The following index is from a book that was given to the Perry County Library. The records were gleaned by Mike Rutherford and is only a partial listing of the probate records in the county courthouse. The information found in the book lists names listed in the probate, plus, in some cases, Mr. Rutherford has added extra information, i.e., census and marriage information. The listings with an * means there is a death date listed for that person. Also, a lot of the names are listed in more than one probate record. Most are follow-ups to the original probate.

The volumes included in the following index are - Book B (1830-1834), Book C-1 (1835-1840), Book C (1835-1841), and Book D (1841-1848).

Abernathy, William R. Ablett, Roland R. Abston, Floyd L.
Abers, Charles M. Arnold, James M. Ackerman, Andrew
Ackerman, Andrew, Jr. Ackerman, Ruth Allen, Catherine
Alvey, Elizabeth Alvey, Elizabeth Alvey, Francis Marion
Alvey, Geo. * Alvey, George Alvey, Henry
Alvey, John Alvey, Malinda Alvey, Polly
Alvey, Sally Alvey, Sarah Elizabeth Alvey, Thomas
Amlers, Joseph Amos, Samuel Amos, Samuel S.
Anderson, Josiah Anderson, Louisa Anderson, Samuel *
Andrew, W. A. Anson, Sylvia Artman, Abel
Artman, Abel * Artman, Elisha Artman, Elizabeth
Artman, Hannah Artman, Jacob Artman, Jane
Artman, John * Artman, Thomas Artman, Wm.
Artmann, Abel * Ashcraft, Abner Ashcraft, Lucy
Ashcraft, Ruth Axton, Benjamin Axton, Benjamin F.
Axton, Henry C. Axton, Ivy .

Badger, Antoinette L. Badger, Antonet Badger, Argulas A.
Badger, Argulas Alonzo Badger, Luzena Jane Badger, Maria E.
Badger, Solomon Badger, Solomon Mitchell Badger, Wesley
Baker, Mary Ballard, Asa Ballard, Dewitt C.
Ballard, Elizabeth Ballard, Geo. W. Ballard, Joseph A.
Ballard, Martha F Ballard, Mary E. Ballard, Sally
Ballard, Wm. W. Barbre, Charlotte Barbre, Jesse
Barbre, Jesse B. Barbre, Mary A. Barbre, Peter
Barbre, Sally Barbre, William R. Barkwell, H. G.
Barlow, Electa Basinger, Michael Basye, Taylor
Bates, Augustus W. * Bates, Caroline L. Bates, Elizabeth
Bates, Frederick Bates, James H. Bates, R.
Bates, Reuben* Bates, Reuben (Jr.) Bates, Reuben Frederick
Bates, Susan Bates, Susan Elizabeth Bates, Taylor
Bates, Thomas W. Bates, Thomas William Bates, Thos. W.
Baysinger, John * Beasley, James Beasley, Jesse
Bird, John Bird, Robert Blanchard, Amy
Blanchard, Catherine Blanchard, Ira A. Blanchard, John
Blanchard, Lucretia Blanchard, William Blanchard, Wm.
Blanchard, Zophar Blanford, Beulah 1 Bolin, Charity
Bolin, Thomas Borer, Catherine Borer, James
Borer, John Henry Borer, Peter Borer, Posey
Boyd, James Boyd, Letitia Boyle, James
Brazee, H. Brazee, Henry Bridgewater, James
Bridgewater, Joshua Bridgewater, Mariah Bristow, Barbara
Bristow, John J. Bristow, Margaret F. Bristow, Mary Ann C.
Bristow, Rachel Jane Bristow, Sophia E. Bristow, T. H.
Bristow, Thomas H. * Bristow, Thomas J. Bristow, Thos. B.
Bristow, Thos. H. Brough, John* Brough, John (J?)
Brough, Josephine Brough, Melinda Brough, Nancy
Brown, Anthony Brown, Darcus Brown, David W.
Brown, David Washington Brown, Dorcus Brown, Drawford
Brown, Eliza Jane Brown, Henrietta Brown, John
Brown, John G. Brown, John P. Brown, Joseph M.
Brown, W. F. Brown, William Brown, Wm.
Bruce, Rebecca Melisa Bryant, Alexander * Bryant, Elizabeth
Bryant, Gallatin Bryant, Malind Bryant, Wm.
Buchanan, Simeon Buckler, Mary Bugher, Henrietta
Burnett, David Burnett, Davis Burnett, Sarah (Vaughan)
Burns, Jesse Butler, Abel Butler, Catherine
Butler, Eliza A. Butler, Ephraim Butler, Frances
Butler, Joel Butler, Maria * Butler, Milbourne
Butler, Thomas J.* Butler, Thomas J. Jr) Butler, Thomas N.
Butler, William Byrne, A. G. .

