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DETRICK, Rome B. - 1881

Source: Greencastle Star 20 August 1881

The following letter to the mother of Rome B. Detrick, from his employer at Socorro New Mexico which we are permitted to publish, completes the history of his sad and untimely end, and will be read with renewed and mournful interest by his many friends: Socorro, NM July 28th, 1881 - Mrs. VL Detrick, Greenacstle, Ind -

My Dear Madam: By request of your son William, I write you the particulars respecting the death of your son Rome. I was with Rome at the time of his death.  Indeed, I was sitting by his side when he was shot. As you have probably been informed we were on our road to the Mogollon Mountain and within a half day's journey's end when the accident occurred. We had just partaken of our noonday meal, and were about starting from our camp when Rome, in arranging his seat, discharged a gun that he carried in his hand. The bullet entered the abdomen, passing upward through the vitals. We did everything for him that it was possible for us to d o, but he died in 30 minutes. He had his senses until the last moment and was perfectly calm and collected. He suffered considerable pain but did not complain much. I think he fully realized but he did not seem to fear death in the least.  He expressed deep regret, however, that he had been so careless in handling his gun and remarked several times that had he heeded our advice, the accident would not have occurred. He made no requests whatever.  We took him to Alma and buried him on the top of a hill back of the town. It is a beautiful spot where he is buried, b ut he rests alone, no other person being buried in that vicinity.  There were two other gentlemen with us on our trip. Rome had enjoyed the trip splendidly up to his death. He remarked repeatedly that he had never had a more joyous time. I never saw a person in such glorious spirits as he was.  Rome had been in my employ some little time and I had become very much attached to him.  Indeed, I loved him as a brother.  Had he lived he would have done well here, for he was well liked by all his associates.  His death created a profound sensation of sorrow among his acquaintances. His grave is marked so that should any of his friends desire to visit it, it can be easily found. If there are any particulars you wish to inquire about you can write me, and I will try and answer to the best of my ability.  In the meantime allow me to subscribe myself ... yours most truly, James G. Bonny. PS Rome's death occurred at half past 2 p.m. on July 5th. We buried him at noon on July 6th. - transcribed by kbz

Source: Indianapolis News Thursday 21 July 1881 p 3

Rome B. Detrick, son of Mr. John Detrick of Greencastle, has just died in New Mexico, from a wound caused by the accidental discharge of his pistol. - transcribed by kbz

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