855-1856 William moves to Appanoose County, Iowa Independence Township. He appears on the 1860 and 1870 Iowa census as a resident of Appanoose County, Independence Township. In 1860 the census lists William 35yr b Va. Occupation Farmer, Wife Phoebe 29yr b Indiana, Children Martha 16yr b In., Sarah 13yr b In., Levi 10yr b In., William 6yr b In., Celia 4yr b Iowa, Lenora 2yr B Iowa, and Harvey 4months b Iowa. Appanoose County deed records list various transactions by William from 1856 to 1884. In 1856 William Childs and Charles W Childs (I don?t know who Charles W. is) on June 3rd traveled to the land office in Washington, Iowa and filed on adjoining land in Sections 3 and 4 T70N, R19W. This land is in Appanoose County, Independence Township. The last deed in 1884 is dated January 9 and William Childs for the price of $1.00 sold three parcels of land totaling 63 acres to his wife Phoebe Childs. This land is in Appanoose County, Independence Township. This deed lists William's place of residence as Mitchell County, Kansas and Phoebe's as Appanoose County, Iowa. I don't know for sure but I believe William sold the property to Phoebe so she could in turn sell it to buyers in Iowa. The 1895 Mitchell County, Kansas census lists a Levi Childs Eureka Twp. 45yr b Indiana, W.O. Childs Eureka Twp. 41yr b Indiana and also a William Childs 71yr b Pennsylvania I believe the Twp. for William was Logan. This William's age fits but the place of birth is different than previous census. Census taker's error perhaps.

1860 Jennings County census: Alexander Childs, Frances Childs, and Elizabeth Childs Head Of Household.

I do not know which Childs, if any, Alexander Childs and Frances Childs (male) are related to and I don?t know Elizabeth Childs either. In the 1860 census they are listed as follows:

Alexander Childs Spencer Twp.35yr b Indiana

Jane Childs 30yr b Indiana

William Childs 4yr b Indiana

Frances Childs Spencer Twp. 26yr b New York

Cicily Childs 23yr b England

Nelly Childs 1yr b Indiana

Elizabeth Childs Spencer Twp. 22yr b Indiana

Ellis 1yr b Indiana.

In analyzing the Childs of Jennings County information it is apparent that besides the John Childs family, most of the Childs were from New York. Elvira Priscilla Childs was born in New York but she lived in Jennings County at least five years before any of the other New York Childs appear and she lived in Montgomery Twp. near the Jefferson County border. This would be about 10 miles south of the town of Vernon. I believe that a case could be made that she is from the family of Eunice Townsend Childs of Jefferson County, In.

There is no family relationship between the John Childs family and the other Childs of Jennings County. John of course was born John S. Meek, came to Jennings County in 1817 as a Meek, married Nancy Baker in 1823 as a Meek, had five children named Meek before changing his name and his family to that of Childs in 1833. By this act John became the originator of this branch of Childs.

The Childs wives of the Whitcomb brothers, Lucy, Mary, and Ann I believe are related to all of the other Childs who came to Jennings County from Stueben County, New York. That would include Timothy Childs and wife Catharine, Daniel Childs, Philander Childs and possibly Henry Childs. In what manner I am not certain. There are only two proven relationships: Mary Childs and Ann Childs are sisters. That information is recorded in "The Way They Were In Jennings County" a history of the county. Daniel Childs and Philander Childs are brothers. This data is recorded in Daniel?s obituary, Miami County, Kansas. I don't know much about Henry Childs but he did own land next to Timothy Childs in 1838. There isn't any record regarding Henry in Jennings County after 1841.

William Childs b Va. and his family are somewhat of a puzzle. William only appears in Jennings County in the 1850 census. It is the only record of him that I have seen for that county. Finding him in Appanoose County, Iowa was really an accident. My 2nd great grandfather, Jonathan Childs, who is the son of John Childs and Nancy Baker, moved to Appanoose County in 1859. During my research for Jonathan in Appanoose County, William's name appeared along with that of his children that were listed on the Indiana 1850 census. He lived in Independence Twp. Near the town of Iconium, Iowa while my Jonathan lived in Wells Twp. between the towns of Moulton, Iowa and Coatesville, Missouri. There was never any interaction between William's family and Jonathan's. I have nothing to base this opinion on but I think he might have been from another Childs family altogether.

I know very little about Able L. Childs and Stephen Childs. I never found any information that tied them to any of the other Childs in Jennings County. The only information I found for them were deed records. The land they lived on was about 10 miles east of the town of Vernon in Bigger Twp. I believe. Most of the Childs resided west and southwest of Vernon in Vernon, Spencer, and Lovett Twp.

