1850 Census of Benton County, IN
transcribed by Lana Magiera

There are 28 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adams, William L
Adison, Minerva
Alderson, Mitchell
Anderson, John C
Anderson, Rebecca
Armstrong, Jane
Armstrong, Jane
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Matthew
Armstrong, Miles
Atkinson, Catharine
Atkinson, Cephus
Atkinson, Eleanor
Atkinson, Elizabeth
Atkinson, France
Atkinson, Frances
Atkinson, Isaac
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, Lucinda
Atkinson, Martin A
Atkinson, Mary
Atkinson, Matilda J
Atkinson, Robert
Atkinson, Thomas
Aungst, Ann
Aungst, George
Aungst, Henry
Aungst, John
Aungst, William
Baker, Samuel E
Baker, William
Baldwin, Ira
Baldwin, Phebe
Baldwin, Thomas A
Barett, Abraham
Barett, Mary L
Barktest, John M
Barkust, Amos A
Barkust, Catherine T
Barkust, Charles M H
Barkust, Esther Ann
Barkust, Nathan A
Baugh, Johnathan
Baugh, Minerva E
Baugh, Nancy J
Baugh, Ruth A
Baugh, Sarepta A
Belden, Henry
Birch, Hester
Birch, Isaac
Birch, Jesse
Birch, Mary Ann
Birch, Rachel
Birch, William W
Birdsall, Anna C
Birdsall, Benjamin
Birdsall, Daniel
Birdsall, Benton L
Birdsall, Gulielma
Birdsall, Hannah T
Birdsall, Harriet
Birdsall, Jesse
Birdsall, Samuel
Birdsall, Seth
Birdsall, William H
Birn, Sarah
Blades, Benjamin F
Blanchfill, George
Blanchfill, James
Blanchfill, Sarah
Blanchfill, Sarah
Boon, Sarah A
Boon, Wilson F
Boswell, Elizabeth
Boswell, John F
Bowmer, Henry M
Boyerton, Jonathan
Boynton, Frances
Boynton, Francis
Boynton, Francis A
Boynton, George W
Boynton, John H
Boynton, Margaret A
Boynton, Mary
Boynton, VanBuren
Brittenham, Charity
Brittenham, Cressy
Brittenham, Elijah
Brittenham, Elizabeth
Brittenham, Elizabeth
Brittenham, John Wesley
Brittenham, Louisa
Brittenham, Maria
Brittenham, Mary Ann
Brittenham, Rebeca
Brittenham, Samuel
Bryant, Andrew
Bulard, Jacob
Bunnell, Elijah
Bunnell, Jane E
Bunnell, Martha
Bunnell, Mary E
Burk, Charles
Burk, Clarissa F
Burk, Delila P
Burk, Ellen
Burk, George W
Burk, John
Burk, Levina J
Burk, Maria L
Burley, Caroline E
Burley, Charles B
Burley, Harriet H
Burley, John M
Burley, Louiza
Burley, Mary J
Burley, Ruth Ann
Burley, Sarah E
Burley, Stephen
Butcher, Jane
Butcher, John
Castle, Franklin C
Castle, Henry C
Castle, Jacob
Castle, Mary A M
Castle, Montgomery
Castle, Thomas
Cheanorth, Eliza
Chedle, Stephen W
Claver, Lydia A
Clevenger, Elizabeth Jane
Clevenger, Susan E
Clevenger, William F
Clevenger, Willis
Cobler, Byard
Cochran, ELizabeth
Cochran, Elizabeth
Cochran, Hester
Cochran, John
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, William
Cochran, William J
Coffelt, Abraham
Coffelt, Charlotte
Coffelt, Elizabeth
Coffelt, ELizabeth
Coffelt, George
Coffelt, Jacob
Coffelt, John
Coffelt, John R
Coffelt, Lean
Coffelt, Luiza J
Coffelt, Mary A E
Coffelt, Mary M
Coffelt, Michael
Coffelt, Phebe
Coffelt, Sarepta V
Coffenbery, Bathisha
Coffenbery, Benjamin H
Coffenbery, George W
Coffenbery, John M
Coffenbery, Malissa
Coffenbery, Nathan L
