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This List of Surnames Beginning with "Y & Z"

Name Spouse Date
YATER, Abraham (Abram) Patsey Rea 14Jun1829
YATER, Amelia Ann Pythorgas King 16Mar1843
YATER, James L. Sarah Jane Smith 21May1845
YATER, Nancy Jane John Prather 16Jul1845
YEAST, Rhoda John G. Jackson 13Jan1839
YOCAM, George W. Katharine Montgomery 20Jul1824
YOCAM, John Sarah Vanbeeber 22Jan1825
YOCAM, Lazeller Elizabeth Gorden 04Jun1832
YOCAM, Matthias C. Philena Nevins 14Mar1827
YOCAM, Sarah Robert McMahill 20Feb1831
YOCAM, Simon P. Armenia Allen 12Apr1827
YOCAM, William Polly Burt 12Aug1830
YOST, Catharine Amon Shook 19Mar1837
YOUNG, Amziah Mary Beebee 30Jul1840
YOUNG, Benjamin D. Louisa B. East 18Jan1846
YOUNG, Catharine Charles Miller 04Mar1841
YOUNG, Catharine Nicholas Tow 05Nov1846
YOUNG, Catharine William W. Allen 08Aug1833
YOUNG, Cynthia Patrick Ratkin 13Sep1836
YOUNG, David Frankey (Frances) Brown 14Dec1820
YOUNG, Delila Peter Castner 17Nov1839
YOUNG, Elijah Olive M. Gordon 27Oct1850
YOUNG, Elizabeth William Lowe 22Jun1842
YOUNG, Emily Thomas Hiatt 25Sep1838
YOUNG, Ira Elizabeth Runner 04Jul1820
YOUNG, Isabella James N. Waggoner 27Sep1827
YOUNG, James W. Malvina Longfellow 07Jan1844
YOUNG, Magdaline Jacob Gazell 18Jun1844
YOUNG, Mary Jane Daniel H. Robinson 26Dec1839
YOUNG, Minerva Elias N. Griffith 13Jun1843
YOUNG, Peter Elizabeth Brown 02May1821
YOUNG, Philip J. Louisa Smith 16Jun1846
YOUNG, Rebecca Jeremiah Cole 25May1820
YOUNG, Thomas Elen G. Elsworth 09Apr1838
YOUNG, William R. Anna Heaton 08Nov1832
YOUNGE, George Mary Cole 16Jan1821
YOUNGE, Polly Thomas Collens 22Mar1801
YOUNGMAN, William Deborah A. Showers 17Dec1850
YURKMEAN, Mary Joseph Henry 08Oct1848

Name Spouse Date
ZARING, Norbourser B. Martha Jane Beall 09Sep1845

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