If anyone has any information to add to this text please contact me @

                                                                        THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JOHN CHILES

Be it remembered that on this 15th day of May 1873 the last will and testament of John Chiles was duly proven and admitted to probate in the clerks office of Jennings County Indiana and is in the words and figures to-wit;

" I John Chiles being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made."


I direct that all of my just debts be paid, and that my executors cause to be engraved my name and age upon the family monument which I have already purchased and which is placed at the grave of my beloved wife Nancy Chiles


I give devise and bequeath to Julia Ann Spencer, Maria Marvin, and Jonathan Chiles, fifty dollars each for the purpose of making them equal in amounts received from me with Henry Chiles, Nancy Sullivan, and Fountain Chiles


It is my desire and I hereby direct devise and bequeath that whatever may remain of my estate after paying the above bequests, and my just debts, funeral and burial expenses, and costs and expenses of Administration shall be equally divided between my children Henry Chiles, Julia Ann Spencer, Maria Marvin, Jonathan Chiles, Fountain Chiles, and Nancy Sullivan, and in making this division I direct my executor to sell without appraisement or order of Court the personal property if there should be any, and divide the money between the persons named in this item as aforesaid, instead of dividing the personal property itself. The household and kitchen furniture now in the dwelling house occupied by my son Thompson A. Chiles and myself does not belong to me the same having heretofore been either sold or given by me to him, and he having heretofore paid me therefore, and this includes the two beds and bedding which I am using and which are in the southwest corner room of said dwelling no provision is made in this will for my son Thompson A. Chiles for the reason that I have heretofore to-wit on the first day of February AD, 1870 conveyed to him certain lands in consideration of an agreement of same date by him entered unto with me. In making the division spoken of in this item I direct the same to be done by my executor without order of court or ? of distribution.


I do hereby nominate and appoint Jeptha D. New Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby authorizing and empowering him to compromise adjust release and discharge, in such a manner as he may deem proper, the debts and claims due me, I do also authorize and empower him if it shall become necessary, in order to pay my debts to sell at private sale, of in such manner upon such terms of credit, and all without an order of court, as he may think proper, all or any part of my personal estate


Henry Thornburg of Dallas County Iowa owes me fourteen hundred dollars with interest thereon evidenced by one note due on the -- day of November 1868, it is my wish that when said money is paid that my son Henry Chiles should have the loan and use thereof until November 1st 1874. without interest, provided he pays the taxes thereon. If said money should not be paid by said Thornburg until after my death then said Henry Chiles as soon as he receives the same shall execute to my executor his note for said sum due and payable on the said first day of November AD, 1874. secured by good frehold security without relief from valuation or appraisement laws, and conditioned that he should pay the taxes thereon as aforesaid. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this second day of February AD, 1870. John Chiles his( x) mark

Signed and acknowledged by said John Chiles as his last will and testament, in our presence, and signed by us in his.

James N Hill George N New

I do by declare this to be a codicil to my will above I paid six hundred dollars for the eighty acres of land adjoining the tract of one hundred acres on which my son Fountain Chiles now lives. This six hundred was paid by me for him and was one hundred more than he should have received, as compared with what the other children ( Thompson Chiles excepted ) have got by way of gift and advancement, but I wish him to retain that one hundred dollars on account of services rendered by him in going to Iowa on business of his own as well as mine about fifteen years ago. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand seal this 4th day of July AD, 1870 John Chiles His x Mark

Signed and acknowledged by said John Chiles as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence Benjamin C Baker Thomas J Reiley

I hereby declare this to be a codicil to my above will Since the 2nd day of February AD, 1870 I have paid to Julia Ann Spencer the fifty dollars named and referred to in item Second of my said will and therefore said Julia Ann Spencer shall not receive of be paid said sum of fifty dollars after my death, The said payment to said Julia Ann was made by me to her in money August 13,1870 John Chiles His x Mark

Signed and acknowledged by said John Chiles as his last will and testament in our presence, and signed by us in his presence August 18,1870 Jeptha D New H A Devage

I hereby declare as a codicil to my above will. That the $50.00 which I bequeath to Julia Ann Spencer and Maria Marvin each in the 2nd item of my will I hereby revoke for the reason that I have since paid to each of them said sum of money. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 12 day of November 1872. John Chiles His Mark Signed and acknowledged by John Chiles as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence November 12 1872. Jeptha D New Wm B Hagins

On May 15th 1873 John Chiles' will was brought by George W New to Joseph L Reiley, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jennings County, Indiana. It was at this time the will was admitted to probate and duly recorded , by Mr. Reiley, in the record of wills for Jennings County. The will is recorded in Book 2 pp 352-358.