Cambron, Charles Cambron, Edward Cambron, Ezekiel
Cambron, James Cambron, Nancy Canady, Mary
Canady, Richard Carey, Benedic Carey, Howell
Carr, Absalom Carr, Adam Carr, Eli
Carr, Elijah Carr, Eliza Carr, Eliza
Carr, George Carr, Hiram * Carr, Hiram, Jr.
Carr, Jane Carr, John Carr, Louisa
Carr, Otha Carr, Susan Cart, John
Carter, Mason Carter, Mason E Carter, Peggy
Carver, Lydia Carver, Nathaniel Cavender, Charles *
Cazmbron, Ignatius Champion, James Champion, William McMetry
Chandler, Mary Chandler, Rezzin * Chandler, Warren
Claycomb, John Claycomb, Nancy Clouston, John
Cockerell, Polly Cockrell, Marlin Cockrell, Polly
Cockrill, Casper Colby, David Comstock, Bennet
Comstock,, Daniel* Comstock, Elizabeth Comstock, Enos
Comstock, George Comstock, Louisa Comstock, Nancy
Comstock, Nathan Comstock, Nathaniel Comstock, Oiver
Comstock, Ruth Comstock, Samuel Comstock, Susan
Comstock, William Comstock, William B. Connor, Dade
Connor, Frederick Connor, James T. Connor, John
Connor, Nancy Connor, Nancy K. Connor, Nancy Katherine
Connor, Sally Connor Samuel * Connor, Samuel, 2nd
Connor, Sarah * Connor, Terrence * Connor, Terrence, Sr. *
Connor, William Coon, Josiah Cotton, R. G.
Courcier, John A. Cox, Elizabeth Cox, George
Cox, Permilia Ann Cox, Sampson Cox, Susan
Cox, Susanna Cox, Wm. B. Critchelow, Nicholas *
Cumming, James Cummings, Cyrus Cummings, Eli *
Cummings, Elizabeth Cummings, Gyrus Cummings, Hansford
Cummings, Harriet Cummings, Isaiah Cummings, Isiah
Cummings, James Cummings, Lucy Ann Cummings, Mary
Cummings, Sarah Cummings, Thomas * Cummings, Uriah
Cummings, Uriah (Sr.) Cummings, William Cummings, Wm.

Daniel, Amanda Daniel, E. Daniel, Elizabeth
Daniel, James W. Daniel, John Daniel, Milton
Daniel, Nancy Daniel, Peter Daniel, Travis
Daniel, Vivion Daniel, Wilson H. Davidson, Emily
Davidson, Joseph Davidson, Rosina Davidson, Wm. R.
Davis, Amanda Davis, Jacob Davis, John
Davis, Joseph Davis, Sarah Dean, Stephen
Decker, John A. Dennis, Manuel Dennis, Prudencfse
Denny, Elizabeth Deweese, Deborah Deweese, George P.
Deweese, John T. Deweese, Kenneth M. Dewitt, Dovey
Dewitt, Henry Dewitt, Nancy Dewitt, Samuel
Dodson, Abisha Dodson, Abishai Dodson, Jane
Duncan, W. Duncan, Warren Dunman, Henry *
Dunn, Abigail Dunn, John Dupuy, Nathaniel

