Richland Township - 1926

Submitted By: Cheryl Pocock Gleason

This information is from the 1926 Registration Book, Richland Township, Steuben County, Indiana.

The original book is now located in the Reference Department of the Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County, Indiana.

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 Old handwriting is hard to read. There may be mistakes in spelling of names.


Number Last Name First Name Residence Where Born
1 Rensch David L. Hamilton, Ind.
2 Anspaugh Jacob Edon, Oh
3 Sheline Cyrus Hamilton, Ind.
4 Morley Leo

5 Brandeberry Harry Edon, Oh
6 Alwood Lelah Edon, Oh
7 Schoville William Hamilton, Ind.
8 Williams Lois Metz
9 Harrison Jack Hamilton, Ind.
10 Bell Sam Hamilton, Ind.
11 Buell Willis Hamilton, Ind.
12 Bell Hattie Hamilton, Ind.
13 Imhoff William Edon, Oh
14 Gallutia William Metz, Ind.
15 Gallutica George Metz, Ind.
16 Van Auken Carl Hamilton, Ind.
17 Van Zile Arlie Hamilton, Ind.
18 Mortorff Kathleen Metz
19 Eyster Ora Edon, Oh
20 Eyster Lizzie Edon, Oh
21 Buell Lillie Hamilton, Ind.
22 Locke Frank Hamilton, Ind.
23 Allman John Hamilton, Ind.
24 Morley Lelah Hamilton, Ind.
25 Baker Amy J. Hamilton, Ind.
26 Locke Leora E. Hamilton, Ind.
27 Lash Eunice Metz
28 Allman Evelyn Hamilton, Ind.
29 Lechlidner Leslie Metz
30 Coffman George Hamilton, Ind.
31 Eddy Ora Hamilton, Ind.
32 Egbert Uriah Metz
33 Dalley Morton Hamilton, Ind.
34 Eddy Bertha Hamilton, Ind.
35 Carlin Ezra Metz
36 Robinett Joseph Edon, Oh
37 Parrott Mary E. Hamilton, Ind.
38 Parrott Orson F. Hamilton, Ind.
39 Williams Weir Metz
40 Beard Cynthia Angola
41 Aldrich Harriett Hamilton, Ind.
42 Aldrich David Hamilton, Ind.
43 Wilks Charles Edon, Oh Ohio
44 Eyster Isaac Edon, Oh Ohio
45 Eyster Elsie Edon, Oh Ohio
46 Hand Dunham Metz Indiana
47 Barron Fayette Metz
48 Fee Rena Metz
49 Fee Shirley Metz
50 Brandeberry Esther M.  Hamilton, Ind.
51 Brandeberry William C. Hamilton, Ind.
52 Hand Kenneth Metz Indiana
53 Gaskill Ford Metz Indiana
54 Gaskill Lizzie Metz Ohio
55 Jackman Elizabeth Metz Indiana
56 Tyson Cora Metz Indiana
57 Brandeberry Jesse C. Hamilton, Ind. Indiana
58 Robinett Leroy J. Metz Indiana
59 Barron Lester Hamilton, Ind.
60 Barron Arco Hamilton, Ind.
61 Brandeberry Mary E. Hamilton, Ind. Indiana
62 Beard Gates Angola Canada
63 Gilbert Hugh Angola
64 Williams Verl Metz
65 Moor Emma Angola Indiana
66 Gilbert Myra Angola, Ind.
67 Hand Ted Metz Indiana
68 Brandeberry Inez Hamilton, Ind.
69 Eyster Cora Edon, Oh
70 Eyster Florence Edon, Oh
71 Eyster Arlo Edon, Oh
72 Hill Joseph Edon, Oh Indiana
73 Tyson John Metz Michigan
74 Eyster Paul Edon, Oh Indiana
75 Hopkins Lucinda M. Hamilton, Ind.
76 Dally Della Hamilton, Ind. Indiana
77 Beard Cynthia Snyder Angola
79 Gallutica Nora Metz
80 Coffman Laura Hamilton
81 Dally Glida Hamilton Indiana
82 Wisner James Hamilton, Ind.
83 Porter James Hamilton, Ind.
84 Porter Sarah M. Hamilton, Ind.
85 Coffman Lloyd Hamilton, Ind.
86 Moore Charles Hamilton, Ind.
87 Moore Belle Hamilton, Ind.
88 Olmstead Albert H. Hamilton, Ind. Indiana
89 Jack Elizabeth Hamilton, Ind.
90 Sowle Russel Hamilton, Ind. Indiana
91 Anspaugh Bertha Edon, Oh
92 Brandeberry Carol L. Hamilton Indiana
93 Dick Peter A. Metz Ohio
94 Lemmon R. Avery Hamilton Indiana
95 Lemmon Edith B. Hamilton Ohio
96 Metz Nathan Edon, Oh
97 Metz Eugenia Edon, Oh
98 Cary Nelson E. Edon, Oh
99 Cary William Elmer Edon, Oh
100 Cary Melissa Edon, Oh
101 Cary Rebecca Edon, Oh
102 Eddy Guy C. Hamilton, Ind.
103 Brooks Harley Edon, Oh
104 Brooks Flossie Edon, Oh
105 Imhoff Opal Edon, Oh
106 Imhoff Oscar Edon, Oh
107 Barron Shirley Hamilton Indiana
108 Noll Floyd Hamilton Indiana
109 Willibey Hattie Hamilton Ohio
110 Morley Letha Hamilton Ohio
111 Morley Edgar Hamilton Indiana
112 Lechleidner Harvey Metz Indiana
113 Tingler Charles M. Hamilton, Ind.
114 Smith Paul Hamilton Ohio
115 Durr Lewis Hamilton, Ind.
116 Durr Henry Hamilton, Ind.
117 Dewire Montie Hamilton, Ind.
118 Dewire Ethel Hamilton, Ind.
119 Mabrey Mary Metz Ohio
120 Eddy Mamie Hamilton, Ind.
121 Van Zile Sina Hamilton, Ind.
122 Shields Verdine Hamilton, Ind. Indiana
123 Tingler Clara Hamilton, Ind.
124 Cary Avilla Hamilton, Ind.
125 Melvin William C. Metz, Ind. Kentucky
126 Stanesberry James Hamilton, Ind.
127 Kernkel James O. Edon, Oh Ohio
128 Robinett Germ Edon, Oh Indiana
129 Russell Huldah
130 Rose Bert Hamilton, Ind.
131 Rose Loretta Hamilton, Ind.
132 Campbell Ethel Edon, Oh Indiana
133 Gurtner Adelbert Hamilton, Ind.
134 Gurtner Maude Hamilton, Ind.
135 Russell Albert
136 Campbell Galon Edon, Oh Indiana
137 Metz Jacob B. Edon, Oh Ohio
138 Campbell Hugh Hamilton, Ind.
139 Campbell Sylvia Hamilton, Ind.
140 Melvin Mildred Metz Kentucky
141 Metz Lillian Edon, Oh Ohio
143 Kiess Mary Edon, Oh
149 Kiess Irvin Edon, Oh
150 Allomong Oscar Edon, Oh
152 Dirrim Andrew H. Edon, Oh
156 Wolfe Earl Edon, Oh
161 Schaeffer Leonard

