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Vigo County, Indiana Will Records
There is no Author, Date of Publication or Name of Publisher.
The book was originally in the Reynolds Historical Genealogical Collection
Dewey # 977.201 - There is a Bar Code # for the Allen County Public Library [3 1833 02308 5472]
The Book is digitized and available for download

I have re-created the index for the Vigo County GenWeb.
The Pages of Wills are available here:

Vigo County Wills Date
Vigo County Wills Date
A > M

N > W
Aspinwall, Eleazar 1820
Norris, John 1828
Brocklebank, John 1826
Porterfield, James 1846
Bush, Japhet 1829
Souls, William 1820
Church, Alanson 1818
Starke, Benjamin 1831
Cox, Richard 1820
Stephenson, Nicholas 1821
Elliott, Abraham 1821
Thompson, John F 1821
Eversol, Samuel 1844
Tuttle, Gersham 1823
Grose, Joseph 1848
Wallace, Isaiah 1825
Johnston, James 1822
Wilson, Jeremiah 1828
Lee, James 1819
Winter, James S 1825
Markle, William 1820
Winter, William 1818

Rose Orphan's Home ~ Index

History of Indiana's Poor Houses


Deed Records ~ Book 1 1816 > 1821

Researching Census Records
Census Records are a great Resource and can be found on many Web Sites:

The LDS has a decent collection / Abstracts and Images

Census Film can [1790-1930] can be downloaded from the Internet Archives.

Divorces & Circuit Court Notices 1819 > 1937 [Indiana Newspapers]

"The Espy Files" ~ US Executions [1608 - 2002]
Note: The Section for Indiana [1814-2001] in 'Sort by State' File is Pgs 116-118.

'Search the Indiana State Archives'

Newspapers ~ Books
Wiki List of Digital Newspapers ~ Indiana State Digital Archives
Indiana Public Library ~
Indiana Memories
Indiana Military Records
There is a great deal of Military Information online:
Start Here ~ Digital Archives ~ Civil War ~ Battles ~ Patriot Grave Search [Revolutionary War]
LDS Wiki - Researching Military Records

Record Of Indiana Volunteers In The
Spanish ~ American War

Issued By Authority Of The
Sixty-First Assembly of Indiana
Gen James K Core, Adjutant-General
Maj John E Miller, Chief Clerk
Capt Wilbur F Havens, Clerk
Miss Elizabeth Stewart, Stenographer

Wm B Burford, Contractor For State Printing and Binding

Soldiers And Patriots "Biographical Album" Containing Biographies and Portraits of Soldiers and Loyal Citizens
In the American Conflict,
Together with the
Great Commanders of the Union Army
A History of the Organizations grwoing out of the War:
The Grand Army of the Republic,
The Loyal Legion,
The Sons of Veterans, and
The Woman's Relief Corps
Chicago, ILL
Union Veteran Publishing Company,

There are a great number of Biographies in the above book.
I have gleaned some for Indiana, but there are probably more.
The Complete Index can be found here.

The Indiana Index can be found here.
The Book may be read online or downloaded here.

Vigo County Index: Disabled Vol Soldiers
Link to Records:
United States National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers,

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