Elder, Arnold Elder, Elizabeth Elder, Geo. Augustus
Elder, John * Elder, John Henry Elder, Jolly
Elder, Parthena Elder, Rebecca Elder, Sally
Elder, Sarah * Elder, William T. Elder, Wm. Thomas
Elders, Arnold Ellis, Cynthia Ellis, Cynthia Ann
Ellis, James Ellis, James F. Ellis, Joseph B.
Esary, Hiraam Evans, Catherine Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, Savannah Ewing, Cassandra Ewing, Edward C.
Ewing, Elizabeth Ewing, Robert Ewing, Samuel *
Ewing, William . .

Faris, Ulysses Farmer, Cassandra Farmer, Henry
Farris, Anna * Farris, Franklin Farris, John
Farris, Ulysses * Faulkenborough, James Ferguson, Allen M.
Ferguson, Cassandra Ferguson, Cassandra Ferguson, Matthew
Ferguson, Matthew Figgins, Daniel Figgins, Eleanor
Figgins, Elizabeth* Figgins, George Figgins, James
Figgins, Lewis Figgins, Nancy Figgins, William
Figgins, Wm. Finch, John Fisher, John
Fitzgerald, Clarissa Fitzgerald, Clarissa Ann Fitzgerald, Maria
Fitzgerald, Maria Fitzgerald, Rachel Forsythe, Emeline
Forsythe, James Forsythe, Jane Forsythe, John A.
Forsythe, Joseph Forsythe, Joseph Forsythe, Mary Jane
Forsythe, Sally Forsythe, Warren Forsythe, William
Fortune, Williamson Fortune, Wm. Foster, James
Foster, Jane Foster, John Fowler, Joseph
Frakes, Ann Elizabeth Frakes, Ellen French, David
French, George French, Harriet French, Mary
Frisbie, Margaret Frisbie, Samuel Froman, John
Froman, Sally . .

Galey, Benjamin Galey, Benjamin (s. of Lewis) Galey, David *
Galey, Eleanor Galey, Eleanor Jane Galey, Eleanor June (d. of Lewis)
Galey, Elizabeth Galey, Elizabeth (d, of Lewis) Galey, James *
Galey, James (s. of Simon) Galey John Galey, John (s, of Lewis
Galey, L. Galey, Lewis * Galey, Lewis (s, of Lewis)
Galey, Savannah Galey, Simon* Galey, Simon (Jr.)
Galey, Simon (Sr.) Galey, Simon (s, of Lewis) Galey, Susannah (d. of Lewis)
Galey, Zerilda Gardner, Casper S. Geer, Asa
Geer, Elizabeth Geer, George Geer, Jane
Geer, Joshua Gilbert, Aquilla Gilbert, Aquilla
Gilbert, Mary Gilliland, John A. Glenn, Joseph
Glenn, Sally Green, Anthony Green, Betsy
Gregory, Catherine Gregory, Darcus Gregory, Darius
Gregory, Delilah Gregory, George H. Gregory, George R.
Gregory, John Gregory, John David Gregory, Mary
Gregory, Peter Gregory, Sarah Gritchelow, Nicholas
Groves, David, Jr. * Groves, David, Sr. .

