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DORSETT, Pauline

Source: Indianapolis News, Wed 14 Oct 1959 p 31

Pauline Dorsett, 49, RR 2, Cloverdale died in Putnam County Hospital in Greencastle early today of injuries she suffered in a collision Monday morning. Mrs. Dorsett’s husband, Robert, 51 and Michael Hill, 64, New York, the drivers were hurt slightly. State police said Hill disregarded or failed to see a red traffic light at the junction of US 40 and US 231, 5 miles southeast of Greencastle and his car hit Dorsett’s. State police said today that pedestrian error and driver carelessness on wet roads caused an increase in traffic deaths last week. Police recorded 28 fatalities last week, bringing the 1959 toll through Sunday to 826. The toll was 57 higher than that for the same period last year but represented a comparative improvement over the rate earlier in this year. Five weeks ago the 1959 death list was 98 ahead of last year.  -- kbz

Source: Indianapolis News Thursday 15 Oct 1959 p 44
49-year-old Pauline Dorsett of Cloverdale died in a Greencastle Hospital of injuries suffered Monday in a two-car crash at an intersection southeast of Greencastle. Injured slightly were the husband, Robert Dorsett, 51 and Michael Hill, 64, of New York, driver of the other car. State police said Hill disregarded or failed to see a stop light on US 40 at the US 231 intersection.  His car slammed into the Dorsett auto which was running on the intersection highway. - kbz

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