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Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery
Vernon Township, Jennings County
 East of Vernon on 310E south of 20N.

    Ebenezer United Methodist Church began in the cabin of Jennings Judge William Prather in 1816. The congregation traces its beginnings to the 1790's when when curcuit riders from the Salt River Curcuit crossed the Ohio River to "Brother Prather's" cabin in the new Northwest Territory. This "Brother Prather" was William's brother Bazil. William followed his father from North Carolina to the frontier then known as Clarks Grant. In 1816 William moved to Jennings County with his family. Early members of Ebenezer were Bundy's, Pools, Prathers, Clintons, Carsons, and several Patrick brothers.
    These families lived in the Cherry Park neighborhood between Otter and Crooked Creeks. A housefire at the Strock farm destroyed the church records in 1929, but deed records say an early log church was built at the present site by the 1840's on land given by James and Ary Prather Hilton. Hilton's and Thomas Francis donated more land in the 1860's and the present simple frame structure was built, influenced by Quakers in the congregation. The original carved window frames, wainscotting, mourners' bench, and built-in pews are still there. A pulpit and pediestals were handmade by Mr. Sinnett.
    Ebenezer produced several ministers: the Reverands Frank and Walter Bundy, Clarence Vawter and Willard Patrick. Besides the Patricks, Ola Ferris, the Richardson sisters, Stewart and Fields children grew up at Ebenezer. Their lasting faith and friendships kept the Church going. Many of these families have generations of ancestors buried in the Church Cemetery. A trust given by Mary Silvers Sullivan in the 1980's keeps the church and cemetery well groomed.

                                                List of Burials
This list is from older records at the Jennings County Public Library. I believe there are more recent readings there now. Sometime these older lists can be helpful because stone could be gone now that were there when this reading was done.
Lizzie Jean Robbins   1893-1984
Phillip Walter Robbins   1894-1901
Sarah B, Patrick   1876-1872
Joseph M. Patrick   1879-1880
Sarah M. Patrick   9/30/1841-2/6/1908
Thomas Patrick-
Charlotte Bourches Winsor-wife of John Winsor   6/3/1831-6/4/1882
W.B. Patterson-Company B, 6th IN Infantry
John Thomas Patterson-Company B, 6th IN Infantry
Elizabeth-wife of Thomas Patterson-died 8/18/1862   58yrs
Corporal Thomas Patterson-Company I, 52nd IN Infantry
Eliza-wife of Thomas Francis-3/31/1880
Eliza E.-daughter of Thomas and Eliza Francis-6/16/1866
Unreadable or unmarked stone
Unreadable or unmarked stone
William H.-son of T. and F. Francis-died 3/24/1856
John T. Francis-died 7/12/1854
Elizabeth-daughter of William and Elizabeth Patrick-11/3/1854-2m 3d
Emilia Ann-daughter of William and Elizabeth Patrick-11/1/1854-4yr 1m 29d
Elizabeth-wife of William Patrick-died 11/5/1854
William H. Patrick-9/20/1820-5/15/1897-76y 4m 29d
In Memory of John Carney-infant son of R.H. and N.A. Newcomb
Mary C.-daughter of W.C. and M.B. Patrick-3/26/1886
William D. Patrick-died 8/4/1889-72y 4m
Catherine-wife of William Patrick-10/4/1864
Ida May-daughter of H. and I. Hinchman-6/11/1862
Irene-wife of Henry Hinchman-7/26/1886
Mary C. Patrick-6/6/1885
A.D. Garrison-Company H, 26th IN Infantry
Amanda L. Fawcett-9/19-1847-10/30/1859
Laura H. Fawcett-6/23/1861-4/25/1865
William Fawcett-10/25/1816-11/1/1885-Father and children
Ira C. Fawcett-4/14/1869-1/1/1872
Morton T. Fawcett-9/18/1963-10/28/1883
Asa Garrison-Company H, 26th IN Infantry
