Mississinewa Battlefield Cemetery

Mississinewa Battlefield Cemetery

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SurnameGiven NameBirth DateDeath DateVetAge*Images
BEDFORDThomas   18 Dec 1812 Pvt. Kentucky Volunteers    
BROWNBeverly   18 Dec 1912 Pvt. Kentucky Volunteers    
CARNAHANThomas   18 Dec 1812 Pvt. Kentucky Volunteers    
CUNNINGHAMDaniel   18 Dec 1812 Pvt. Ohio Volunteers    
GRIFFINJames   18 Dec 1812 Pvt. Pennsylvania Volunteers    
LANSINGFrancis   18 Dec 1812 Pvt. Pennsylvania Volunteers    
PIATTSalem   18 Dec 1812 Pvt. Kentucky Volunteers    
PIERCEBennoni   18 Dec 1812 Capt. Ohio Volunteers    
SCOTTWilliam   18 Dec 1812 Pvt. Kentucky Volunteers    
SMITHThomas   17 Dec 1812 Sgt. Kentucky Volunteers    
WALTZDaniel   18 Dec 1812 2nd Lt. Pennsylvania Volunteers    
WRIGHTJames   17 Dec 1812 Sgt. U.S. Light Dragoons    


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