Coffenbery, William B
Conly, Edward
Coops, Thomas
Crabb, Andrew
Crabb, Ben
Crabb, Elizabeth
Crabb, Jarrett
Crabb, John W
Crabb, Josiah
Crabb, M*******
Crabb, Rachel E
Crabb, Vintcent
Crabb, Vintcent
Crabb, Washington
Craig, Caroline
Craig, James
Craig, Margaret
Crawford, Francis N
Crawford, Henry H
Crawford, James S
Crawford, Martha J
Crawford, Miranda
Crawford, Nancy R
Crawford, Polly D
Crawford, William P
Crompton, Ellen
Crompton, John
Crompton, Mary
Crossan, Miranda
Crossan, Thomas
Crosson, George
Crosson, James
Crosson, James
Crosson, Jane
Crosson, John
Crosson, Margaret J
Crosson, William
Custer, Godfried
Daly, Ann
Daly, James
Daly, John
Daly, Michael
Dart, Israel
Davidson, John H
Davis, Anne E
Davis, Charity E
Davis, Charles
Davis, Deborah
Davis, Lori
Davis, Louis A
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Sarah C
Dawson, Amanda
Dawson, Charles
Dawson, Charles Taylor
Dawson, Charles W
Dawson, David A
Dawson, Ezekial
Dawson, Francis M
Dawson, Honor
Dawson, John
Dawson, Lewis
Dawson, Mary J
Dawson, Mary J
Dawson, Sarah
Dawson, Silas
Dawson, Smiley
Dean, Joshua
Dean, Minerva E
Dean, Olly
Dean, Sarah J
Debart, Allen
Debart, Eliza
Debart, Jane
Debart, John W
Debart, Maria
Dehart, Joseph
Denton, Cevilla J
Denton, Elijah
Denton, Elizabeth
Denton, Esther
Denton, James A
Denton, James O
Denton, John W
Denton, John Wesley
Denton, Joseph
Denton, Joseph W
Denton, Martha Jane
Denton, Mary Ann
Denton, Mary Ann
Denton, Mary E
Denton, Nancy
Denton, Rachel Ellen
Denton, Rachel T
Denton, Sarah D
Denton, Sarah H
Denton, Selitha
Denton, William
Dolan, John
Doty, Edward
Doughty, Robert
Downey, Andrew
Downey, Elijah
Downey, Elizabeth
Downey, Francis M
Downey, Henry
Downey, James
Downey, James
Downey, John
Downey, Mary A E
Edmonson, Robert
Elliott, John
Emmerson, Elizabeth
Emmerson, James
Emmerson, John W
Emmerson, Mary E
Farley, Eliz Ellen
Farley, Eliza Ann
Farley, Joseph C
Farley, Mary E
Farley, Melinda J
Farley, Sarah Ann
Farley, William
Ferguson, Amos T
Ferguson, Elizabeth C
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, John W
Ferguson, Joseph
Ferguson, Lewis G
Ferguson, Martha A
Ferguson, Mary
Ferguson, Sarah
Finch, George
Finney, Eli
Finny, Dauyilla
Finny, John
Finny, Julia A E
Ford, Abijah
Ford, Allen
Ford, Charles
Ford, Eleazer
Ford, Ezrah
Ford, Fletcher
Ford, James A
Ford, Lydia
Ford, Margaret
Ford, Margaret
Ford, Marion
Ford, Martha
Ford, Mary
Ford, Mary
Ford, Rebecca Ann
Ford, Ruth Ann
Ford, Solomon
Ford, Strowder
Foster, Danial
Foster, Elizabeth
Foster, Enoch H
Foster, Finetta
Foster, George W
Foster, Harris
Foster, James
Foster, James R
Foster, John
Foster, Joshua W
Foster, Malinda
Foster, Mary
Foster, Nancy
Foster, Rebecca A
Foster, Robert
Foster, Samuel
Foster, Samuel H
Foster, Sarah
Foster, Susan
Foster, Wesley
Foster, William
Gaffin, James
Galvin, Allen
Galvin, Catharine
Galvin, James
Galvin, Joseph J
Garland, John
Garland, John W
Garland, Lewis H
Garland, Sarah
Garland, William A
Gillespie, Allen
Gillespie, Benjamin
