Wolfington - Jackman Cemetery

This cemetery was restored July 14, 1997 by Delbert Himsel of Ireland, Wayne Lytle, Edwin and Margie Schneider of Jasper, Tony Shipman and Kenneth Stackhouse of French Lick. Wolfington – Jackman Cemetery is most noted because its connection with the Thomas C. Archer gang. Click here to see the story. Click here to see photos before and during restoration.

Wolfington-Jackman Cemetery October 2009

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Names or dates with an asterisk * represent markers or information no longer present, not fully legible,
or taken  from other sources.
 Read and photographed October 20, 2009 by Charlie Tredway
Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOtherPhoto
Abel*Louvica*18421922    NA
ArcherInfant1/14/18982/1/1898Son of T G & M E
ArcherT. C.10/9/18313/10/1886 
Archer J. A.8/25/18554/2/1876 
ArcherJ. B.8/29/18533/10/1886 
ArcherM. H.1/25/18617/8/1882 
ArcherJane (Wolfington*)18331914Wife of T. C. Married 10/14/1852*
ArcherS. H.11/4/18577/9/1886   
BreedloveCharles E1/25/18802/25/1880Aged 1 month
BreedloveJames S7/25/18811/4/1886Aged 5y 6m 19d
ClarkAlmira12/22/1865*12/24/1866*Dau of J &  F Clark
ClarkFrances Wolfington3/9/18272/2/1870Dau of Samuel & Elizabeth
ClarkJohnathan1/20/18202/17/1899Pvt Co G 49th Rgt
ClarkMary E E1/12/18526/19/1872Dau of Jonathan & Frances
EmmonsInfant2/26/18582/26/1858Dau of D & S Emmons
JackmanAdolphus11/9/187511/6/1909Son of W. A. & Anna B
JackmanAlbert C4/29/18599/17/1859Son of G W & C A 
JackmanAlmira8/28/186012/14/1862Dau of G W& C A
JackmanAnna Belle18581930 
Jackman William A18561934   
JackmanCharles E18871960 
Jackman Sarah A19041982   
JackmanCharles E Jr19302005   
JackmanCynthia A18371909Wife of G W
JackmanGeorge W9/30/18302/26/1864Civil War Vet
Jackman*Helen*1920  1925    N/A
JackmanNoah12/9/188910/18/1927WW I Vet 
JackmanRobert H11/16/19113/22/1961WW II Vet
KirklandLillie A2/3/18681873*Dau of C & M A   
MarleyArthur       5/4/1877Aged 19 d
Marley*Jenetty           (40 y*)
MarleyMarshel I2/17/18649/26/1864Son of J & J
MooreLouisa*  7/1/1881Wife of William M 25y 7m 11d
RoyerDessie      N/A
SmithMona Joan Nolan12/8/19513/8/2007     
WellmanElzora      N/A
WolfingtonAlson G2/11/18302/3/188453y 11m 22d
WolfingtonElizabeth    Wife of Sam'l Wolfington
WolfingtonJemima  6/22/1851Dau of John & Jemima 30y 7m 27d
WolfingtonJohn17778/25/1845Aged 68 y
WolfingtonLindley7/28/18439/6/1843Son of William & G Wolfington
WolfingtonMary E 4/18/18654/5/1882Dau of E C & Jerusa 16y 11m 7d
WolfingtonMcKenzey6/15/181410/23/1856Son of John & Jemima Wolfington
WolfingtonSamuel11/2/18119/17/1849Aged 37y 10m 15d
WolfingtonWilliam12/12/18097/3/1848Consort of Glapha

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