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Blackford County Land Records & Deeds

Every state has an office that handles the recording of land records and deeds. The name of the office varies: Recorder - Auditor - County Clerk - Register of Deeds and so forth, but the types of documents recorded are similar and include deeds, mortgage documents, liens, plats, surveys, powers of attorney and easements.

The following Blackford County land records and deeds are available at the Indiana State Library in the Genealogy Division section.

Land Records

Tract Book ... 1836-1853.
Copied by Cecil Beeson. 1959. 39 pp.
Genealogy Division, p. f. 977.201 B628 no. 6

Tract Book [1836-1853].
The Hoosier Genealogist (Nov.-Dec. 1962) no. 6
The Hoosier Genealogist (Jan.-Feb. 1963) no. 1
The Hoosier Genealogist (Mar.-Apr. 1963) no. 2
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789

Deed Records

Deed Indexes, Grantee
Volume 1, 1842-1901
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Deed Indexes, Grantor
Volume 1, 1843-1902
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Deed Records
Volumes AA-Z, 1838-1887
Volumes 1-21, 1887-1909
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Affidavits for land transactions ... in possession of Marion P. Bonham, abstracter, Hartford City. 1972. 5 volumes. Genealogy Division, q 977.201 B628b
Beeson, Cecil. Deed book A [1836-1844]. 1960. n.p.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 B628d
also Genealogy Division, 977.201 B628bbd

Deed Book A

Blackford County, Indiana, Deed Book A, at Recorders Office. Said Book A was in a very bad condition, in fact most of the pages were loose and some in the wrong place in this book; because of that I did not number the pages in my copy and the page numbers were very hard to ascertain. I know that old Deed records reveal much on local history and much on family records, then, too, we know that Deed Books often record old Wills, notes, mortgages, and as in this case, even a marriage. I copied this faithfully, this the essential facts except the prices paid. --- Cecil Beeson Sr.

Transcribed by Peggy Carol, 2002

This listing will be updated and arranged according to the "Grantor", "Grantee" and "Others" that were recorded on each transaction. For the time being, here's the "old" listing:

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Tract Book: 1831 - 1839

Blackford county was erected 1838 from a part of Jay County, which had been formed 1836 from territory attached to Randolph and Delaware counties, the latter not the present-day county of that name, but one of two units set up in 1820 from the "New Purchase," without the usual county organization.

This listing had been provided by one of our patrons. Thanks for sharing!

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Real Estate Transfer Notices from The Evening Herald

The Evening Herald newspapers from 1906 to 1907 has a listing of legal notices such as the real estate transfers of local citizens of Montepelier and surrounding area.

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