This Bible record was originally published in the Hoosier Genealogist and was reprinted and is in Indiana Source Book One.
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The title page is missing; on the inside of the back cover is a not handwritten by Anna R. Dautel, saying that the
 Bible had belonged to her grandparents, John C. and Martha (Stapp) McGuffin; that it was published in
 Brattlebrough, Vt., in 1816.


Achilles Stapp    12-22-1755
Peggy Stapp       10-15-1763
Elijah Stapp       10-16-1783
Elias Stapp      1-11-1786
Nancy Stapp     11-10-1788
Milton Stapp     7-14-1792
Silas Stapp      4-14-1795
Mary Stapp      11-07-1797
There is a note which says "the above items are all in the same hand."  The list of births continues:

Mariah Stapp, 3-12-1800

Jameson Stapp, 3-03-1803
Eliza Ann Stapp, 12-04-1814
Maleta Stapp,  9-23-1816
Martha Stapp.  7-16-1818
Margaret Stapp             3-08-1820
Milton Stapp              11-17-1832
Lucinda [?]               11-12-1850
Ann Elizabeth Kleiser      9-13-1839

Mary Katherine Kleiser     7-30-1841

Howard S. Gray             2-27-1846

John Henry McGuffin        5-29-1844
James William McGuffin     3-14-1846
Frances B. McGuffin        6-28-1848
Margaret McGuffin          6-22-1853
Anna Rebecca McGuffin     10-03-1856
Frank H. McGuffin         11-28-1854

Frankling [sic] McGuffin   3-05-1860


Peggy, wife of Achilles Stapp - d. 4-29-1813, in her 50th yr.  [This scribe is the same as for the first eight births]
Achilles Stapp -  d. 9-4-1849
Anna, second wife of Achilles Stapp  - d. 4-21-1857

Margaret E. (Stapp), wife of John P. Gray - d. 5-16-1850
Terry [Jerry?] Delph - d. 11-9-1858
John C. McGoffin [sic] -, d. 8-11-1871
Anna McGuffin, wife of James H., d. 4-16-1874
Johnny C. McGuffin, son of James W., d. 9-16-1874
Emma McGuffin, d. 3-  -1903
Walter C. McGuffin, d. 4-11-1899
Frances B. McGuffin, d. 10-13-1850
Frank H. McGuffin, d. 11-25-1883



Eliza Ann Stapp married Reuben Lyter, 11-8-1832
Maleta Stapp married Jonas Kleiser, 12-4-1838* (see notes on this family below)
Martha Stapp married John C. McGuffin, 6-8-1843
Margaret E. Stapp married John P. Gray, 1-28-1845
John Henry McGuffin married Amanda Dickerson, 9-24-1867
James William McGuffin married Anna S. Capps, 5-5-1868

[Concerning Milton Stapp, born 7-14-1792, an article in Biographical and Historical Sketches of Early Indiana, by William W. Woollen, Indianapolis, 1883, pg. 168, gives the birthplace as Scott Co., Ky, and the later residence and burial places as Madison, Jefferson Co., Indiana.]    End of article.

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*Additional Notes on the Stapp Family submitted on 1/7/2002 by Harry Kleiser:

Hi.  I wanted to add some information concerning the family of Jonas Kleiser  and Maleta Stapp Kleiser which doesn't appear in your family Bible. Jonas,  Mary Katherine, and a son, Joseph Macy Kleiser, went west by wagon train in 1853, accompanying my ggf, James Abram Kleiser, Jonas' nephew. Jonas and family settled in Hoopa Valley, near Arcata, California. Jonas died in 1861.  Maleta, Mary Kate and Joseph Macy Kleiser returned to Kentucky. Joseph became a doctor and settled in Parsons, Kansas in 1871. The census of the period shows his mother, Maleta, as living with him. Apparently, she later moved to Cooke County, Texas to live with and older daughter, Mrs. Abram VanMeter, as she is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery there with here two daughters. Joseph Macy Kleiser is not listed in your family bible.

Harry Kleiser

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