Gillespie, Elizabeth
Gillespie, Manerva
Gillespie, Samuel
Gillespie, Sarah
Gillespie, William
Gragg, Eliza
Gragg, Jane
Gragg, Maria
Gragg, Samuel
Gray, Charles W
Gray, George H
Gray, Hannah M
Gray, James M
Gray, Mary Ann
Gray, Sarah E
Green, Stephen H J
Greenwood, Frances P
Greenwood, Joseph
Greenwood, Martha
Greenwood, Mary
Greenwood, William
Gregory, Mary Ann
Haler, Conrad
Hall, William
Hamilton, Thomas
Hanover, Milton
Harmon, Jeremiah
Harris, James M
Harris, Nancy A
Harris, Rebecca E J
Harryman, George
Haskins, Hannah
Hassman, Cyrus A
Hawkins, Allison
Hawkins, Caroline
Hawkins, Elizabeth A
Hawkins, Hollis
Hawkins, James W
Hawkins, Jane C
Hawkins, Mary
Hawkins, Mary C
Hawkins, Oscar
Hawkins, Robert
Hawkins, Sarah
Hawkins, Thomas
Hawkins, William
Heave, James L
Henry, Nelson
Herron, Catharine
Herron, Elizabeth
Herron, Henry
Herron, Margaret A
Herron, Mary Jane
Herron, William J
Hesson, Asbury
Higgins, Hannah
Higgins, Herrod
Higgins, Isabel
Higgins, Lovina
Higgins, Lydia
Higgins, Margaret
Higgins, Ophinia
Higgins, Samuel
Higgins, Sarah A
Higgins, William J
Hill, Henry
Hinch, Frances Mary
Hinch, Joseph A
Hoddy, Charles R
Hoddy, Mary E
Holly, Luther
Holly, Thomas
Hoolton, Elizabeth T
Hoolton, Harriet S
Hoolton, James N
Hoolton, Lucy
Hoolton, Mary Ann
Hoolton, Sarah J
Hoolton, William B
Hoover, William T
Hopper, Ardelia
Hopper, Elizabeth A
Hopper, John
Hopper, Martha F
Hopper, Mary
Hopper, Mary C
Hopper, Sarah A
Houston, James
Howard, Catharine C
Howard, Erasmus M
Howard, Hartly T
Howard, Helathen L
Howard, James C
Howard, Martha J
Howard, Mary
Howard, Mary L
Howard, Robert
Howel, Jonathan W
Howel, Joshua
Howel, Mary
Howel, Sieneth
Hubbard, Abner G
Hubbard, David C
Hubbard, Judith
Hubbard, Mahetable
Hubbard, William
Jackson, Abraham
Jackson, Alexander H
Jackson, James
Jackson, Jean D A
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Joseph W
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Matilda
Jackson, Samuel M
Jackson, Sarah A
Jackson, Sarah A
Jackson, Susan
Jarrad, Eliza
Jarrad, James
Jarrad, Mary A
Jarrad, Wellington
Jarvis, Amos
Jarvis, Charlotte
Jarvis, Elizabeth
Jarvis, James W
Jarvis, John
Jarvis, Margaret J
Jarvis, Nancy A
Jennings, Elnathan
Jennings, George H
Jennings, Melissa Ann
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Hannah Sue
Johnson, Harriet
Johnson, James W
Johnson, James W
Johnson, John
Johnson, John L
Johnson, Loviah N
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Nancy Ann
Johnson, Peter Piner
Johnson, Samantha
Johnson, William A
Jones, Eliza J
Jones, Jacob
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Mary E
Justice, Basil
Justice, Elizabeth J
Justice, Jane
Justice, Margaret E
Keagly, Alvis
Keene, Irena
Keene, Samuel
Kinney, John
Lane, Elizabeth
Lane, John
Lane, Lucinda
Lane, Parris M
Lane, Samuel
Lathrop, John
Leath, George H
Lewis, Abraham B
Lewis, Betsy
Lewis, Cathe
Lewis, Cinthy
Lewis, David L
Lewis, Francis
Lewis, Hannah
Lewis, Isaac
Lewis, Laury
Lewis, Lovicy
Lewis, Preston A
Lewis, Thomas