Hall, Artemena Hall, Cyrus Hall, Henry
Hall, Jefferson Hall, Jesse Hall, Julia Ann
Hall, Levi Hall, Margaret Hall, Presley
Hall, Uriah Hanna, Eliza Hanna, Hiran C.
Hanna, Miram C. Hanna, Thomas R. Hardin, Amelia Ann
Hardin, Isaac * Hardin, Israel Hardin, James
Hardin, John Hardin, Lavina Hardin, Levina
Hardin, Mark * Hardin, Richard Hardin, Robert
Hardin, Robert Hardin, Ruth Hardin, Susan
Hardin, Willis Harding, Abraham * Harding, Alexander *
Harding, Daniel Harding, David Harding, Delilah Jane
Harding, Elizabeth Harding, Margaret Harding, Martha Ann
Harding, Nathan Harding, Samuel Harding, Sarah Ann
Hardy, John Hargis, John * Harp, Daniel
Harp, Isaac Harp, Joseph Harp, Louisa
Harp, Lydia Harp, Pauline Harp, Polly
Harp, Robert Harp, Walter Harris, Catherine
Harris, David Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Frances
Harris, Lewis Harris, Nathaniel Harris, Sam'l
Harris, Savannah Harris, William Hart, Daniel S.
Hascall, Betsy Hascall, Charles Hascall, Chas
Hascall, Melvin B. Hascall, Safford Haughee, Arminna
Haughee, Arthur Haughee, James Haughee, Jas. H.
Haughee, John Wesley Haughee, Julia Ann Haughee, Margaret
Haughee, Martha Haughee, Nancy Haughee, Sarah Ann
Haughee, Wm. Taylor H. Hawley, Alex D. Hawley, Charles C.
Hawley, John Hawley, Lyman C. Hawley, Sally
Hedden, Abigail Hedden, Daniel Hedden, Dan'l
Hedden, Mary E. Hedden, Sarah Hedden, Susanna
Helm, David P. Hendricks, Polly Henning, Sally A.
Henning, Sally C. Henning, William Hiley, Abraham *
Hiley, Abraham, Jr. Hinton, Eda Hix, Drury
Hix, Emily Hix, James Hix, Lucy
Hogg, John M. Hogg, Milton Holt, Eliza
Horn, Nancy Horton, Renselair Horton, Reuben
Housch, Jacob Howe, Abisha Howe, Abraham
Howe, Anna Howe, Elizabet Howe, Isaac
Howe, James Howe, Jane Howell, Betsey
Howell, Carver Huchaby, Elijah Huckaby, Joshua
Huckaby, Joshua B. Huff, Henry Huff, Lucinda
Huff, Reuben Huff, Rezin * Huffman, John
Huffman, Michael Huffman, Phebe Hughes, Israel
Hughes, James Hughes, Martha Hughes, Ruth
Humphrey, Elizabeth Humphrey, Frances Humphrey, Francis *
Humphrey, Hart Humphrey, Mart Hweley, John J.
Hyde, Charles Hyde, Polly Hyde, William
Hyde, Wm. . .

Ivy, Lucinda                                      

Jackson, Elmira Jackson, Mrs. Jackson, William
Jackson, Wm. Jackston, William * James, David
Jarboe, Jane Jenkins, Ambrose Y. Johnson, Ann
Johnson,;Daniel U. Johnson, Daniel V. Johnson, Elizabeth A.
Johnson, Elizabeth D.A. Johnson, Henry W. Johnson, Ignatius *
Johnson, James M. Johnson, James W. Johnson, Mary E.
Johnson, Mary Ellen Johnson, Sarah R. Johnson, William J.
Jones, James T. Jones, John T. * Jones, Nancy
Judd, Nancy . .

Kellems, Isaac Kellenbarger, Charles W. Kellenbarger, John *
Kellenbarger, Maria T. Kempton, Matthew Kempton, Matthew H.
Kinzer, Henry Kyler, Deborah Kyler, Geo. P.
Kyler, George Kyler, George P. .

