Front of bible engraved:  Jacob Ewry & dated 1871

Jacob Ewry lived and raised his family in Lafayette, Indiana, Tippecanoe County.
Published in Philadelphia: William W. Harding. 1871.


In LaFayette, Ind. Feb. 20th 1855 by the Rev. Candel D.D,
Jacob Ewry and Mary E. Smith daughter of P. B. & Mary S. Smith.

In Chicago April 18th, 1887.  John J. Ewry son of J &  M. E. Ewry
to Miss Mary S. Sample of LaFayette, Indiana.

LaFayette Dec. 19th, 1883 at  high noon by the Rev. Wm. Dickinson,
Ernest O. McCormick of Chicago to Mary Estelle Ewry,
daughter of  J. & M. E. Ewry.

In LaFayette June 1st, 1887 by Rev. E. Barr. William Terry of
Chicago to Fannie E. Ewry daughter of J. &  M. E. Ewry.


Jacob Ewry son of John and Mary L. Ewry was born in Dayton, Ohio
on the 8th of May 1829.

Mary E. Smith daughter of P.B. and Mary Smith was born in
Carlisle, Pa, July 2, 1834.

Henry Smith Ewry son of Jacob & Mary E. Ewry was born in
LaFayette, Indiana February 1st 1856.

Mary Estelle Ewry daughter of Jacob & Mary E. Ewry was born in
LaFayette, Ind. October 13, 1857.

Fannie Eliza daughter of  Jacob & Mary E. Ewry was born in
LaFayette, Ind. Nov. 17th, 1860.

John Jacob Ewry son of Jacob & Mary E. Ewry was born in
LaFayette, Ind. Dec. 4th, 1862.

Fredric William son of Jacob & Mary E. Ewry was born in West
LaFayette, Ind. October 28th, 1865.

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William Frances son of Wm. & F. E. Terry was born December 17,
1894 in Chicago, Ill.

Louise daughter of E. O. & M. E. McCormick was born Jan 18, 1888
in Chicago.

Ernest Ewry son of Wm. & F. E. Terry was born May 28th, 1888 in
LaFayette, Ind.

Elizabeth John daughter of J. J. & M. S. Ewry was born Dec. 13,
1888 in LaFayette, Ind.

John Weston son of Wm. & F. E. Terry was born August 25, 1891 in
Chicago, Ill.

Mary Estelle daughter of Wm. & F. E. Terry was born in Chicago,
May 13, 1893.


August 2, 1866, in West LaFayette of Cholera infantum, Freddie
son of Jacob & Mary E. Ewry  aged 9 mo & 1 week of such is the
kingdom of Heaven.

Nov. 19th, 1883,  Harry Smith Ewry died of consumption at Raton,
New Mexico, brought to  LaFayette, Ind. Nov. 23rd and buried at
Springvale Cemetery, aged 27y, 10 mo, 19 days.  He was loved by
all who knew him.

John J. Ewry died January 14, 1890 of hemorrhage of the lungs.
Aged 27 ys, 1 m and 10 days.  He asked life of thee and thou
gavest it him even length of days forever and ever.

Mary Estelle McCormick died Oct. 26th, 1893.

Mary E. Ewry wife of Jacob Ewry died April 29, 1912.  Aged 77y. 9
months, 27days.  The greatest loss to home of all.

Jacob Ewry died April 14, 1915.

Jacob was oldest son of John & Mary L.(Shill) Ewry who came to Tippecanoe County from Montomery county, Ohio.   Other children of John and Mary: John Jr.,  Samuel,  Elizabeth,  Mary Ann, William H.,  Joseph Shill, Eliza Jane, Charles E. and George.

Submitted by: Lou Ann Terry-Clugh, great-great granddaughter of Jacob Ewry, of  Lafayette, Indiana, April-1999. 

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