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(named Marsh Cemetery because it was on Marsh property)located near border of Vernon and Spencer Townships East side of 500W north of 400S where blacktop makes a curve to the east.

Richey, Mary, consort of Thomas, died 28 Sep. 1857, aged 85 years, 5 months and 25 days.
Engle, Huldah A., wife of Emanuel, 16 Oct. 1821-10 June 1904
Engle, Emanuel, died 1 Jan. 1866 aged 73 years, a month and ? days.
Hamant, Lambert, 6 Apr. 1816-13 Sep. 1879
Dunlap, Robert, died 17 Apr. 1886 aged 52 years and 2 days.
Spencer, Moses, 9 July 1806-18 Mar. 1890             Joanna, 12 Dec. 1804-17 July 1849
Evan, Fanny, wife of Wm. R., ? July 1825-27 Jan. 1848
Evan, Infand dau. of WR & S. 17-26 June 1850

There were other burials here but field stones and unreadable or broken


West of 500W abut .3 mile north of 400S

Meek, William, died 10 Jan. 1874, aged 85 years, 6 months and 26 days

Several unreadable field stones.

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