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DOUP, Jennie

Source: Greencastle Star 19 Nov 1881 p 4

Last Friday some relatives of Miss Jennie Doup, deceased arrived in this city and immediately made arrangements for the disinterment of the remains that a postmortem examination might be held and analysis of the stomach etc., made. Accordingly, on Saturday, the Coroner, accompanied by Drs. Baker, Preston and others, repaired to Forest Hill Cemetery, had the body taken up and the necessary examination made. The heart, brain, lungs and stomach were placed in charge of Dr. PS Baker, Prof. of Chemistry in Indiana Asbury University who is to make the analysis. The body which had been interred about 10 weeks was found in a good state of preservation. The Star commissioner has been unable to learn anything from the physicians having the matter in charge as to what discoveries have been made, but we hear from pretty good authority that sufficient evidence has been elicited to send some one to the gallows, that there are undoubted evidences of foul play and that in good time this evidence will be made public. It is also rumored that arrests have been made of suspected parties in Ohio. We hope that, if guilt there be, the guilty will meet the just reward of their crimes. - kbz

Source: Greencastle Star 26 Nov 1881 p2

The will of Jennie Doup, deceased has been probated at Wilmington, Ohio. The document provides that at death she shall be buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Greencastle, Ind that $100 be invested and the interest used to keep the lot in said cemetery in good order; that there be a family monument erected to cost not over $1500; that James M. Gorrelle be executor of the  will and that after all debts are paid, the remainder of the estate is bequeathed to said James M. Gorrelle “for what he has done for myself and father.” The document is signed Sarah Virginia Doup. It is alleged that relatives will contest the will. - kbz - Rest In Peace dear lady

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