162 Enfield Bessie Hamilton, Ind.
163 Dalley Lulu Metz, Ind.
165 Dally Clyde F. Metz, Ind.
171 Gill Charles Edon, Oh
172 Gill Enola Edon, Oh
181 Enfield William Hamilton, Ind.
183 Willouby Fred Hamilton, Ind.
187 Willoughby Emma Hamilton, Ind.
189 Barron Ada Metz, Ind.
190 Anspaugh Samuel Hamilton, Ind.
191 Anspaugh Margaret Hamilton, Ind.
202 Robinett Theodore Metz, Ind.
203 Robinett Sarah A. Metz, Ind.
207 Lechlidner Mimmie Metz, Ind.
208 Gaskill Melvin Metz, Ind.
213 Hand Edward Metz, Ind.
214 Hand Viola Metz, Ind.
218 Williams Frances Ellen Metz, Ind.
220 Mortorff Glen Metz, Ind.
221 Mortorff John Metz, Ind.
222 Dirrim Zora A. Edon, Oh
223 Sheline Cora Hamilton, Ind.
226 Barron Glen Metz, Ind.
227 Ellis Glen Metz, Ind.
228 Heller Grant Edon, Oh
229 Musser Ardnel Hamilton, Ind.
230 Alwood Clark M. Edon, Oh
231 Fiser Lola

232 Fiser Thomas

234 Repp John Metz, Ind.
236 Cary Farmmie Hamilton, Ind.
238 Lasher Ora Hamilton, Ind.
239 Lasher Florence Hamilton, Ind.
245 Tingler Victor B. Metz, Ind.
246 Robinett Edna Metz, Ind.
250 Babcock John G. Angola, Ind.
252 Green Charles Metz, Ind.
257 Brandeberry Harold Metz, Ind.
258 Tingler Clarence

260 Kogan Denver J. Hamilton, Ind.
262 Coffman Alta Metz, Ind.
266 Moore Mable

267 Moore Archie

269 Fee Walter Ray Metz, Ind.
271 Eyster Elvyn Edon, Oh
273 Wood Lucy Hamilton, Ind.
274 Eddy Charles Hamilton, Ind.
275 Wood Freman Hamilton, Ind.
278 Sutton Gerald Hamilton, Ind.
281 Thompson Matilda

282 Thompson Scott

284 Fisher Lauren