Randolph  County,  Indiana

Minerva  J. Harrison

Sacredly to my mother.

Written a few months before the death of Minerva J. Harrison , whose suffering was long and most severe. She lived until November 4th, 1893, the eighty-fifth anniversary of her birth, when she passed away in terrible agony, but strong in the faith of a blessed Immortality.

There's a woman that I love, an' I can't tell you why, 
'Taint because she's pretty, or has a beamin' eye; 
Nor 'cause she's dressed in the neatest of the style, 
I feel so kind o' good, that it makes me to rejoice.

She has the marks of sorrow, an' a mighty sight of care, 
Her form is very stooped, an' her body frail and weir; 
But I tell you after all, when I hear her precious voice, 
I feel so kind o' good, that it makes me to rejoice.

She's living; in a cottage that was built long ago, 
Where she's felt much of sorrow an' not a little woe; 
It's where she sang her songs, in her olden time way, 
With hopes just as bright as a fine summer day.

An' when I go to see her in that quiet little home, 
Where I first saw the light, an' my feet began to roam, 
An' see her bended form, and shake her boney hand, 
So many tender feelin's come, I can't hardly stand.

And when I stoop to kiss her, an' see her eyes so dim, 
An' see her wrinkled brow, with face so very slim, 
An' feel the touch of lips that I felt when a boy, 
My mind is full of thinkin' an' my heart full of joy.

So when I say I love her, the story is untold. 
I can't tell you why, though my words were of gold; 
My feelin's whisper though, yet none but angels hear, 
An' waft the mystery to the skies-the love of Mother dear.

In all her sufferin' pains an' aches, I can't tell you why, 
I feel something' in my mind a runnin' to the sky, 
A callin' for the Saviour dear, a kind an' loving' Friend, 
Just to send a little help, an' let the angels tend.

An' when they want to take her far up into the skies, 
They'll bear her up so tenderly, just like an angel fillies; 
An' show her to the Saviour, an' all the heavenly throng. 
An' join with her a sigin' the great 

Redemption song. June 27th, 1893 by H. A. Harrison.
Reminiscences of Adams, Jay and Randolph Counties, Fort Wayne, Ind., Lipes, Nelson & Singmaster, 1897, Page 366
Transcribed by Andrea Long

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