                                                                 Last Will & Testament of Noah Sullivan

Admitted to probate in the common pleas court of Jennings County, Indiana

                                                                                                              Copy of will;

In the presence of the Benevolent Father of all, I Noah Sullivan of Jennings County in the State of Indiana considering the uncertainty of this life do make and publish this my last will & testament; Item first; All my personal property that it may have please an all wise Provenance to have entrusted me with, at my decease I give and devise to my beloved son Henry Sullivan he paying such debts as I may have at my decease if any, together with my burial expenses.

Item Second; Such Real estate as I may own at my decease I design shall be sold by my Executor, and the proceeds thereof shall be equally divided amongst my beloved grand children share and share alike, excepting that the portion that should have fallen to my grand son Noah Sullivan (now deceased) shall go to his children living at my decease, share & share alike. There being therefore thirteen portions to-wit: one portion to my grand son John Sullivan. One portion to my grand son Achilles V. Sullivan, one portion to my grand son Beverly B. Sullivan, one portion to the three living children of my grand son Noah Sullivan deceased, one portion to my grand son Tull E. Sullivan, one portion to my grand son Taylor H. Sullivan, one portion to my grand son Samuel Sullivan, one portion to my grand son Gerry Sullivan, one portion to my grand son William Sullivan, one portion to my grand daughter Polly Roseberry, one portion to my grand daughter Sarah Fuell, one portion to my grand daughter Lizzie Sullivan, one portion to my grand daughter Martha Sullivan, And in case of the death of either the above named grand children before my decease or without leaving issue, then and in such case the portions to the remaining grand children above named. Item Third; I hereby nominate and appoint my beloved grand son John Sullivan executor of this my last will and testament; I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made in testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of October in the year eighteen hundred and seventy.

Noah (his mark) Sullivan

Signed and acknowledged by said Noah Sullivan as his last will and testament in our presence & by us in his presence and in presence of each other.

Henry C Brewer

J.L.W. Yost

John Sullivan Obit

The North Vernon Plain Dealer Newspaper 1912

John Sullivan died November 2, 1912, son of Henry and Elizabeth Sullivan, was born April 15, 1830 in Jennings co., in the Zion neighborhood. Eldest of 13 children- 5 living: Mrs. Mayme Roseberry of Seymour. Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Gannon of North Vernon, Mrs. Mattie Marsh of East St. Louis, Illinois, Achillus Sullivan of Ind?polis and Jeremiah of North Vernon; Joined the Hayden Bapt. Church. Married March 23, 1851 Nancy Charlotte Childs, 4 children; Euslius M. (dead) Mary E. Martha Loui, Noe Wildey all of Jennings Co., Wife died Nov. 19, 1893 in Hayden. 82yrs. 6 mo. 15 da. Being the oldest native born man in the county. Bur. Zion Cem. 6 grandsons acted as pall bears.

Note: I typed this as it was written.

Jerry Sullivan Obit

Sullivan, Jerry

Jerry Sullivan age 65 died Feb. 3, 1913. Wife and 2 daughters Mrs. John Childs, Mrs. Faye Cooper of Gary, Ind. Survive.

Feb. 6, 1913 paper

Note: This is Jeremiah Sullivan brother of John and son of Henry Sullivan & Elizabeth Meek. Mrs. John Childs is Bertha Sullivan. Her husband John F. Childs is the son of Thompson Childs & America Gudgel, Thompson is the son of John Childs/Meek & Nancy Baker and also the brother of Nancy Charlotte Childs.

Harriet Woodward Sullivan Obit

Sullivan Mrs. Harriet

Mrs. Harriet Sullivan age 96 died Sept. 12, 1946 at the home of her daughter Mrs. Faye Cooper at Gary, Indiana. Born Cincinnati, Ohio Dec. 6, 1849 to James and Sarah Jane Woodward. Married Jerry M. Sullivan Dec. 6, 1869. He died 1913. Bur: Euler Cem. Son Charles died when age 3. Another daughter Mrs. Bertha Childs survives.

Sept. 19, 1946 paper.

William Sullivan Obit

Sullivan, William

William Sullivan age 61 died at the home of his sister Mrs. Norman Gannon, east of North Vernon. Buried at Zion Cemetery.

July 4, 1912 paper.

Note: Date of death was May 12, 1912 & Mrs. Gannon is Nancy Elizabeth.