Lewis, Wesley
Lewis, William
Ligget, Alexander
Ligget, William
Lindsey, Abigail P
Lindsey, Cephus
Lindsey, Harriet F
Lindsey, Joseph
Lindsey, Josephine
Lindsey, Lydia J
Lindsey, Mills
Lindsey, Orlando
Liptrap, George
Liptrap, George B
Liptrap, James
Liptrap, John
Liptrap, Levina
Liptrap, Rebecca J
Liptrap, Susan J
Little, Elijah
Little, Elisha
Little, Mary Ann
Loter, Mary
Louthain, John
Louthairs, Cyrus
Louthairs, Joseph
Louthairs, Malissa
Louthairs, Margaret
Louthairs, Maria
Luse, Belinda
Luse, Charla C
Luse, Ephraim M
Luse, Jacob
Luse, Rheda A
Martin, Charles
Martin, David
Martin, David
Martin, Eliza J
Martin, Francis C
Martin, James
Martin, Jared
Martin, Leah
Martin, Leah
Martin, Nancy
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William
Matthew, Tobias
May, Elizabeth
May, Ellen
May, Ellen
May, Joshua
May, William
McClure, Ann C
McClure, Aramin O
McClure, James
McClure, Margore J
McClure, Martha E
McClure, Sarah A
McClure, Susan E
McClure, Theopholis W
McConnell, Andrew J
McConnell, David
McConnell, David J
McConnell, David R
McConnell, Elizabeth
McConnell, Frances J
McConnell, Hugh
McConnell, Hugh
McConnell, Hugh B
McConnell, Irvin
McConnell, Isaac W
McConnell, James A
McConnell, Jasper N
McConnell, John
McConnell, John T
McConnell, Kesiah J
McConnell, Margaret
McConnell, Margaret
McConnell, Mary
McConnell, Mary A
McConnell, Mary M
McConnell, Nancy
McConnell, Nancy
McConnell, Samuel C
McConnell, Samuel J
McConnell, Sarah
McConnell, Thomas
McConnell, Thomas H
McConnell, Thomas J
McConnell, William
McConnell, William B
McConnell, William H
McConnell, William J
McConnell, William J
McCoy, Wesley
McDade, Daniel
McDade, Daniel
McDade, Elizabeth
McDade, Hugh
McDade, James
McDade, John
McDade, Martha
McDade, Martha E
McDade, Martin
McDade, Mary
McDade, Mary
McDade, Samuel
McDade, Sarah Jane
McDade, William
McDaniel, Charles
McDaniel, Charles
McDaniel, Eliza J
McDaniel, Elizabeth
McDaniel, Francis A
McDaniel, Henry
McDaniel, Jackson
McDaniel, Malinda
McDaniel, Marietta
McDaniel, Melinda
McDaniel, Sarah
McIlvain, Jesse
McIlvain, Margaret J
McIlvain, Mary
McIlvain, Mary E
McIlvain, Samuel
McIlvain, Sarah A
McIlvain, William
McKinney, Albert N
McKinney, Harriet
McKinney, Joseph
McKinney, Luiza J
McKinney, Mary A F
McKinney, Sarah H
McKinney, Valera
McMahan, James
Merrit, William
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Gideon
Miller, James P
Miller, John
Miller, July Ann
Miller, Mary
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Peter L
Miller, Peter L
Miller, Rachel
Mills, Dan
Mills, Jennet
Mills, Mary
Mills, Thomas
Mills, Webster
Moore, Ann D
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Hadasa
Moore, Henry H
Moore, Julia Ann
Moore, Rhoda E
Moore, Sarah J
Moore, Spenser W
Moore, Walter G
Morgan, Allen
Morgan, Daniel
Morgan, David
Morgan, George A
Morgan, Henry
Morgan, John
Morgan, Luiza C
Morgan, Martha
Morgan, Mary E
Morgan, Matilda
Morgan, Nancy
Morgan, Nancy
Morgan, Ralph
Morgan, Ralph Jr
Morgan, Ralph Sr.