Lake, Israel Lamb, Beulah Lamb, Cassandra
Lamb, Charith Ann Lamb, Israel Lamb, James A.
Lamb, Margaret Lamb, Mary Lamb, Sarah
Lamb, Wm. Lamb, Wm. S. Langdon, L. C.
Langdon, Lemuel D. Lanman, George Lanman, James
Lanman, Jas. Lanman, John Lanman, Polly
Lanman, Sarah Lasher, Abraham Lasher, Elizabeth
Lasher, Jacob * Laswell, William Laswell, Wm.
Latimore, John Lea, Burrel B. Lea, Louisa
Lewis, Solomon Lincoln, Austin * Lincoln, Catherine
Linggk, Conrad Litherland, Abner Litherland, Amy
Litherland, Cynthia Litherland, George Litherland, James *
Litherland, John * Litherland, Jonathan Litherland, Lucinda
Litherland, Lydia Litherland, Margaret Litherland, Nancy
Litherland, Rebecca. Litherland, Sally Little, Rachel
Little, Shubael Little, Shubael C. Ludwick, Preston
Ludwig, Preston Lynch, Alesey Lynch, Alexia
Lynch, Catherine Lynch, Edward Lynch, Elizabeth
Lynch, John Lynch, Wesley Lynk, Conrad
Lynk, Lucinda . .

Maddox, Pharabe Maddox, Rezin * Maddux, Alex
Maddux, Alexander Maddux, Artimissa Maddux, John Henry
Maddux, Michael Maddux, R. Maddux, Rezin
Maddux;,Thomas * Maddux, William Main, John *
Main, Olive Main, Riley Mallory, Lemuel
Mallory, Lewis Markwell, H. G. Marshall, Mark
Marshall, Rebecca Marshall, Robert Marshall, Robt.
Marshall, William Marshall, Wm. Marshall, Wm. P.
Mason, Thos. G. Mathis, Reuben Mathis, Samantha
Matthis, Reuben Matthis, Samantha Mattingly, Eleanor
May, David May, Rebecca Mayo, Betsy
Mayo, James Mayo, Judah Mayo, Martha
Mayo, Mary Mayo, Sally McConnell, Asa
McConnell, Jane McConnell, Wm. McDonald, A.
McDonald, Harriet McKim, John McKinley, Wm.
McKinley, Wm. McNicoll, Catherine McNicholl, Katherine
McNicholl, Peter Miller, Aaron R. Miller, Abraham
Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Francis * Miller, Henry
Miller, Jacob Miller, James Miller, John 8
Miller, Lucy Miller, Mary Miller, Robert *
Miller, Ruth Minner, Elisha G. Minner, John
Minner, Nancy Minor, Amanda Minor, Nicholas
Minor, Spencer Mitchell, Leonard Mitchell, Solomon
Mitchell, Wm. Mitchell, Wm. Sr. Mock,Felix
Mock, George Mock, Malissa Mock, Mary Elizabeth
Mock, Nancy Mock, William * Mock, William H.
Mock, Wm. Moorman, Lewis Morgan, Deborah
Morgan, Mary Morgan, Polly Morton, David
Morton, Isabel R. Morton, Richard S. Murphy, Benjamin H. *
Murphy, John Murphy, Mary * Murphy, Warren
Myers, Wm. . .

Neale, Mary A. Neale, William Nelson, Ralph
Nevit, Jane Niles, John Niles, Malinda F.
Niles, Moses B. Niles, Moses S. Niles, Robert
Niles, Robert R. Niles, Sally Niles, Sarah J.
Niles, Susannah Niles, Zachry T. Noyes, Amy
Noyes, Jonathan Noyes, William Noyes, May

Pearce,, Wm. P. Perrigo, Catherine Perrigo, Samuel
Petty, Joseph Petty, Josphine Petty, Susan
Phillips, David Phillips, John Phillips, John Bennett
Phillips, Sally Phillips, Thomas B. Plew, Fanny
Polk, Catherine Polk, Charles Polk, Edmund
Polk, Elizabeth Polk, Esther Polk, Esther Tobin
Polk, George Polk, Greenville Polk, Helen
Polk, Henderson Polk, James Polk, John
Polk, Malvina Ryan Polk, Mary Polk, Rebecca *
Polk, Richard Polk, Sally Polk, Stephen
Polk, Thomas Polk, Thos. * Polk, Willie
Polke, Edmund Polke, Lydia Polke, Nathaniel
Polke, Thomas Polke, Thos. Pollard, Jesse
Porter, Elizabeth Porter, Ellen T. Porter, Erasmus L.
Porter, Geo. * Porter, Geo. D. Porter, George D.
Porter, James Porter, Laurence Porter, Lewis F.
Porter, Margaret Porter, Melville Porter, Robert W.
Porter, Wm. K. Porter, Wm. W. Protsman, Lawrence