Noe W. Sullivan

Sullivan, Noah

Mr. Noah Sullivan born Nov. 16, 1861 died March 25, 1930 at age 69 years. Married Grace Brown 1891. Wife and daughters Mrs. John Baker and Miss Doris Sullivan survive. Sons John and Conrad of Hayden and sisters: Mrs. Wm. More and Mrs. Lou Doty.

March 27th, 1930 paper.

Note: Lou Doty is sister Lou Rena Sullivan Doty. Mrs. More is Mary Sullivan Moore.

                                                                           Selected Jennings County, Indiana, Commissioners Reports



No Date---Credit to Treasury by 1($1.00?) of Delinquency; Bazil Meek something to do with a road, $8.00.





June 3---Patrick Hudson (1/2brother of Nancy Baker wife of John Childs Son of Peleg Baker?s second wife Nancy Harris Hudson) and others now present a petition for the alteration of a road leading from Ebenezer Brendors to the town of Geneva or so much therof as lies between the ford of the creek near Bazil Meek?s and the NE Corner of Section 13 T6N, R7E whereupon John O?lockly, Noe Sullivan, and Jacob McClurg are appointed to verify and view the proposed alteration and report back.




May 17--Ordered that Booth Thomas be appointed Constable of Montgomery Twp.

May---Some sort of tax list: Jeremiah Meek, Amos Thomas, and Lewis Meek.

June--Fines for profane swearing:

Anderson Thomas $1.00 (Husband of Polly Meek, daughter of Samuel Meek Sr)

Booth Thomas $1.00

Lewis Meek $1.00

No Date--Booth Thomas Bailiff $2.00




No Date---John Boner be continued supervisor of the same road he superintended last year with the addition of David and Richard Meek. (Hands to work on the road)

No Date--Elisha Thomas (Son of Polly Meek, daughter of Samuel Meek Sr.) appointed supervisor of road. (Did not say which one)

July 4---Meeting of the Board of Justices; Members present, Daniel Meek. (Son of Basil Meek)




No Date---Patrick Hudson appointed constable of Vernon Twp.

March 27---Special Meeting of Board of Justices to appoint Constable of Vernon Twp. Members present: Daniel Meek

No Date--Noe Sullivan appointed supervisor of road.

No Date--Ordered that Bazil Meek be appointed supervisor of the Muscatatuck River at the north of Sand Creek Branch to the Jackson County line and that he and all hands subject to a Capitation tax (poll tax) each who live within one mile of said river from Samford's boundary near Hart hill to same county line.

No Date---Elisah Thomas paid $3.00 for making a coffin for Alice Auskin a pauper.

September---Meeting of the Board of Justices: Daniel Meek present.




May---Meeting of the Board of Justices: Daniel Meek present.

September--Meeting of the Board of Justices: Daniel Meek present.

May--Ordered that Bazil Meek be appointed supervisor of the Muscatatuck River from the mouth of Samuel Meek?s branch to the Jackson county line.




No Date--James Butler, Moses Baker, and Bazel Meek be appointed viewers of Vernon Twp.

No Date--Henry Meek (Son of Basil Meek) appointed supervisor of Brownstown road from Vernon to the county line.

No Date---Noe Sullivan appointed supervisor of the road that was Joseph Meek?s ( Son of Basil Meek ) last year.

No Date--David Meek and John Meek (John Childs) are working on the road from Vernon to the Twp. line or Coffee Creek road.

No Date--Grand Jury members: Joseph Meek and Richard Meek




No Date---Ordered that Richard Meek be appointed supervisor of all the bounds and roads he had last year.

May---Grand Jury Members Joseph Meek and Asa Skinner.




No Date--Appealed a fine against Richard Meek for Sabbath breaking on November 30, 1831.

No Date--Appealed a fine against Amasa Spencer of $1.00 for Assault and Battery on December 9, 1831.

No Date--Grand Jury member: Thomas Richey (Father of Abigail Richey, wife of Lewis Meek, son of Nathaniel Meek Sr.)

No Date--List of Hands working on the road from Charles Days old Coopershop to the Meek Settlement including the road from the ford of the Muscatatuck river to the Montgomery Twp. line: David Meek, David Meek Jr., Samuel Meek, Robert Spencer (Son of Amasa Spencer), Noe Sullivan, Henry Sullivan (Son of Noe Sullivan, husband of Elizabeth Meek, daughter of Samuel Meek Sr., son of Nathaniel Meek Sr. ), Basil Meek, Moses Spencer (Son of Amasa Spencer), William Meek, Amasa Spencer, Henry House, Henry Hudson, James House ( Husband of Mary Meek, daughter of David Meek, son of Nathaniel Meek Sr. ) Asa House, Isaac Thomas, Thomas Richey, Isaiah Richey, Asa Skinner, John Meek ( John Childs ), Stephen Skinner, Thomas Robbins, and ?Spencer.