George-son of William and M. Patterson-10/9/1865
John L.-son of William and M. Patterson-3/17/1863
Joseph R.-son of William and M. Patterson-9/1863
Milly-wife of Richard Pool-4/6/1860
Richard Pool-11/6/1862
Richard H. son of W.R. and E.J. Pool-died 8/26/1861
William Pool-4/27/1835
Louisa Frevert Pool-1802-1872
Velma E. Strock-1889-1891
Lydia J.-daughter of D. and A. Strom
J.J. (Jeremiah J.) Patrick-Company E, 82nd IN Infantry
Daniel Carson-10/26/1869 husband of Elizabeth Carson
Elizabeth (Carson)-5/18/1885 wife of Daniel Carson
Joseph E.-son of P.D. and M.E. Carson-8/29/1882
Infant Son of J.J. and C.A. Carson-born and died 3/7/1870
Francis Carson-8/19/1861
Jeremiah Patrick-12/4/1795-3/25/1871
Catherine-wife of Jeremiah Patrick-2/24/1802-10/23/1878
Levens Farr-4/30/1863
Unmarked stone
Albert Roublic-10/13/1879-3/29/1899
Catherine Roublic-died 3/20/1906-44y 6m 12d
Henry Patrick-1867-1937
Emma Patrick-1866-1895
Emmet Patrick-1895
Gracie Fisher-1889-1889
Moses Patrick-22nd, IN Infantry
Mother Emma C. Patrick-1849-1917
Laura A. Wilson-1873-1951
Rollid Wilson-1870-1934
Elizabeth-his (John's) wife-7/16/1843-2/10/1914
John A. Wilson-10/30/1830-8/27/1917
Ursula E. Wilson-1/26/1893-4/18/1906
Infant daughter of J.L. & S.A. Wilson  7/29/1889
Aurula Z., - daughter of J.L. & S.A. Wilson   8/22/1890-3/10/1892
Sarah A.,  wife of James L. Wilson  6/17/1859-3/13/1895
Eliza Fawcett  1892-1946
John C. Fremont Fawcett   1856-1924
Daniel H. Ziegler  1857-1939
Ziegler, Isaac  no dates
Zeigler, Sarah no dates
Andrew J. Patrick  9/23/1825-12/5/1906
Ellen Patrick  2/26/1826-2/18/1885
Margaret B. Patrick  1847-1890
Harriet Stoops McKinney  1876-1952
Anna Swarthout Allen  1860-1927
Edward Allen  1858-1921
Effa Swarthout  8/24/1867-4/2/1898
Ellen Swarthout   7/4/1836-3/15/1918
George W. Swarthout  4/7/1819-?/?/1883
Jake Swarthout  11/19/1873-1/15/1968
Sarah Elizabeth Riley  1871-1946
Isabelle, wife of William H. Patrick  8/9/1824-3/18/1890
Thomas E. Spaulding   died 4/10/1883   6 y 7 m 16 d
Catherine wife of James Reynolds
James Reynolds  9/1/1834-8/29/1884
Richard Reynolds  8/29/1832-8/20/1878
Lizzie Farris  1857-1914 
Alva Ferris  1853-1913
Mother Lillie Williams  1862-1891
Anna Strock  1825-1895
Davie Strock  1821-1895
Father _____ F. Strock  1859/1897
Mother Viola Strock  1864-1901
Birdie Mae Strock  1885-1907
Ari Hilton-consort of James Hilton  died 5/16/1854  aged 56 y 10 m 8 d
James Hilton  died 4/17/1857   69 y 3 m 22 d
William Hilton  1/13/1821-7/11/1858
unmarked stone
unmarked stone
unmarked stone
William F. Hills  6/12/1799-9/28/1870
     ?    Hills   1836-1910
Mary Jones  2/8/1806-1/14/1877  70 y 11 m 2 d
Elizabeth Jones, wife of W. R. Baxton   2/9/1812-4/14/1880
John L. Stewart  6/6/185_-3/25/19__
Josephine Stewart  2/6/1858-3/25/1937
In Memory of E. Howe Stewart  2/20/1891-6/16/1961  buried Hanover Cemetery
Baby Eliza
Barry A. Johnson
William B. Johnson  1856
Clara, wife of William B. Johnson  1856
May Fry  6/5/1879
Cary A. Fry  7/26/1856-2/16/1910
J. Clinton Fry-(not buried here maybe Muscat. School)
Orlando (Pine Tree)
Maranda Brougher   1851  twin stone
Samantha Brougher  1851 twin stone
Willie and Katie Sinnett-twin children of Isaac and Lydia Hills Sinnett
Ann M. wife of G.H. Sinnett   12/31/1889
Millie Sinnett   1863
Lydia Carr  1843-1947
W.P. (Press) Carr  1849-1938
Charles Carr  died 1847  (no stone)
Henry H. Jordon  1816-1884
   Mary J. Jordon  1829-1890
Charles W. Jordon  1854-1884
Phoebe J. Patrick  1861-1929
Isabel Brougher   8/23/1879
Jacob Brougher  8/6/1795-7/23/1853
Unmarked Stone
Dr. Allen W. Brougher  died 1857
Mandy E. Pool   7/12/1865
Samuel Bundy  8/18/1881
Harry ??