Ramsey, Alex F. Ramsey, Alexander F. Ramsey, James
Ramsey, John A. * Ramsey, John T. Ramsey, John Thomas
Ramsey, Mary Ramsey, Nancy Ray, James Henry
Ray, Jefferson Ray, Jefferson M. Redding, James
Reeves, Isaac Reily, Elizabeth E. Reily,John C.
Richard ,Lewis Richards, Abel Richards, Hannah
Richards, James Richards, John Richards, Julia
Richards, Julie Richards, Levi Richards, Lewis
Richards, Lewis S. Richards, Mary Richards, Nancy
Richards, Patsy Richards, Polly Richards, Rachel
Richards, Sally Richards, Susan Richards, Thomas
Richards, Warren Ricks, Casper Ricks, John
Ricks, John W. Ricks, Louisa Ricks, Louisa, Jr.
Ricks, Samuel H. Ricks, Samuel Howell Ricks, Susan
Ricks, Thomas Ricks, Thomas W. Ricks, William
Ricks, Wm. Riddle, John * Riddle, Mary
Riley, Ann Robinson, Charlotte Robinson, Harriet
Robinson, William A. * Robinson, William T. Robinson, Wm. A.
Roff, Ada Roff, Arthur Roff, Edward
Roff, Francis L. Roff, Horace E. Roff, Lewis
Roff, Martha Ann Roff, Mary Rosecrans, Nancy *
Rosecrants, Adam Rosecrants, Adam P. Rosecrants, Jacob
Rosecrants, Jacob T. Rosecrants, John * Rosecrants, John W.
Rosecrants, John Wesley Rosecrants, Leonard C. Rosecrants, Nancy
Rosecrants, Wm. Henry Rosencrants, Jacob T. Rupp, Bathsheba
Rupp, Bennett Rupp, Dorastus Russell, Jane
Russell, John Rust, Vincent Rutherford, Wm.
Ryan, Alva Ryan, Amanda Ryan, Daniel
Ryan, George Ryan, Hester Ryan, Lydia
Ryan, Nelson Ryan, Phebe Ryan, Rosine
Ryan, Thomas . .

Sacket, Erastus Sampson, Sarah Louisa Sampson, Willis C.
Sampson, Wyatt C. Sandage, Moses Sandage, Peter
Sandage, Thomas Sapp, Caleb Sapp, Elias
Scull, Amy Scull, James * Seals, Thomas *
Searcy, Lemuel Searcy, Wm. Seargeant, Dabney
Seargeant, Edward W. Seargeant, Peggy Seargeant, William
Shacklett, Benjamin Shacklett, Bernis Shacklett, Daniel
Shacklett, David H. Shacklett, Elijah Shacklett, Jesse
Shacklett, John Shacklett, Mary Shacklett, Sally
Sharp, E. M. Sharp, Edward M. Shaver, Nancy
Sherwood, Deborah Shoemaker, Adam Shoemaker, Adam
Shoemaker, Barbara Ann Shoemaker, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Henrietta
Shoemaker, Stephen * Simons, A. L. Simons, Arad
Simons, Arad L. Simons, Arad, Sr. Simons, Hiram W.
Singleton, Stanley Springer, Charles Springer, Edward
Springer, George Springer, Jno. Springer, Jos.
Springer, Joseph Sprinkle, America Sprinkle, Elizabeth (Galey)
Sprinkle, James Sprinkle, James A. Sprinkle, Thomas
Stapleton, Elethy Stapleton, John * Steeleman, Ada
Steeleman, John Stephens, Edward * Stephenson, Amanda
Stephenson, John J. Stephenson, Mahala Stephenson, Nancy J.
Stephenson, William Stevens, Edward Stonemets, Casper (Jr.)
Stonemets, Casper * Stonemets, Howell Stonemets, Robert
Stonemets, Sarah Stonemets, Thomas O. Stonmets, Casper *
Stonmets, Howell Stonmets, Robert Stonmets, Sarah
Stonmets, Thomas O. Stryker, Europeas Stuck, Catherine
Stuck, Isom Sweat, Charlotte Sweat, Hiram P.
Sweat, Israel * . .

