Bocock-Hobaugh Cemetery
July 2000
By Carla Hobaugh Smith


This is the path leading to the cemetery from Dr. Camarata's property. After gaining his permission, he gave us directions to the cemetery. We started on this path.
We continued along the path through the woods...until we reached a clearing. We were to walk around the field ahead of the path in the picture on the right and to the woods in the far center.
The field was full of weeds in July of 2000, but thankfully we had a mowed path to follow around the woods. Dr. Camarata directed us to go to the center of the woods, where we would find the cemetery from there. But this time we would not have a path to follow through the woods.
This is where we decided to enter the woods, not exactly an easy walk through the woods.
Although this picture is a little blurry, this is my first look at the Bocock-Hobaugh Cemetery. It is located in the middle of this wooded area. We noticed the ground cover first and then the broken stones among the trees. The picture below shows another look through the woods at the cemetery.
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