Name Birthdate Age Height Build Eyes Hair Birthplace Residence Occupation Relative Mentioned
Umpleby Harry 28 Jan 1896 21 Tall Slender Blue Light Carbon, IN Carbon Farmer None
Underwood James Benjamin 2 Apr 1882 36 Short Slender Blue Dark US Montezuma Famer E Underwood
Underwood Ernest G 2 Apr 1893 24 Medium Medium Blue Brown Indiana Indiana Section Hand Wife and 2 children
Underwood John Franklin 13 Apr 1890 27 Tall Slender Blue Black Montezuma, IN Montezuma Famer Wife and 2 children
Underwood George Harrison 28 Jan 1888 29 Medium Medium Blue Black Armiesburg, IN Montezuma Famer Wife and child
Upton John Thomas 12 Sep 1880 38 Tall Medium Blue Brown US Lena Railroader Jane Eaton
Uselman Thomas Frederick 3 Apr 1883 35 Tall Slender Blue Grey US Rockville Paper Hanger Cleo Duss uselman
Uselman Scott 21 May 1900 18 Tall Medium Gray L B US Rosedale Famer Louis Mann
Uselman Clayton 31 Mar 1873 45 Medium Medium Blue Light US Rosedale Miner Rosella Uselman