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Transcription and Research done by Gordon Lambert in 1996-all the following will be from what he wrote.

Cem. Plot is Located on Harry S. Lewellen's Homestead. A Book by M.R. MacDonald "Scipio Indiana Threads From the Past", enters following information.
Moses Lewellen buys land in 1837, Francis Lewellen 1838. John Lewellen 1838 (correction note Lewelling spelling in book for Moses?) This can be found on page 89. Entered for your consideration. Next entry came from same book page 92.
Margaret R. MacDonald got it from "A Short History of the Scroggins Family" written by J.W. Scroggins in 1943.
1846: The Scroggins Arrive
    The Scroggins family consisting of the Father, Mother, and eight childern, Robert, Jane, Francis, Rhoda, John, Hinton, Marjory and Silvina, came to Indiana from Raleigh, North Carolina in the year of 1846. The only vehicle of converyance being a cart drawn by one Oxen.
    The father being a cripple had to ride in the cart with a few household essentials, the others coming on foot or being carried by older ones.
    They settled in Jennings County one and one half miles south and one fourth miles west of Bear Creek Church. On the west side of a small stream with a small cliff of rock directly in front of the door.
    Hereafter a short time the father died and was buried on Fourth mile North East of the Cabin. One sister and one Nephew, William Lewellen were also buried there. I have heard two small children but I do not know their names.
    After a short stay there the mother with her brother Moses Lewellen, walked to the Land Office at Jeffersonville, Indiana and entered from the Government Forty acres of land in Decatur County one and one half miles South and one mile west of the town of Sardinia, Indiana.

by Gordon Lambert, 1996 up-dates, READING, RESEARCH, CORRECTIONS by Mr. Lambert.
Location RE8, T8N sec.20 north of Scipio, Indiana, Jennings Co. Geneva Township. About 1/10 of a mile South of 1000N or Co. Line, and 2/10 East of 275 W. In the North West corner of Sec. 20 Just slightly West of RATTAIL CREEK. Fenced In, with gate, but in bad shape. ALL most all the stones have been knocked over by Cattle. (Very Small Plot, I will make no map), (Nationality Welsh).
From pictures on find a grave cemetery appears to be in much better shape now - some possible new stones?

PERMELIA dau of M & M Lewellen
died Sept. 24, 1893 age 69 yrs 2m's 15d's
footstones A.E.L., E.L., P.L. (Possibly children of Moses named Alfred & Esther)

MULFORD E. son of H.S. & E.A. Lewellen
born Mar. 25, 1872    died Jan. 2, 1892
footstone M.E.L. also to right smaller stone Mulford

MENNIAL O. son of H.S. & E.A. Lewellen
born May 4, 1867    died Jan. 26, 1892 footstone M.O.L.

born Oct. 17, 1869    died May 29, 1898

born July 15, 1846    died May 10, 1890

LIDDIE O. dau. of H.S. & E.A. Lewellen
born Mar. 18, 1878    died June 8, 1896
footstone made like a up-right log with broken limbs. INT's on top L.O.L.

T.J. LEWELLEN May 7, 1829    May 24, 1899

died Dec. 10, 1878 age 70 years

MOSES LEWELLEN died Jan. 3, 1887   Age 92 yrs 1 m 24 d's

Also buried, left this one buried, to brittle to move, broken up also.
ESTHER daughter of Moses & Matilda Lewellen died Dec. 16, 1867 age 18yrs 2m's 18d's same type stone as above
open bible in place of hand, says GONE HOME. Both are beside Moses & Matilda Lewellen.

Legable Incriptions

Brother Thou Art Gone (Together or Forever)
Thine is an Early Tomb
But Jesus Sumoned Thee Away.
Thy Savior Called Thee Home.

Life is a (spanial Fleeting Liqur?)
How soon the Vapor Flies
Man is a Leader (Haansienh Hower?)
That Ever Blooming Dies

Another Link is Broken
In our Household Band
But a chain is Forming
In a Better Land

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