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Oak Ridge Amish Cemetery

"A man should not grieve overmuch, for that is a complaint against God." ~Amish proverb

The relatively new Oak Ridge Amish Cemetery is located in French Township, near Berne.
Many thanks to Shana Neuenschwander of the Berne Library for her help in locating the cemetery!

Obituary abstracts are available at Adams Public Library System News Search, while obits are directly linked on the page.

Updated 4/13/2022
Oak Ridge Amish Cemetery
Last Name First Name (Maiden) Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Notes Obit
Graber Barbara J C 6/16/2016 5/14/2021 Jonas J & Carolyn J Hilty Graber obit
Hilty Barbara E (Schwartz) 2/6/1937 8/8/2019 Dan S - 12/2/1959 Dan J & Esther Ebersole Schwartz obit
Hilty Jerome A 11/10/1947 5/18/2020 Bertha L Miller - 6/3/1971 Andrew A & Amanda Schwartz Hilty obit
Hilty Samuel W 11/9/2012 3/22/2013 Willis S & Elizabeth A E Graber Hilty obit
Lambright Alvin A 7/12/1946 4/23/2021 Emma J Wickey - 9/30/1965 Alvin V & Mattie Miller Lambright obit
Schwartz Amos H 1/25/1937 5/9/2012 Elizabeth H Chris C & Susan Hilty Schwartz obit
Schwartz Elizabeth H (Schwartz) 12/14/1937 9/11/2015 Amos H - 12/8/1956 Henry E & Barbara Schwartz obit
Schwartz Jake B 9/30/1952 1/5/2018 Mattie Wickey Joseph A & Barbara Schwartz obit
Schwartz William M 6/7/1952 10/18/2021 Marie A Jake E & Mary N Miller Schwartz obit
Schwartz Wilma A 7/28/1971 3/14/2016 Amos A & Lydia Ann Schwartz Schwartz obit
Stutzman Andrew H 11/12/1957 4/7/2020 Edna Hilty Henry J & Mary Miller Stutzman obit
Wengerd David N 11/21/1931 3/26/2015 Mary Ellen Eicher - 11/18/1954 Noah S & Christina Wickey Wengerd obit
Wengerd Mary Ellen (Eicher) 1/9/1925 7/4/2009 David N - 11/18/1954 Samuel A & Bertha Kauffman Eicher obit
Wengerd Rosa L (Wickey) 9/20/1949 5/5/2012 John N - 9/21/1967 Levi R & Anna K Hilty Wickey obit
Wengerd Rose Ann H (Schwartz) 9/18/1964 8/7/2011 Sam D Ben & Lovina Hilty Schwartz obit
Wengerd Samuel D 4/7/1963 10/5/2015 Rose Ann H Schwartz - 11/29/1987 David N & Mary Ellen Eicher Wengerd obit
Wickey Annie M (Hilty) 1/15/1950 8/25/2014 John L Joseph A & Martha Shetlerf) Hilty obit
Wickey David D L 5/19/1976 2/19/2018 Annie H Dave E & Lovina E Girod Wickey obit
Wickey Jacob E 1952 2/4/2017 Sylvia E Schwartz Amos J & Emma Schwartzentruber Wickey obit

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