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Rush County, Indiana
Genealogy and History

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Rush Co. Biographies

Rush Co. Biographies - transcribed by Joy Fisher

Every Name Index to History of Rush County

Compiled by Cathy L. O'Connor, 2008. This index was compiled from Part II. History of Rush County, pages 247-876 and contains over 11,000 entries

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Charles T. Addison
J. M. Amos
William M. Bosley
John w. Callahan
Jesse E. Creed
Chase Cross
Chester F Cross
Charley Davis
James Henry Davis
George W. Ewing
John d. Fleener
John Kennedy Gowdy
Jesse G. Gray
J. W. Green
Lowell McKee Green
Henry O. Gross
Lincoln Gupfin
Lewis Edgar Harcourt
Thomas Heaton
John H. Heeb
Ralph L. Heifner
Dora M. Hilligoss
Allen Hinchman
Robert N. Hinchman
Perry T. Innis
Harrie Jones
R. O. Kennedy
David Manlove
Thomas E. McCoy
John Deen McGee
John F. McKee
Roy Mitchell
Wallace G. Morgan
Samuel R. Newhouse
Charles H. Parsons
Edwin Payne
Robert W. Pierce
Homer Powell
Albert W Rigsbee
Albert Robinson
Elmer Scarlett
Robert Simpson Davis
Mary Agnes Sleeth
Glenn A. Smiley
John P. Stech
Ben Stevens
Wayne King Templeton Edgar Thomas
George W. Young