Morgan, Sarah
Morris, Martha Ann
Munson, Amos
Munson, Orin
Myers, Basiet S
Myers, George
Myers, Jacob K
Myers, James G
Myers, Mary Jane
Myers, Sarah
Nolin, Austin
Nolin, George
Nolin, James
Nolin, Jane
Nolin, Milly
Nolin, Minerva
Nolin, Richard
Ogburn, Daniel
Ogburn, Esther L
Ogburn, Henry
Ogburn, James W
Ogburn, John
Ogburn, Mary E
Ogburn, Sarah A
Oliver, John S
Oliver, Mary Ann
Oliver, William L
Osburn, John
Osburn, John S
Osburn, Mary Ann
Osburn, Mary Jane
Osburn, Nancy
Osburn, Nancy Jane
Osburn, Robert
Osburn, Sally Ann
Osburn, Simeon
Osburn, Stansbury
Osburn, Taylor
Owen, Finetta
Owen, Jonathan A
Owen, Martha C
Owen, Polly A
Owen, Susan
Owen, Thomas
Owens, Cinderilla
Owens, Elizabeth
Owens, Henson H
Owens, Jeremiah
Owens, Mary J
Owens, William W
Parker, Basil J
Parker, Elizabeth J
Parker, James F
Parker, Mary F
Parker, Rachel N
Parks, Andrew
Pearce, Fernandero
Pearce, Joseph D
Pearce, Lucinda
Pearce, Luiza
Perigo, George W
Perigo, Isaac
Perigo, Isaiah
Perigo, James
Perigo, Jesse A
Perigo, Sarah A
Perigo, Sarah J
Presly, William
Pur*ic*, Caroline
Richardson, B
Robertson, Amanda
Robertson, Anna
Robertson, Francis M
Robertson, Henry
Robertson, John H
Robertson, Lewis
Robertson, Lewis
Robertson, Louis
Robertson, Mary
Robertson, Sabra
Robertson, Samuel H
Rorick, George W
Rorick, John
Rorick, Mary H
Rorick, Nancy
Rosingspark, John
Rowe, Martin V
Rowe, Mary A
Rowe, Thomas H
Rowe, William T
Ruble, Green
Runner, Amelia
Runner, Isaac
Runner, Mary E
Runner, Rebecca
Runner, Susanna
Rush, Enos
Rush, Isaac T
Rush, Mary E
Rush, Rachel A
Rush, Sarah
Rush, Thomas J
Sargent, Catharine
Sargent, Eliza Matilda
Sargent, George
Sargent, James M
Sargent, Mary E
Sargent, Nancy A
Sargent, Rachel Agnes
Sargent, Sarah Jane
Sargent, Susan D
Scott, George W
Scovill, Elbert
Scovill, Mary Ann
Scovill, Royal
Sellars, Abraham H W
Sellars, Elizabeth E
Sellars, Martha A
Sellars, Rebecca J
Shaw, Amillia
Shaw, David A
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, John
Shaw, John E
Shaw, Margaret A
Shaw, Mary J
Shaw, Sarah E
Shaw, Sidney D
Shaw, William
Shoemaker, George
Shoemaker, Sarah
Shuty, Frederick
Shuty, Hannah Ann
Shuty, Isabel A
Shuty, James
Shuty, John
Shuty, John R
Shuty, Mary Jane
Shuty, Nancy
Smith, Ann
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Catharine
Smith, Dougl A
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth A
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, July Ann
Smith, Leah
Smith, Margaret
Smith, Margaret S
Smith, Martha E
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary J
Smith, Olivia H
Smith, Sally
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah E
Smith, Sarah E
Smith, Stephen
Smith, Susan
Smith, Tabitha
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William P
Snyder, Caroline
Southard, Elizabeth J
Southard, Ellen J
Southard, George W
Southard, Honora B
Southard, Isabella
Southard, John
Southard, Lucretia
Southard, Sally D
Sowther, Maria Ann
Squires, Ann E
Stanly, Amanda
Stanly, Cyrus
Stanly, Elizabeth A
Stanly, John J
Stanly, Martha J
Stanly, Martin
Stanly, Mary
Stanly, Rachel C
Stanly, Robert
Stanly, William
Steeley, James
Stimble, Elinor
Stimble, Jane
Stimble, Martha A
Stimble, Theopholis
Stokes, Alonzo T
Stokes, Elizabeth A
Stokes, Ernest C
Stokes, Frederick
Stokes, Frederick A
Stokes, James B
Stokes, John T
Stokes, Laury
Stokes, Robert A
Stokes, Sarah E
Stokes, Zechariah
Storr, Elan
Storr, Hyrum
Storr, John
Storr, Martha
Storr, Temperance
Strain, Elizabeth
Strain, Isabel
Strain, John
Strain, Rebecca J
Strain, Samuel
Strain, William
Strain, William H
Stults, Catharine J
Stults, David J
Stults, Elizabeth
Stults, Francis M
Stults, Henry
Stults, Hester
Stults, Lawrence
Stults, William
