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Wilson Buchanan

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Surname: Buchanan, Lockridge, Ricketts

Wilson Buchanan, 1774/75-19 April 1851 (age 76), was one of four pioneering brothers who came to the border area of Ripley Co. and Jefferson Co., Ind., in 1809, and who lent their family name to a fort built in Brown Township Ripley Co.

Wilson was born in New York, according to the 1850 Brown Twp. Census. Otherwise, his earliest official record comes on 28 Jan. 1795 when he signed a marriage bond in Bourbon Co., Ky., for his marriage to Rebecca Lockridge (Lauherage on the bond.)

Wilson next appears on 22 March 1797 in the Woodford Co., Ky., tax list and then 1801 in Franklin Co. Wilson and his three brothers vanish from Kentucky records in 1802. They probably moved to the area near modern Florence, Switzerland Co., where brother John purchased government land in 1804. Wilson is recorded in 1807 in the territorial census for Dearborn Co., which then included Switzerland Co.

Wilson probably married Hannah Ricketts, 1790-13 Feb. 1853 in Dearborn Co., Ind., in 1809. However, Dearborn records were destroyed by fire in 1826. This marriage is proved by the probate the estate of Hannah's father, Robert Ricketts, in Ohio Co., Ind.

The brothers probably moved to Ripley Co. when John Buchanan purchased land on Aug. 25, 1809. in the SE1/4 Section 34 Twp. 6N Range 11E. This land is in Brown Twp. and borders Shelby Twp., Jefferson Co. Wilson purchased this land from John on Feb. 27, 1819. Wilson purchased additional tracts from the government in both counties. In 1812, Wilson and brother William were fined for assaults tht occurred in what was then Jefferson Co. In 1819, Wilson also served the first grand jury in Ripley Co.

Wilson's land became the site of a fort built in 1812 because of Indian troubles.
Although modern accounts usually state the fort was built in May 1813, this appears to be in error. Perret Dufour, writing in the 1870s, reported that Lt. Col. David Hillis ordered Elisha Golay to build a block house on the north line of Jefferson Co. This order was given on May 15, 1812. Golay was ordered to proceed without delay, according to Dufour, who wrote that this blockhouse was known as Buchanan's Station.

Although he did not leave a will, Wilson's children are documented. Three died young: Robert, Vienna and Rebecca. These were recorded in Jefferson Co. cemetery records by Mary Hill with the inscriptions showing all three as children of W&H Buchanan. An estate settlement in Ripley Co. (Complete Record G p. 435) on 28 Jan. 1854 lists 11 surviving heirs; and the surviving grandchildren of the three deceased children.

While most of the surviving children are called heirs, not children, the equal division of the estate should be considered proof that they were children. The three deceased heirs, William Buchanan, Patsy Hankins, Sarah Favors, are specifically called children of Wilson Buchanan, the three deceased children are specifically cited as children of Wilson.

The probate of Robert Ricketts' estate in Ohio Co., Ind., proves that nine of Wilson's 14 children who survived to adulthood were by Hannah. Eight are listed in the probate record, while on Feb. 24, 1855, the ninth, David Buchanan, sold a lot of Ricketts' land that had been set off in a lottery to the heirs.

Children of Wilson Buchanan and Rebecca Lockridge
1. John Henry Buchanan b. 1795/96 (aged 54 in 1850, twin?) He married 14 Sept. 1825 in Ripley Co., Octavia Tabitha Schaffer. They lived 1850 in Gallatin Co., Ky. John died by 1860 as Tabitha and her children had moved to Otter Creek Twp., Ripley Co.
2. Mary (Polly) Buchanan b. 1795/96 (aged 54 in 1850, twin?) She m. 9 July 1818 in Jefferson Co., Stephen Washer. He is listed 1850 in a separate household in Milton Twp., while she is listed in the home of her son, Solomon Washer.
3. Sarah Buchanan, probably born 1799/1800, died 1831-1839. She m. 30 Sept. 1819 in Jefferson Co., Thomas Favors. She is listed as a deceased daughter in Wilson's estate settlement.
4. William Buchanan 1801-1833 Buried in the Buchanan cemetery. He married in 1824 in Jefferson Co., Edna Hankins, ca. 1800-1870/80. He is listed as Wilson's deceased son. Edna married 2nd 14 June 1851 in Jefferson Co., Isaac Conner.
5. Patsy Buchanan, probably born around 1805, died 1831-1836. She m. 15 Jan 1824 in Jefferson Co., John Hankins (1802/03-20 Apr. 1881), died Shelby Twp. Patsy is called a deceased daughter.

Wilson Buchanan (4) and Hannah Ricketts
6. David Buchanan 3 Apr. 1810-3 Jan. 1875 He married Edith Hankins 25 Aug. 1814-20 Aug. 1891. Both are buried in the Milton Baptist Church Cem., Milton Twp. There is no record of their marriage, but it is proven by the settlement of Wilson's estate in probate court in Ripley Co. and through deeds settling Joseph Hankins' estate in Jefferson Co. in 1836 as well as by death records of some of their children.
7. Susannah Buchanan 26 Nov. 1811-26 Nov. 1882. Born in Indiana, she died in Ripley Co. She married 1st 1831 in Ripley Co., Andrew G. Risk 22 Sept. 1810-2 Dec. 1842. Both are buried in a Risk family cemetery in Brown Twp., Ripley Co. She married 2nd 26 Dec. 1844 in Ripley Co., James N. Campbell 24 Dec. 1820-11 June 1879.
8. Dorcas Buchanan 1813/14-1 Apr. 1891, born in Indiana died in Jefferson Co. She married 21 Feb. 1831 in Ripley Co., John I. Risk, brother of Andrew and James Risk. John died 15 July 1882. Both are buried in a Risk family cemetery on Hicks Ridge in Shelby Twp., Jefferson Co.
9. Robert Buchanan 1815/16-1827, buried Buchanan Cem. (age 11 years)
10. Elizabeth Buchanan 9 June 1819-21 Aug. 1906, buried West Fork Cem. She married John Vestal by 1840, but there is no marriage record in Jefferson or Ripley Co. He died by 1850 when she lived in Shelby Twp., Jefferson Co.
11. Enoch Buchanan 21 Oct. 1821-19 Feb. 1883 He married 1st Nov. 1841 in Jefferson Co., Lucinda Conner 7 Mar. 1823-2 Sept. 1857. He married 2nd 15 Feb. 1869 in Jefferson Co., Rebecca Hillis 13 Apr. 1837-5 Apr. 1919, all three buried in the Buchanan Family Cemetery.
12. Vienna Buchanan 1822-Sept. 1827, buried Buchanan Cem. (age 5 years)
13. Mahala Buchanan 1823/24-after 1880 She married 1839 in Ripley Co., Greenbury Hayes, who died 1870/80.
14. Rebecca Buchanan 1826-1827, buried Buchanan Cem. (age 13 months.)
15. Emeline Buchanan 1826/27-after 1880. She married 14 June 1844 in Ripley Co., James Risk. He died in Ripley Co. by 30 June 1869 when she was appointed guardian of the youngest six children.
16. George W. Buchanan 26 Nov. 1828-11 Feb. 1911 He married 25 Feb. 1849 in Jefferson Co., Harriet Thornton 14 Apr. 1828-22 Nov. 1908, both buried Salem Cem., Ripley Co.
17. Tolitha Buchanan 21 May 1829-17 Sept. 1913 She married 6 May 1847 in Ripley Co., Thomas McCreary 12 July 1825-4 July 1908, both buried Salem Cem.

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