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DOOLEY. Jewel Mitchell

Jewell Mitchell Dooley

Source: Waveland Independent
Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana
Aug 16, 1918

Mrs. Clifford Dooley

Again the grim reaper death visits our neighborhood, after an absence of only one short month and again has plucked one of our fairest flowers from out the ripened grain. Jewel Dooley, to whom we pay this afternoon our last tribute of respect, was born near Byron, the daughter of Moses and Artie Mitchell, July 3, 1898 and slipped quietly from the sleep of the living to the last sweet sleep of death, in Indianapolis. August 5th 1918, at the age of 20 years, 1 month, and 2 days. Jewel's childhood was spent on the farm where she was born, attending the neighborhood school, she graduated with the Howard township class of 1914. During her girlhood and until failing health overtook her, she was a member of the Byron Christian Sunday School and while her name was not on the roll of any church, the beauty of the life she led gives assurance to her friends that it was on the roll above. She possessed a loving gentle and quiet disposition and early in life, she gave her affections to a young man, in every way worthy of them. Clifford Dooley, to whom she was married December 27, 1916. They and their friends looked hopefully forward to many years of useful happiness for them, but it was not to be, for God, in a wisdom, we may not understand but to which submissively bow, has willed it otherwise. During the last few months of her life, her health failed rapidly but her suffering which was great was borne so cheerfully and uncomplainingly, her smile ever so ready, that it was difficult for even those nearest her to realize the seriousness of her condition. About 7 weeks ago, she was compelled to take her bed, and on July 16 was moved to the Methodist Hospital at Indianapolis in the hope of receiveing benefit, but without avail. Death is always sad but to many it is especially so,w hen the one taken is in the blom of youth, yet is there not some compensation in the thought, that to those who thus die, is vouchsafed the heritage of eternal youth in the memory of their friends. Those of Jewel's friends, who may remain in half a century will be old with faces seared by the suns of 50 summers and hair snowflected by the blasts of as many winters; yet in their memories Jewel will still live, not old and withered as they are, but young and beautiful. Eternal youth, the boon for which mankind has always sought, is hers and cannot be taken from her. From the many expressions which have come to me, I am sure I speak for the entire community when I extend to the family our deepedst sympathy. We mingle our tears with those of the loved and loving young husband; two fathers and two mothers for she made no distinction between her parents and those of her husband; three sisters, Mrs. Fred Myers, Doris and Ruby; three brothers, Earl, Glenn and Donald; sister-in-law, brother-in-law, one grandfather and two grandmothers. One brother, Ernest who died in infancy preceeds Jewel to the Great Beyond. Yet death is only the passing from the shoals to the crystal sea where we take on board the Pilot who stilled Lake Gallilee. Then why should we weep at the parting For soon in the coming years This Pilot will anchor just off the bar and wait till your bark appears!

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