Stutogall, George
Sunderland, Andrew R
Sunderland, Eliza Ann
Sunderland, Eliza J
Sunderland, Martha Ann
Sunderland, Mary E
Sunderland, Perry
Sunderland, Sarah C
Sutton, Hannah C
Sutton, Rinaldo
Sutton, Virena C
Templeton, Henry L
Templeton, Isaac
Templeton, Isaac N
Templeton, Jasper
Templeton, Lucy
Templeton, Maria
Templeton, Rhoda
Terwileger, Charlotte
Terwileger, Christopher
Terwileger, Harvey
Terwileger, John
Terwileger, Levina
Terwileger, Margaret
Terwileger, Mary Rebecca
Thomas, Eliza
Thomas, Emmerson
Thomas, George
Thomas, James
Thomas, James
Thomas, Jane
Thomas, Jefferson
Thomas, John
Thomas, Louisa
Thomas, Maria
Thomason, Mary M
Thomason, Matthew
Timmmons, Robinson
Timmons, Benjamin A
Timmons, Betsy J
Timmons, Edward
Timmons, Elizabeth
Timmons, Elizabeth M
Timmons, Hester
Timmons, Hester A
Timmons, John W
Timmons, Joshua
Timmons, Joshua
Timmons, Joshua Johnson
Timmons, Lucy
Timmons, Mary D
Timmons, Nancy
Timmons, Nathan
Timmons, Sarah J
Timmons, Thomas
Timmons, Thomas J
Timmons, Thomas Jr
Trenton, George W
Trenton, Hannah E
Trenton, James W
Trenton, Nancy
Trenton, Samuel B
Trenton, Thomas R
Tult, Laury P M
Vanhorn, Adaline
Vanhorn, Ann
Vanhorn, Caroline
Vanhorn, Jonathan
Vanhorn, Jonathan
Vanhorn, Margaret A
Vanhorn, Mary
Vanhorn, Sarah A
Vanhorn, William
Vanhorn, William
Vanover, Henry
Vanover, Henry
Vanover, James A
Vanover, Joseph
Vanover, Kesiah
Vanover, Sarah
Vanover, William W
Wakman, Charles E
Wakman, Francis M
Wakman, Gideon
Wakman, Hannah R
Wakman, Harriet A
Wakman, Mary Elizabeth
Wakman, Vilitta
Wakman, William F
Walden, Edward H
Walden, Mitten
Walden, Susanna J
Waldrip, Levi
Waldrip, Sabrina
Waldrip, William
Walters, George B
Walton, Benjamin F
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Isaac
Ward, Mary E
Warrick, Alfred W
Warrick, Ann
Warrick, Huzed S
Warrick, Martin L
Warrick, Otranie ?
Warrick, Silas E
Wattles, John
Wells, Erasmus
Wells, Margaret
Wells, William A
Wheeler, Helding S
Wheeler, Margaret S
Whinery, Mary
Whitcomb, Benjamin
Whitcomb, Caroline E
Whitcomb, Catharine
Whitcomb, Daniel
Whitcomb, George
Whitcomb, George
Whitcomb, Mary
Whitcomb, William
White, Andrew J
White, Francis M
Whitmore, John
Whitmore, Margaret A
Whitmore, Martin
Wiggins, Catharine
Wiggins, Eliza Jane
Wiggins, George
Wiggins, George D
Wiggins, Hester Ann
Wiggins, Leah
Wiggins, Margaret
Wiggins, Rebecca
Wilkinson, Barbany
Wilkinson, Harriet A
Wilkinson, Hayram
Wilkinson, Hiram V
Wilkinson, Martha G
Wilkinson, Nancy
Wilkinson, Simon F
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, William C
Wilkinson, X
Willets, Levi
Willett, Edward
Williams, Adason
Williams, Bartram A
Williams, Carpenter
Williams, Catharine
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, George
Williams, Henry
Williams, Jane
Williams, John M
Williams, Leah
Williams, Lewis B
Williams, Lewis H
Williams, Margaret C
Williams, Maria J
Williams, Mary J
Williams, Mary J
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Philip
Williams, Philip H
Williams, Sally
Williams, Wiliam H
Williams, William Harrison
Wishor, Elizabeth
Wishor, Sarah
Wishor, William
Wood, Aaron
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, Henry C
Wood, Jacob M
Wood, James P
Wood, John
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Margaret
Wood, Mary J
Wood, Miles H
Wood, Nancy J
Woodhouse, Emery
Wright, Harriet H.
Wright, Isaac H.
Wright, John B C
Yarbrough, Andrew J
Yarbrough, George G
Yarbrough, George W
Yarbrough, Susan W
Yarbrough, Thomas J
Young, Eliza J
Young, Farinda
Young, Isaiah C
Young, Isaiah H
Young, John C
Young, Mary M
Young, Milton
Young, Nancy
Young, Newton
Young, William
Young, William A
Young, William A

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