Deaths Records (1820s-1960s)

Abstracted from 

"Information from Newspaper files in the New Harmony Library" by Carroll C & Gloria M Cox

(This is only a partial compilation of the included information.  Check back occasionally for updates.)

Surname Given Name Date of Death Newspaper Date Notes
Allmon Edgar   1931 Died at Somerville, Gibson County.  Age:  55 years.
Anderson Elisha 1881 6 Feb 1931 Age:  34 years.
Axton Thomas   1906 Age:  71 years.
Baily Elijah   1907 Born:  3 Mar 1868.
Beal Roxse Ann   17 Nov 1867 Widow of John Beal.  Age:  60 years.
Bishop Frederick   1860 Came to New Harmony from Litchfield, Conn., where father still lives.  Leaves wife and 3 small ones.
Boren Annie   1881 Age:  15 years.
Brown Mary   30 Aug 1826 Daughter of Thomas & Agnes Brown.  Died of Typhus.  Age:  9 years.
Burk ?   Jan 1859 Murdered at New Harmony by a man named Burns who fled.
Butler James   1931 Husband of Rosa (Saltzman) Butler.  Died at Grayville, Illinois.  Age:  64.
Butler Marcius   31 Oct 1827 Of near Mt. Vernon.  Age:  33 years.
Casway William   Dec 1858 Murder at Springfield.  Murered by Oscar Farrell and wife who left the county.  Casway was found by his son when he returned to Farrell's house after going after drinks.
Cavit Everett   1907 Age:  16 years.
Cerrell Jess   31 Jul 1931 Died at Washington, Indiana; bite by Copperhead.
Chafee O D 1858 1 Jan 1859 Died in California.  Notice published by W. A. Twigg.
Conrod Sarah J   1906 Age:  71 years.
Cooper James A   13 Nov 1931 Had a wife and son.  A native of New Harmony committed suicide at Terre Haute, Indiana.  Half-brother of Robert Cooper.  Son of James A & Emma (Stuart) Cooper.  Age:  57 years.
Copeland William   1882 Age:  35 years.
Craddock Anne   1 Jul 1827 Infant daughter of John & Sarah Craddock.
Craddock Michael Oct 1858 9 Jan 1859 Killed in California.
Crawford Bessie Whipple   23 Jan 1931 Wife of Parley Crawford.  2 daus., 1 son.
Crunk David   1931 Died at Carmi, Illinois; formerly resident of Posey.  Age:  72 years.
DeFur Ella Lee   24 Jul 1931 Widow of Henry DeFur.  3 sons, 1 dau.
Donaldson John   18 Mar 1931 Age:  83 years
Dransfield James   6 Sep 1826 Son of Samuel & Mary Dransfield.  Died of Typhus.  Age:  5 years.
Endicott Joseph, Sr 8 Jul 1867 14 Jul 1867 The deceased was a native of Kentucky and emigrated to Posey County in 1814.  He was in the War of 1812 and was with Col. Richard M Johnson of the Thoames.  He has left a large family of children and numerous friends to mourn his loss.
Endicott Laura   1907 Of New Harmony; died at the home of a son in Mt. Carmel, Illinois.  Age:  60.
Eveleth Alma   26 Sep 1827 Wife of Isaac Eveleth.  Late of Washington, D.C.  Age:  48 years.
Fearing Eliza    11 Oct 1826 Infant daughter of Franklin & Hannah W Fearing.
Ferguson Esther, Mrs   20 Nov 1867 Age:  34 years.  ("In next issue, Gillet Schnee, appoined administrator of her estate.")
Ferguson Grant, Rev.   1931 Died in Bloomington, California; native of New Harmony.
Ford Mary   11 Oct 1867 Infant daughter of Richard & Prudence Ford.
Friedland John   5 Apr 1825 Died at New Harmony.  Late of Philadelphia and headed for New Orleans.
Glazier Emily   13 Sep 1826 Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Glazier.  Age:  4 years.