Tait, James Tate, Caleb Tate, Malina
Tate, Malissa Tate, Mary Taylor, Daniel
Taylor, Hiram Taylor, John Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Sally Taylor, Thos. Terry, Esther
Terry, John * Terry, Miles Thomas, Nathaniel H.
Thomas, Rebecca Thomas, Wm. Thompson, Burton
Thompson, Stephen Thrasher, Catherine Thrasher, Geo.
Thrasher, Geo. E. Thrasher, John Tift, Russel G.
Tift, Russell C. Tindle, Isaac Tindle, Worden
Tobin, Esther Tobin, Geo. Tobin, George
Tobin, Nancy Tobin, Rebecca Tobin, Robert
Tobin, Thomas Tobin, Thos. Trenary, Hannah
Trenary, Jane Trenary, Prier Trenary, Richard
Turner, Sally Turner, Samuel Irving Tyler, Rebeccca

Van Winkle, Abraham Van Winkle, Alexander Van Winkle, Daniel
Van Winkle, David Van Winkle, Elizabeth Van Winkle, Ephraim
Van Winkle, Hiram Van Winkle, Isaac Van Winkle, James
Van Winkle, Mary Van Winkle, Polly Van Winkle, William
Van Winkle, Wm. Vaughan, Alfred Vaughan, Benjamin
Vaughan, Benjamin H. Vaughan, Edward Vaughan, Nicholas
Vaughan, Predence Vaughan, Prudence Vaughan, Prudence D.
Vaughan, Sally Ann Vaughan, Samantha Vaughan, Wait

Wadley, Hester Ann Wadley, Jacob Wadley, John S.
Wadley, William M. Waggoner, Benjamin Waggoner, Malina
Waggoner, Melina Walker, Catherine Walker, Comfort
Walker, Delilah Walker, Elijah Walker, Milton
Walker, Nancy Walker, Nicey Walker, Patsy
Walker, Phillip Walker, Robert Walker, Samuel
Walker, Sophiah Wapshott, Graves Weatherholdt, Wm., Sr.
Wells, Frances Wells, Francis Wells Henry
Wells, John West, Alfred West, Nicholas
Wheatley, Arthur * Wheatley, Margaret Wheatley, Rebecca
Wheatley, Susannah Wheeler, Harriet Wilcox, Isaac *
Wiley, Luke * Wiley, Mary Wiley, Minerva
Wilkenson, Allen * Wilkenson, Esther Williams, Amos L. D.
Williams, Asa Williams, Esther Williams, Frances
Williams, Garret Williams, Ira Williams, L. D. *
Williamson, John D. Winchel, Amanda Winchel, Catherine
Winchel, Levi Winchel, Mildred Winchel, Smith
Winchel ,Uriah Winchell, Amanda Winchell, Anna
Winchell, Cassandra Winchell, Catherine Winchell, George
Winchell, James Winchell, John Winchell, Levi
Winchell, Smith * Winchell, Smith, Jr. Winchell, Uriah *
Winchell Estate Woodmansee, John D. Worthington, James B.
Wright, John Wright, John C. * Wright, Levin *
Wright, Mary Wright, Rebecca Wyatt, George H. Proffit
Wyatt, Harriet Wyatt, Immanuel .

Yonell, Frances F. Yonell, Lewis F. York, Elijah
York, Elizabeth York, Ezekiel York, Jeremiah *
York, John York, Letitia York, Letitia *
York,Thomas York, William York, Wm.
York, Zadock . .

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