Parke County, Indiana Historical Society

Parke County Historical Society

pkhistsoc.jpg - 0.0 K Jim Meece, President
P.O. Box 332, Rockville, IN 47872

The aim of the Parke County Historical Society is to preserve and present Parke County Heritage through the local society-owned museum (which at various times has been a Civil War Armory, Negro School and other interesting places). 

PROJECTS -- the group has recently finished renovating the museum and are now looking at expansion. They have  completed a combined atlas of the county (1874 & 1912) which the includes Parke County Centennial Memorial.  The atlas sells for $35 plus postage and  a limited amount  are still available at the museum and at the Rockville Public Library. They are also in the process of collecting living history videos.

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Estabrook DAR
Current Regent: -- Paula Stites (Mrs. Larry)

DAR questions can be addressed to

Alberta Butler, 316 W. Pennsylvania St, Rockville, IN 47872 


Carolyn Weatherman ( the current Registrar )

Carolyn is also the person to ask about genealogy at the Rockville Public Library--with a stipulation about making the questions short, as she just does not have library time for extensive genealogical research.

John Martin, SAR
Perry Huxford, President Greencastle Road Rosedale IN 47874 Phone: 765-832-3951