Glazier Joseph   26 Sep 1827 Formerly of Wanborough, Surry, England.  Age 31 years.
Gullet Harry   24 Nov 1867 Son of Robert & Narcisses Gullett.
Hall Lavina, Miss   26 Feb 1860 Age:  38 years.
Hancock Jordon 1905 5 Apr 1931 Age:  74 years.
Hancock Julia   Jan 1882 Wife of Frank Hancock.
Hatifield Amanda Records   17 Apr 1931 Age:  94 years.
Helnick Alvin C   23 Sep 1867 Infant son of Allen & Anne Helnick.
Hendricks Raymond   11 Dec 1931 Accidently shot and killed by Reed Wilson at Cynthiana.
Heuring William   25 Feb 1935 A former resident of New Harmony.  Brothers, Jake and John.
Hine Thomas   13 Sep 1826 Late of Surry, England.
Hough Maria G   7 Dec 1825 Consort of Dr. B R Hough.  Died at Mt. Vernon.
Hough Robert D, Dr.   25 Oct 1826 Eldest son of Dr. Hough of Cincinnati.
Howard Infant   26 Jul 1826 Infant daughter of Thomas & Nancy Howard.
Hunter Luke   26 Feb 1932 Age:  82 years.
Jaquess George 23 Dec 1858 7 Feb 1859 Son of Asbury & Jane Jaquess.  Became sick on the 28th day after his mother.  Age:  19 years.
Jaquess Henry   7 Feb 1859 Son of Asbury & Jane Jaquess.  Also became sick on the 28th (see mother and brother.)  Age:  15 years.
Jaquess Jane   7 Feb 1859 Consort of Asbury Jaquess.  Died at her residence near Poseyville…after a lingering illness of 31 days of typhoid fever.  She was buried in the family burial ground.  Age:  40 years.
Johnson Emma   2 Jan 1931 Widow of J Howard Johnson.  Son and dau.
Johnson John S   27 Aug 1827 Late of Pittsburgh.  Died of Typhus.
Johnson Volney 5 Jan 1828 9 Jan 1828 Infant son of J B & Esther Johnson of this place.
Keenan David   8 Aug 1827 A lawyer of Nicholas Co., Va.  Aged 23 years.
Kemmerline Mrs Fred   16 Jan 1931 Wife of Fred Kemmerline.  4 sisters and grand-daughter, Geneive Webb.  Age:  61 years.
Kendall Emma   2 Jan 1931 Died at her daughter's, Mrs. Sherman Phillips.  Buried at Stillwell.
Kidder Ruben   18 Oct 1826 Old attorney, late of Boston, Mass.  Died of Typhus.  Age:  52 years.
Kuering Charles   1881 Killed in Robb Township in an accident.  Age:  42 years.
Mathews Jesse T   8 Jan 1868 Resident of Posey County for 41 years.  A native of Virginia.  Age:  57 years.
McCall Jane   27 Aug 1827 Wife of William McCall, teacher.  Native of Pertshire.  Age:  33 years.
McCoy Mrs William   9 Jan 1931 Wife of William McCoy.  Daugher of Thomas & Louisa (Snelling) Minney.  Resident of Weir, Kansas.  3 sons, 6 daus.
McDonald Nancy   25 Jan 1826 Consort of J M McDonald.
Moye Nancy Randolph   1931 Widow of John L Moye.  Daughter of Thompson & Rebecca Randolph.  Age:  79 years.
Nesbit Calvin   1931 "committed suicide"
Owens Louisa   5 Jan 1860 Died at Richard Owens'.  Age:  52 years, 6 mo.
Pelham William   7 Feb 1827 Died at Mt. Vernon.
Penfold Abraham   18 Oct 1826 Late of Surry, England.  Died of Typhus.  Age:  47 years.
Penneck William   9 Jan 1860 Leaves wife and 4 children.  Age:  65 years.
