Becoming a Volunteer

One thing all members of the INGenWeb family have in common is a shared desire to make genealogical and historical information available to others.

There are several different ways you can join the INGenWeb as a volunteer:

  • County Coordinator (referred to as CC)
  • Lookup Volunteer
  • Contributor

County Coordinators

The county coordinator is the foundation of the INGenWeb.

County Coordinators (CC) manage & maintain the county web sites. The prerequisites for becoming a CC are:

  1. a sincere interest in the genealogy of the county they coordinate
  2. the ability to maintain a website
  3. access to county materials

CCs are responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:

  • providing basic assistance to researchers
  • locating & transcribing data for their county
  • formatting data submitted by contributors
  • checking in via monthly roll calls

To facilitate the above, CCs should either live in or near their county and/or have easy access to materials from the county.

Specific county page requirements for the INGenWeb Project are listed at The Indiana Guidelines and Procedures.

More information regarding HTML, FTP, and other aspects of website management can be found on the INGenWeb Tech Help website.

Lookup Volunteer

Lookup volunteers offer to do lookups via e-mail in genealogical resources that they own or have access to.

If you have access to cemetery records, county and town histories, marriage information, or any other genealogically useful data, contact the appropriate county coordinator and tell him or her you'd like to be a lookup volunteer for their county.


Contributors transcribe and submit information & data that can be published on the county websites.

Contributions can be as simple as posting a surname you are researching or making a query. Contributors also share information by gathering information, such as tombstone readings, obituaries, sharing historic photographs and transcribing data that is then published on the county website by the county coordinator.


If you would like to be a Lookup Volunteer or Contributor for an INGenWeb county or project, please contact the County or Project Coordinator listed at the respective website for more information.

If you interested in becoming an INGenWeb County Coordinator, please take a few moments to fill out the application.

Thank you for your interest in the INGenWeb Project!