Will of John Baer
Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Will Book 4, pg. 458
15 February 1883

Submitted by: Maureen Johnson
I, John Baer of Tippecanoe County in the State of Indiana being of sound mind as make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time made.

First, I direct that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my personal estate.

Second, Where as for the past eight years or more I and my wife have been unable to do much toward taking care of ourselves and I am indebted to my son John A. Baer for taking care of me and my wife, I having promised him that he should be compensated reasonably for his services and whereas also I have agreed with my said son John A. Baer to take care of and provide for myself and my said wife as long as we may live, and provide for the decent burial of my wife when she shall die, for which he is to be paid out of my estate, now therefore for the purpose of paying my said indebtedness to my said son John A. Baer and to compensate him as well as I can for the services by him contracted to be performed by him and also to give to him his proper share in my estate.  I will and bequeath to him in fee the farm on which I now live being one hundred and seventy two acres more or less--and being the west half of the southeast quarter of section twenty eight in township twenty two north of range four west, and the west half of the south east quarter of section thirty three in said township and range and also twelve acres off of the west side of the east half of the north east quarter of section thirty three in said township and range and also all my personal estate of every kind and description.

Third, as to the residue of my estate which consists of a farm in Benton County Indiana of one hundred and nineteen acres.  I devise the same to my children Jacob E. Bear, Martha J. Shoemaker and Susan E. Cloyd to be divided between them as follows to Susan E. Cloyd first three hundred dollars if the land should be sold in money from the proceeds, if not three hundred dollars in value in land, and the residue to be equally divided between the three vig Jacob E. Baer, Martha J. Shoemaker, and Susan Cloyd, the intention being to give to Susan out of the land or its proceeds, three hundred dollars more than either of the others.

Fourth, The foregoing provisions of my will are not made with the intention of depriving my beloved wife Susan Baer of any right, but only because I suppose she concurs in the disposition so made.  If however she should
choose to take under the law then I give her one third of each of the farms hereinbefore described and five hundred dollars, but this is not to interfere with any disposition, I have made of the residue of my property, but the devised I have made are to stand as made subject only to the rights of my said wife.  That is my son John is to have the lands in Tippecanoe County Indiana subject to the rights of my said wife and my other children to have the lands in Benton County in the proportion and as divised to them subject to the right of my said wife.

Fifth, I appoint my son John A. Baer executor of my last will.

John Baer (seal)

Signed sealed published and declared by John Baer as his last will and testament in our presence and we have, at the request of said testator signed our names as witnesses in his presence and in the presence of each
other this 15th day of February A.D. 1883.

Martin Campbell
John M. LaRue

Note: This will has been transcribed exactly as written with one exception.  The author wrote in as ni.  He did this each time he used the word.

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