November---Richard Meek petitions for a road alteration.

No Date--John Boner appointed supervisor in place of William Meek. Name of road not given.




May--On the petition of John Childs and others for a new Twp It is ordered that the following bounds be set off and form a new Twp. here towit; Beginning on the Coffee Creek road where the Montgomery Twp line crosses it thence with said road with to Charles Day's Coopershop thence NW so as to strike the Brownstown road at the west end of Seth Chace?s house then to Six-Mile Creek and the lower end of Charles Griffith?s house thence west to the Geneva Twp. line thence with said Twp line until it strikes the Montgomery Twp line thence to the point of beginning and said new Twp be called Spencer Twp and the election be held at ? Meetinghouse in said Twp on first Saturday in June next for the purpose of electing one Justice of the Peace in said Twp.

May---Ordered that Richard Carly be appointed inspector of elections in Spencer Twp.

No Date--Ordered that the road from David Meek's on towards Buckleses coarse mill be attached to John Childs? road district and that he open the same to the Montgomery Twp line.No Date--Richard Meek appointed to report of road. (Does not name the road)

No Date--Richard Meek and John Boner allocated $.50 for their services as viewers.





No Date---David Meek appointed supervisor for the road built from Charles Day?s to the Meek Settlement and from the 4th road district in Spencer Twp.

November--Richard Meek allocated $20.00 ( may be $2.00 ) for his services as Associate Judge at the August term of Jennings county circuit court 1834.




No Date--Lewis Meek, John Boner, Elisha Boner ( Husband of Sarah Meek, daughter of Samuel Meek Sr., son of Nathaniel Meek Sr.), Milton Boner, James Wilson, and Richard Meek are all hands on the road construction of Coffee Creek road from Vernon to the Montgomery Twp. line.

No Date--Noe Sullivan and others come to the Board and represent to the board that the allowance heretofore made by the board to Asa Skinner for keeping of Polly House, a pauper, was made by false fraudulent representation.

No Date--Ordered that Samuel Meek Sr. be appointed supervisor in the 4th road district of Spencer Twp.

No Date--Ordered that William Meek and Noe Sullivan be appointed viewers in Spencer Twp.




No Date--On a petition of John Childs for a change in the road that passes through his land: to commence at the west end of David Meek?s save thence to the first crossing of the creek, thence on a straight line to the second crossing of said creek and until it intersects the old road again. It is ordered that Samuel Meek Jr., Moses Spencer, and James Green be appointed to view the road alteration.

No Date--James E. Wilson (Guardian of David Meek and Nancy Crockett?s two children Melissa and James, after David's death in 1842) appointed supervisor in place of Richard Meek who is unable to discharge the duties.

No Date--Noe Sullivan petition to change the road through his land; to commence at the NW corner of S19 T6N R7E thence south to intersect the present road near the house of Jacob McCurry.

No Date--John Childs appointed supervisor in the fourth road district in Spencer Twp.




No Date---Richard Meek working on road. (Road not stated)

September---John Childs, Moses Spencer, and James Wilson are appointed supervisors for road. (Road not stated)

No Date---Lewis Meek, Samuel Meek, Henry Meek, and David Skinner are working on the Coffee Creek road.

May---John Childs allowed $2.00 for extra services as supervisor in 1836.

No Date--Lewis Meek allowed $7.00 for guarding prisoners in jail up to this date.

No Date--Booth Thomas allowed $5.00 for guarding prisoners in jail up to this date.




No Date--Noe Sullivan and Samuel Spencer appointed overseers of the poor in Spencer Twp. for 1838.

No Date--Lewis Meek appointed supervisor of the 19th road district in Vernon Twp.

No Date--Joel Baker (Son of Peleg Baker and his first wife Ann, 1/2 brother of Nancy Baker, wife of John Childs. John Childs became guardian of Joel's children after Joel's death in 1850) appointed supervisor of the 3rd road district in Spencer Twp.

May---John Childs, Alfred Boner, and Henry Hudson appointed viewers for Henry Sullivan petition to change the road through his property.

May---Lewis Meek allowed $2.00 for guarding the Jennings county jail.

May---Booth Thomas allowed $6.25 for services as bailiff.

September---John Childs allowed $1.50 for returning of the election results for Justice of the Peace in Spencer Twp.

No Date--Ordered by the board that Asa Skinner and Delancy Marvin ( Father of Jane Marvin wife of Jonathan Childs, son of John Childs. ) have a license to vende and ? in the town of Vernon for the term of one year.

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