Cora ??
Henry S. Bundy  8/17/1870-3/28/1873
Cora E. Bundy  2/23/1865-4/4/1873
Anna C. Bious  1852-1890
Royal Fawcett
Unmarked stone
Unmarked stone
Unmarked stone
Unmarked stone
Unmarked stone
Riley Henchman  1807
Mary A. Bundy  12/1861
Benjamin F. Bundy, son of M. & E. Bundy   9/18/1861-16 yrs
Emilia, wife of Miles Bundy   12/14/1864  60 y 10 m 2 d
Henry C. Bundy   1/30/1866
Miles Bundy  9/27/1880
Rev. George Bundy  1831-1905
Julie F. Bundy   1837-1918
Hanna McCammon  1870
Jeremiah Bundy  1876
Stephen Edward Fields  1864-1948
Oriella Jordon Fields   1865-1942
Anna W. Fields   1892-1896
Marian, wife of John Bundy   10/11/1840-12/11/1862
Everett M., son of J.W. & L.A. Amos  died 7/14/1874
John S. Silvee  1/25/1875  45 y 2 m 13 d
Jonas Leslie   1840-1911
Hanna M. Leslie  1857-1911
Emmeline,  daughter of H.H. & M.J. Beeman   3/20/1871
Henry H. Beeman   6/11/1840-11/22/1871
Mary J.  ??
Belle Spencer   1866-1903
Marie Spencer  1889-1906
Frances Patrick  1839-1945 
Miles B. Patrick  1844-1944
Fred Patrick  1882-1926
John E. Frye  1870-1951
Emma B. Frye  1864-1941
Charlotta Phillips  1865-1941
Philander F. Phillips  1858-1925
Major Ernest R. Wrightman  1924-
Bonnie M. Peters Wrightman  1926-
Vernon H. Jamison   1900-1987
Jeannette Stewart Jamison  1900-12/8/1989
Nellie Hayworth  1892-1942
Lola E. Hayworth  11/29/1891-10/4/1940
Mary Lu Hayworth  1/15/1915
Nathan K. Hayworth  6/17/1912-2/6/1984
Morton H. Hayworth  5/17/20-6/26/86  66 yrs.
Donald E. Robertson  1939-1940

Please add to your list for Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, as she was recently buried there. from - Michael Bailey
Lenora Pitts Bailey, 69, a was at MSDC for 23 years
Lenora Pitts Bailey, 69, of Butlerville died Saturday, April 3, 2010, at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.
Mrs. Bailey was a 1958 graduate of Vernon High School and was retired from the Muscatatuck State Development Center after 23 years.
Born June 4, 1940 in Irvin, Ky., Mrs. Bailey was the daughter of the late Buford and Winnie Sparks Pitts. She was married to Beau Bailey and he survives.
Additional survivors include two sons, Mark Bailey of Butlerville and Michael Bailey of Angleton, TX; two daughters, Susan Bailey of North Vernon and Ann Marie Bailey of Killeen, TX; four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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