Pitts ?   Aug-Sep 1860 "Lewis beat his wife, she went to her father's home, Mr. Kelton, taking with her one child.  The next day her husband appeared with the other child, she fearing him, her uncle a Mr. Pitts stepped between them and was shot by Lewis who afterwards escaped."
Reeves Kane   10 Apr 1860 Wife of ? Reeves of Robb Twp.  Died of "information" of throat.  Member of Reg. Bapt. Church.  Age:  50 years.
Richardson Rachel   14 Jul 1867 Consort of Thomas Richardson.  Born at Staugton, Huntingdonshire, England, November 6, 1812.  Leaves 5 children.
Robb Aaron   1860 "Obituary of I.O.O.F. at Stewartsville"
Robert George   29 Apr 1859 Son of George & Elinor Davidson.  Died at Mt. Vernon.  Age:  17 mo.  11 da.
Rogers Orphany 15 Sep 1827 Sep 1827 Consort of Johnathan Rogers.  Formerly of Branford, Connecticut.
Schnee Elizabeth   30 Aug 1826 Wife of John Schnee.  Died of Typhus.
Schnee John   30 Aug 1826 Infant son of Simeon & Eliza Schnee.  Died of Typhus.
Schnee John, Jr.   25 Jan 1826 Second son of John Schnee, Sr.
Schnee Mary   8 Nov 1867 Wife of Ira L Schnee.  Age:  38 years.
Scott George   17 May 1826 Late of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., originally from Davenport, England.  Age:  54.
Smith John   6 Sep 1826 Late of Pittsburgh.  Died of Typhus.
Smith Oliver H   19 Mar 1859 Resident of Indianapolis.  Born in Burks County, Pennsylvania; came to Indiana in 1817, first came to Rising Sun, then to Connersville.  Age:  54 years.
Staples John   1931 Foundry owner at Mt. Vernon, committed suicide.  Age:  69 years.
Stillwell Franklin   5 Feb 1859 School boy murder. Wesley Stailings stabbed and killed Franklin Stillwell. The quarrell over a love letter. The trial held before Duclos . Joseph Edson and Horace Pritchard were the lawyers.  Stallings bound over to higher court on manslaughter charges with bond set at 1,000.  Dr. J. A. Cooper testified as did Franklin Price, Robert Hanning, Mary Ann Hungit, Ellen Stallings, Sarah Ann Stillwell, and John Stallings. The quarrel started at school over a love letter which Sam Carahan said his sister wrote. Mr. Wilbur was teacher.  (This must have been either Stillwell or Pulitide school)  April 18, 1859 -- Stallings convicted of killing Stillwell; given 2 years.
Stillwell Malinda Fowler   10 Jul 1931 Widow of Mott Stillwell; died at Grayville.  Leaves daughers Mrs. Elonzo Culiver, Mrs. Dick Eaton.
Stillwell Phoebe   4 Sep 1931 Widow of Sam Hancock.  Died at Robinson, Illinois at a daughter's home.  Age:  76 years.
Stoker Benjamin   Jun 1859 Born 1876 in Virginia.  He came to Kentucky in 1798, came to Indiana in 1804 to Gibson County (northern part.)  He was in Jacob Warrick's Co., at the Battle of Tippecanoe, and also served in the Rangers.
Wait Infant   23 Aug 1826 Infant daughter of Thomas P & Lucy Wait.
Wheatcroft William   23 Aug 1826 Son of Mrs. Gerauld Wheatcroft.  Age:  13 years.
Williams Frances   21 Aug 1859 Age:  17 years, 5 mo.  "(Written in long hand on paper, aunt of Louise Husband Constance P.")
Williams Phillip   1 Jul 1827 Lived in Point Township in 1827.
Wines Elmira   15 Jul 1827 Eldest daughter of Martin & Elizabeth Wines.  Died of Typhus.  Age:  15 years.
Wood George   10 May 1826 Late of Albion, formerly of Godalming, Great Brition.