Vermillion County Genealogy

Naturalizations - December 1st and 2nd, 1938

Source: Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Vermillion County, Indiana, Tuesday 6 Dec 1938, page 1
Contributed by: Karen Zach, Sep 2016

Newport, Ind. - Dec. 6 -- Citizenship papers this year were presented to members of the largest class in the history of Vermillion County, figures released at the court house revealed today.  Only two persons entitled to receive final papers failed to appear and a total of 107 new American citizens were created Thursday [1 Dec] and Friday [2 Dec] by the approval of Circuit Court judge G. E. Bingham.  The class was divided into 4 groups, one each morning and each afternoon of the two days needed to complete the work. New Citizens Listed:

Group 1:
George Balash
Giovanni Bazzani
John Bobich
Maria Bobich
Bernardo Bogetto (name changed to Barney Bogetto)
Joseph Bohine
Rudolph Bohine
Maria Bria
Carlo Castagna
William Counsell
Joseph Cunico
Minnie Divan
Adam Dunsmore
Frank Fabele
Robert Fleming
Elizabeth French
Teresa Gianotti
Teresa Lanzone
Simo Latinovich
Frank Lorenzine
Antonia Pangrazio
Charles Penksa
Mary Pikosky
John Polony
John Polony, Jr.
Joe Rovi
Nick Shagan
George Simm
Andrew Sivak
Maksim Skorich
Group 2:
Antonia Airola
George Aspinall
Ellen Aspinall
Dante Bizzi
Pete Baruzelli
Caterina Bonomo
Thomas Carroll
Nell Neil Danti
Joe Davitto
Victor Fink (cause continued for further papers)
Angelo Gervo
Gicomo Giacohina
Minrie Giordino
Caterine Giorgio
Sam Grubesia
Francis Rusell Jardine
Edna Ethel Kost
David Lesevich
Pietro Marietta
Mile Marinkovich
John Mofflor
Domenick Perfetti
Carlo Perona
Risto Ribich
Domenia Rufatto
James Simm
Alexander Thomas
Group 3:
Andrew Anderson
Margaret Baird
Giusepp Barco
John Baruschak
Augusta Carosi
Angeline Costa
Ron Costa
Maria Domenica Fenoglio
Barbara Frame
John Frame
Teresa Franchetto
Giuseppe Giado
Nick Kachavenda
Andrew Logan
Ilja Marie
Giacomo Marketti
Giovanni Marzilli
Louise Mazely
Anna Naurocki
Rosa Gulia Nepote
Mary Peradotto
Andy Polony
John Popik
James C. Renivick
John Ricauta
Constane Schmidt
Fred Schmidt
Andrew Smelkowski
Brun Teo
George Vandevoorde
Gulia Vettida
Anna Vranich
Group 4:
Margaret Bibich
Joe Bonucchi
Umberto Bonucchi (name changed to Bert Bonucchi)
David Bospetti
Ottavia Gambiani
Antonia Giacobino
Teresa Guglielmetti
Giovanna Pezavento
Joe Malag
Juliana Malag
John Mattioda (name changed to John Domenic Mattioda)
Joseph Menghini
Mary Vitalie Moutine (name changed to Mary Vitalie)
Giovanni Nora
Batista Pecoraro
Anton Tardiiti
Andrew Tribu [possibly Tribuiali?]
Mary Vrzina