1850 US Census

James Bassett
- Dorcus Bassett, 47, Female, New York 300
- Mary J. 16, F, Indiana
- Sarah, 14, F, Ohio
State: IN
County: Ripley County
Township: Brown Township
Year: 1850
Record Type: Federal Population Schedule. Roll 169,
Page: 301
Database: IN 1850 Federal Census Index.

1. Family Data Collection:

James Bassett; Spouse: Dorcas Clark, Parents: William Bassett , Margaret Peggy Mcquiddy, Birth Place: Franklin, KY Birth Date: 18 November 1793, Marriage Place: Franklin Co, KY Marriage Date: 30 October 1815, Death Place: Crossplains, Indiana

2. Military service: Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812, Soldiers of the War of 1812, Page 32 ( file)
James Bassett shown in War of 1812, on roll of Captain Perchal Hickman's Co., First Rifle Regiment, KY Militia (Franklin Co.), Private, from 15 Aug 1812 to 14 Oct 1812. Daniel Boone's 2nd cousin Isaac is member of same unit.

3. War of 1812 Service Records
JAMES BASSETT Company: 1 RIFLE REG'T (ALLEN'S), KENTUCKY VOLS. Rank - Induction: PRIVATE Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE Roll Box: 12 Roll Exct: 602

James Bassett is shown with Issac Boone (2nd cousin of Daniel Boone) as privates in the Battle of River Raisin, Franklin Co., KY, 22 Jan 1813, in the War of 1812 with the British. Capt. Paschel Hickman's First Rifle Regiment. James would have been 19 years old. Of the two companies of 86 men, only 13 are recorded has having returned alive - James Bassett is not shown on that list. James is recorded as POW captured on Jan 22, escaped.

Veteran's Name: JAMES BASSETT
Military Service Number: Contact Defiance Co. Ohio.
Branch Other: KY MILITIA. Date entered service: August 15, 1812, Date of separation: ?. Site of enlistment: KY. Wars/Campaigns: 1812.

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky - Soldiers of the war of 1812- Printed 1891. Roll of Captain Perchal Hickman's Company. First Rifle Regiment. Stationed at Camp #3 Defiance County, Defiance, Ohio.

-- Veteran's Name: ISAAC BOONE. Branch Other: KY MILITIA, Units in which served: 1st Kentucky Volunteer Rifle Regiment, Highest rank held: PRIVATE, Wars/Campaigns: 1812. KIA Jan. 18-23, 1813. Information/Source See story about death in source: "American Dead at the Battle Of The River Raisin". Monroe County Historical Society, Monroe County, Michigan.Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky - Soldiers of the war of 1812- Printed 1891. Roll of Captain Perchal Hickman's Company. First Rifle Regiment. Stationed at Camp #3 Defiance County, Defiance, Ohio.

5. Franklin County, Kentucky
The Battle of River Raisin January 22, 1813 (
The most dire calamity that ever befell the people of Franklin County happened during this decade (1810-1820). The history of the war Between the United States and Great Britain; the causes which led up to and the sequences which followed are a part of national history. The United States army in the northwest was composed almost exclusively of Kentuckians, a history of which is properly a part of history of the State. Franklin County, however, did more than just proportional part. She furnished more men, and more money, and she gave more of her heroic blood for the honor and glory of this great country than could have reasonably been expected from one community.

Two full companies enlisted from Franklin County, the first under Paschel or Perchal Hickman. As Captain he was mustered into the service, August 15, 1812 and his company was known as Captain Paschel Hickman's Company, first rifle regiment, Kentucky Militia. It was engaged on October 14, 1812.

The eight-six men composing this company were all killed at the Battle of the River Raisin, except thirteen of them. Only twelve of whom are known at this date to have returned to their homes in Franklin County; Lieut. Peter Dudley, Alexander Rennick, Joseph Clark, Lewis Fenwick, Elisha Herndon, John A. Holton, Z. B. Lewis, Francis Mayhall, John Mayhall, John Richardson, Alexander Robertson and James Wilson.

6. Original Land Purchasers of Ripley County, IN.
Bassett, James, Tract Book 3, Pg 56: 11 Nob 1837.

7. BLM Land Records show James Bassett issued Doc#13083 on 15 Aug 1838 for 40 acres of land in Ripley Co., IN. SWSW/26/6-N/12-E/2nd PM/State: IN/ Co: Ripley. Accession/Serial Nr: IN2740_.046

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